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what is (or should i say are) your favourite thing/s about A'? (๑╹ω╹๑) also what are your top 5 favourite scenes from the dearvo drama, whether they be from the individual cds or the survival wars cds? ⊂( *・ω・ )⊃

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i’m laughing michee do you want this answer to go on forever? you and i both know i don’t know how to shut up about A’ (♡´艸`)

wehhh there are honestly so many things i love about A’ i don’t know where to begin .˚‧º·(´ฅωฅ`)‧º·˚.

i’ve put this answer under a cut because this is ridiculously long… like… ridiculously long. 

also, warning: this contains a lot of fangirling. please read at your own risk orz

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I just had a minor question; which version of Ninten's outfit do you like the most? The yellow and blue stripes/blue with one yellow stripe/red white and blue, etc. Like, there's so many different portrayals of Ninty and everyone has a preference and it's interesting to know why. (P.S I love your art style, it's great!! !)

hmm interesting question! i usually draw him in dark blue with thin yellow stripes because that’s what his clay model looks like (and i’m a stickler for accuracy sometimes :’D).

i really do like the red white and blue tho that I think is taken from that old mother commercial for the game, because it differentiates him more (from ness), but i’ve drawn him the first way so much sometimes i feel like i can’t draw him any other way! (even tho i use the handkerchief thing from that commercial design..) the single stripe is something i’m just starting to see that i really like too, it’s more in tune with his sprite, which is neat B)

in conclusion. i like em all! which means.. i should draw him differently more! who knows, maybe he’s just the one responsible mom kid who actually brought a change of clothing on his many travels :’D

bonus: what about that one post that said it actually looks like he’s wearin a crop top in his sprite

hey ana whaddup

“Do this, not that.”

(or “How to survive a weekend visit in NYC without ever entering Times Square.”)

This is a non-exhaustive map of spots to check out when you have a friend visiting you in NYC, but don’t want to spend your whole weekend standing in line with sweaty Midwestern tourists at the TKTS booth, riding around in a boat while wearing a foam Statue of Liberty crown, or eating burnt burgers while trying to scream conversation over shitty rock ‘n’ roll music.

The Cloisters: A branch of the Met - this is a cool castle-looking museum that houses Medieval tapestries. It was built by the Rockefellers in a beautiful park, overlooking the Hudson. Take the A train to 190 St. Cost: FREE (if you’re a cheapskate and don’t pay the suggested donation)

The Heights: A Columbia bar @ 111 St. & Broadway. Happy hour everyday 5-7pm. $4 SUPER strong margaritas. 1 and you’ll be done. Food’s typical Manhattan prices so just get drinks. Take the 1 to 110 St. Cost: $4+tip

The Boat Basin Cafe: Cafe overlooking the Hudson River. Great views at sunset. Take the 1 train to 79 St., walk west until you hit the river. Cost: cheapish for Manhattan

Levain Bakery: Best cookies ever. Take the 1 to 72 St. Located @ 74 St. & Amsterdam. Cost: $4/cookie (but SO worth it)

P.S. 1: Branch of MoMA located in Queens. This is a museum built in an old schoolhouse. On Saturdays they have a dance party called “Warm Up” from 2-9pm. I went once and it was basically a bunch of hipsters drinking PBR and doing interpretive dance - awesome people watching. Cost: $15 (steep, but cheaper than MoMA)

UCB: Comedy theatre where a lot of your favorite funny people got their start. Take the C or E to 23 St., walk north on 8 Ave. to 26 St. Cost: Free to $10

Holey Cream: If you’d like type 2 diabetes, this is your place. H.C. serves doughnuts and ice cream. I haven’t been adventurous enough yet to get the doughnut-ice cream sandwich. Take the C or E to 50 St. & 9 Ave., walk northwest to 9 Ave. & 53 St. Cost: Cheap (depending on how much a toppings whore you are)

Alice’s Tea Cup: Themed after Alice in Wonderland - Alice’s has 3 locations in Manhattan and a tea menu with over 140 teas. The pumpkin scones will knock your socks off. If you’re a baller (or an UES society matron) hit up Alice’s for high tea. Take the F to 63 St. & Lex. Cost: Pricey

High Line: A park constructed on an elevated abandoned train track. Supposedly this area used to be homeless people central until they classed it up and built this floating park. Take the C or E to 23 and walk east until you hit a big mound of grass. Cost: FREE

Irish Hunger Memorial: Built in memory of all the lives lost in the Irish Potato Famine, this gem is nestled north of the NY Mercantile Exchange. It’s not too big, but it’s a cool little oasis amid all the HUGE financial buildings. Cost: FREE


Warm-up  P.S.1

The master-mind and curator behind P.S. 1’s Summer event Warm-Up, musician Zach Layton, brings together  the underground music sounds of New York City with stunning visual architectural pieces from P.S. 1’s contemporary art center. Every Saturday starting July 4 and ending September 5 the Warm-Up summer series merged the sounds of djs from all over the country with contemporary installations.  The courtyard was transformed as it became jam packed with musicians, composers, music lovers, artists and families. Every year Warm-Up brings people from all over together as a way to enjoy the summer fresh air, set to music, while exploring the amazing architectural pieces and exhibitions from the 2009 winners of young  architects program.

Maya Hart makes me so emotional. She is such a good friend.

She’s had a crush on Lucas from the very beginning, but has sacrificed getting to express her own feelings so Riley can be happy. 

I can just imagine her being there for Riley, whether she is confused about Lucas or is just gushing about how much she likes him, and having to bite her tongue because she feels the same way. Only, unlike Riley, she can’t express her feelings without things getting complicated. So she keeps everything bottled up. She thinks this is just easier. 


Even if that means sacrificing her feelings so that Riley can be happy. 

So, now that Texas happened and Maya’s feelings are all out in the open, (P.S. I don’t know how I feel about Riley expressing Maya’s feelings for Lucas instead of Maya doing it herself at her own time, like wtf) I hope she is happy.

I think the main reason I like the Lucaya pairing is because Maya usually has a hard time trusting and getting close to people–she’s said it herself, almost every time she gets close to someone they leave, and yet she developed this crush on Lucas regardless of that fact. She was willing to take the risk with this one.