Any episode before Too Far, every time Peridot insulted someone she was actually trying to insult them and hurt them. Either because she was angry or scared, either because of Homeworld’s prejudices, either because the Gems where her enemy.

But this episode was different. Amethyst thought that her making fun of people was funny, and so Peridot she was trying to impress her. Amethyst encouraged her to be rude.

But then when Amethyst find herself being the target, it wasn’t funny anymore. How was Peridot to understand the difference, expecially since she wasn’t trying to insult her at all. She was trying to give her a compliment. “You are strong even if you are defective”. Complitely insensitive and horrible to say, but Peridot had no clue of that. She touched a soft spot, Amethyst is always been super self-concious about her appearance and origins.

They were both in the wrong, and hopefully they both learned from this.

anonymous asked:

How do you think Keith and Shiro know each other?


Like damn, they seem to have such a strong bond?? They’re so protective of each other and seem to have this friendship that goes way way back, and yet we have no backstory for that at all (yet)?? I’M SO CONFUSED. I REALLY NEED TO KNOW.

Until recently I had just kinda assumed they met at the Garrison … Like, if Shiro had been a senior when Keith was a freshman or something. But now knowing that, canonically, the age difference between them is like 6-8 years that seems … less likely, although I guess it’s not impossible. Where else they could’ve met each other, though, I have no clue.

In any case, it really seems like they’ve been through some shit together and like they’re really close. We know that Keith was “orphaned at a young age” (and that’s just from the official website) and we know literally nothing about Shiro’s family (at least I don’t think we do)?? So if they both are orphans, I imagine they could’ve bonded a lot over that, and kinda see each other as family. *sniffles* 

….And then I have so many feelings about Shiro leaving for the Kerberos mission, and Keith being alone, and Keith thinking Shiro is dead for a whole year. I just. MY HEART. But umm I guess I’m getting off-topic. 

Sorry I did not really answer your question at all. Basically my answer is … I have no idea, but I think there’s an interesting backstory there, and I really hope we get to know what it is.