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hidden identities [i]

hidden identities: part ii // part iii

pairing: peter parker x superhero!f!reader 

word count: 1.4k
warnings: blood mention, violence, swearing, no major sm:h spoilers but it spoils the bank scene.
summary: reader is one of peter’s best friends and has so far successfully hidden the fact that she’s a butt-kicking superhero by night until she finds herself fighting side-by-side with spiderman and getting a little injured.

a/n: hi! this is kinda reader-heavy in the beginning but I’m very very new to this + this is my first imagine so please bear with me here! there’s probably going to be part 2. + I’m probably going to post it maybe? i hope you enjoy!

p.s. reader has invisibility powers also i decided that the reader’s alter-ego is ‘ghost’ but feel free to substitute whatever.

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You sat on a rooftop overlooking Queens. You’d already donned your black outfit and was now transformed into your alter-ego: Ghost. Your costume was simple and didn’t fully hide your face, but did it well enough that you weren’t easily recognizable. Either way, this wasn’t a massive problem as you could turn invisible at will. 

Swinging your legs backwards and forwards, you looked eagerly around to see if there was any trouble. Of course, you didn’t want there to be trouble, but it would certainly make things a little more interesting. 

As everything seemed quiet around you, you let your mind wander to lunch earlier that same day.

“It is with great sadness that I must announce that I’m not going to be able to make it to movie night tonight,” You said, taking a bite of your sandwich and resting your elbows on the table, dramatically making a frown face.

Peter looked at you with a look of disbelief, “You? Missing a movie night? Last time I tried to do that, you acted like I committed a crime!” he scoffed, laughing but didn’t seem to mind it, giving you a smile afterwards.

“Why are you ditching anyway?” Ned asked, taking a bite of his chicken nugget.

“Uh- Well- I-” You hesitated for a moment. You gulped and opened you mouth to speak before you were cut off by the school bell. Saved by the bell, you mumbled a quick goodbye before speed-walking to your next class where neither Ned or Peter were—thankfully—in.

You shook yourself out of your thoughts, It hurt you that you couldn’t tell them the real reason you had ditched. You just knew that even if they had supported the idea of you being a superhero, it meant that their safety would be breached.

Admittedly, you hadn’t wanted to skip movie night. However, you knew that criminals don’t exactly stop doing criminal things just so that you could watch a movie or two with your best buds. You couldn’t risk not going out tonight. You had felt it in your bones that something was going to happen tonight, but so far, it seemed your bones were wrong and you wasted a perfectly good night.

You were about to just give up on your ‘bone (rather than gut) feeling’ when you heard a piercing alarm go off from your right. It was a bank. Being robbed. By the Avengers?

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love the angst, but if you could give us a teeny tiny bit more of a happy ending after all the pain? of course do whatever you feel inspired to do, your stories are amazing and no pressure or anything, but... christ. the angst is... effective D:

Thank you for the message, anon! ( •⌄• ू )✧ …you know what? Your ask gave me the perfect opportunity to actually explain my take on the soulmate!AUs, and why my comics will never be very happy:

How I see it, a soulbond in itself is inherently not at all a romantic phenomenon; two people are practically forced together, regardless of their wishes and feelings, by a cruel twist of fate.  Their freedom of choice is taken away; the soul bond is predetermined and absolute. They are no longer in charge of their own lives, and their personal wishes don’t matter – they no longer have a free will. And this I find very disquieting on a profound level.

How can two people, even if they already did truly love each other despite the soul bond, bear the implications of this? Will the love turn into resentment, in the face of this fatalistic universe? How can they be truly happy with each other, if they know they didn’t really have a say in the most important matter of their lives?

Also I think we have to consider the cultural and societal implications of a soul bond: a bond between relatives – and same sex relatives at that, in this case – would probably be a huge taboo even in a soulmate universe, and if discovered, cause a backlash from religious and political institutions. There would probably also be legal aspects of the bonding, that would have to be taken into consideration. Let’s face it, finding your soulmate doesn’t just erase all your problems and make your life a bed of roses; and in Rick and Morty’s case, it will probably just be the start of them.

I could talk about this topic for hours! …but, well, this is mainly why my soulmate!AUs will always be rather bleak: I just can’t see how such a tragic bond could be made into a happy one. But that’s just my opinion; someone else might see things differently! (•ˇ‿ˇ•) and there’s nothing wrong with that!

P.S. I know the angst can get a bit overwhelming! I tend to focus on the emotional aspect of my stories, and the angst is so much more intense for it. I might draw some fluffy nice things every once in a while, just to balance things out ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

So, I went out today in my wheelchair because I needed to get a new healthcare card so I can get an MRI next week to check for Chiari and my CCI. I got to hang out in a mall, with my friend (who has EDS and doesn’t judge me when I have to stop pushing myself for a minute because my shoulder dislocates) and this
wretched cow

I was wheeling across the big walkway between two stores, and I wasn’t even IN the direct path of the oncoming foot traffic of the escalator (which was, maybe three people, at most). The landing of which I was five metres away from, and this stupid upper-class rich white middle aged bitch of a woman made a snide comment to her friend as if I wasn’t a) there at all b) a fucking human being with ears and a brain, as she was getting off the escalator, “Well this was a bad place to get off now, was it?”
because I had the GALL
to be going across the space she wanted to walk across, even though she had plenty of freaking space to step sideways or a little bit forward and then sideways. Or, you know, just have the fucking empathy and patience to wait all of thirty seconds for me go past. 

I’m sorry for existing. I’m sorry that for the fifteen seconds I mildly inconvenienced you. I’m sorry that I EXISTED within your SPHERE of ABLED SUPERIORITY. I know that you’re used to having everything go your way because your abled and wealthy and white, but fuck you. Fuck you. I’m a human being. I exist. It’s actually not MY problem you were ~inconvenienced~ you bloody cow, but you and your impatience. I hope when you’re old and having to use mobility aides, you realise what a wretched cow you were :) 

P.S., the drop pearl earrings I was wearing were real, so go take those fake plastic beads off your wrinkly neck AND SHOVE THEM UP YOUR ARSE.

Overly analysing books and over use of problematic

I feel like at the rate fandoms are currently going, I envy those reading that aren’t jaded by the fandom’s thoughts\critiques of books. Don’t get me wrong - I love analysing my favourites scenes with my OTPS, re reading them etc - but honestly there is such thing as over analysing. (If you’re a reader who likes to go off at the slightest thing, this post will piss u off lmao)

I think the word ‘problematic’ should stop being thrown around so carelessly at the slightest thing because it detracts from the true meaning of it - reserve it for real issues pls, fandoms are too fucking much for me right now.

As a female hijabi, Pakistani woman - believe me I’m the last person to glorify racism\sexism (just to name a couple obv I can’t speak for ableism\homophobia etc) but I really feel like the word ‘problematic’ is being inaccurately used, its got to the point I just roll my eyes and scroll down every post I see meticulously critiquing every minute detail that could potentially be ‘toxic’ and thus rendering the author and their books ‘problematic.’

You guys did this with cultural appropriation too, when that became a buzzfeed term that everyone and her mother was policing people for, its got to the point I don’t even give a shit anymore - most of y'all just want an excuse to attack people under the guise of 'defending your culture due to your blatant identity crisis as a second generation.

Yes, I am an advocate for diversity and stronger representation in books. Having said this, its fairly obvious to me when an author throws in a poc just for the sake of adding 'diversity’ to the book, without accurately portraying cultures - which to me is worse than omitting them. Lmao news flash people, most authors write what they know, and are more scared of misrepresenting and offending an entire culture (and thus being automatically labelled 'problematic’) hence why many tend to stick to white characters as the safe option. if you want to politicise this and act like the author is somehow a ‘problematic’ racist then… throwing out the word racism at every minor topic is what makes people roll their eyes at us when we call it out in genuinely serious topics. In 2017, the term ‘race card’ has people rolling their eyes for a reason, IT IS BEING MISUSED AND THIS NEEDS TO STOP. I’ve firsthand experienced  racism/xenophobia from a young age, so believe me I’m the last person to try and undermine calling out racism irl - what I’m addressing here is literature specifically.

I take English literature for fuck sake, I’m the last person who would normally criticise over analysis of a text - but I go on tumblr to share my feelings with like minded people, a community I used to love. The amount of vitriol dividing this platform right now is frankly disgusting and honestly, I’m just so done. The ‘well informed’ readers who like to enforce their opinions as fact, in addition to undermining/patronising those who don’t agree/ are somehow invalid as readers. Let people read books and enjoy them. Save politicisation for times when it is truly relevant, all you’re doing is perpetuating the archetype of the ‘offended sjw’ which makes people roll their eyes in the face of true discrimination. Frankly, you’re contributing to the problem with your attempts to constantly be politically correct in every fucking aspect of life.

So yeah - Soz for the rant lol - unpopular opinion. i seriously envy those who just read a book without having to encounter the amount of toxic behaviour I have seen recently. 

P.S - this isn’t made with the intention to undermine the opinion of those triggered by certain scenes (eg rape\abuse etc) You are completely valid to be triggered by those scenes/tropes and I honestly do not mean to imply or offend this. This is particularly addressing the focus on diversity within fandoms lol

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can u do the jimin grinding smut but with jungkook?

Thank you for your request. If you want a specific admin please mention their in the request. :) p.s. we might prioritize it to the top of our list and it will get done faster.

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You were in one of the dance practice rooms rehearsing one of your final performances. It was going to be a bit scandalous. By a bit probably a lot since the company wanted one of the dancers to grind on you for a couple seconds until the lights go out.

The problem was that you always made a face of disgust when they tried to grind on you. It was hilarious to your friends but vital that you stopped doing that.

It just felt really weird having them try to grind on you. You just couldn’t explain it but it definitely felt like they were doing it wrong. They just did it really fast and then it was over. There was no build up, just a bang and go that just made you pull a displeased face. You’ve been through so many dancers that the company soon didn’t know what to do.

“No, nope. Sorry”, you say, as another dancer fails to meet your standards as your friends say.

“Y/N what is the problem this time? You’re so picky my goodness it’s not like you’re going to have sex with them! You’re just supposed to grind with him and act like you’re enjoying it. I know you’re very passionate and a great dancer, so what is the problem?”, you’re dance teacher scolds you.

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Another Sherlolly Theory + Eurus P.o.V.

I’ve come up with this idea while analysing the character of Eurus and the “I love you” scene.

She’s a genius. Like others have said before, she uses Sherlock and tries to bring him to the limit and break him, many and many times, with various challenges.
She does it because she “loves” him. She always wanted his attentions, and her crazy horrifying games lead to a single final point: find her. But she’s also a psycho (a genius, but still a psycho) and wants to test how vulnerable he can be.

Eurus creates different levels of difficulty in her challenges, in my opinion. At first, Sherlock has the responsabily to choose between John or Mycroft, because one of the two has to kill. They all fail, but this is only a preview of what comes next.

The rest of the challenges are for Sherlock and Sherlock only. Yes, he has to collaborate with John and his brother, but like she said, she wants to test him. He hides his emotions, suppressing them, in all of his cases. So she wants to destroy him. “You try to repress your emotions to refine your resoning“, that’s what she says.

1. Sherlock has to choose and condamn a person to die; he finds the guilty one, but Eurus ends up killing all of the three men. She knows he doesn’t tollerate injustice and failure, a first little “crack” in his wall.
2. Then, he must destroy the heart a person who loves him.
3. And, at the end, Sherlock must choose who has to live between the people she thinks he loves most. AND HERE, SHE’S WRONG.

She didn’t think, in my opinion, that Sherlock would have reacted like that with Molly - destroying the coffin, losing his mind, losing the control over his emotions. With everyone else he stays calm, he really tries even if he’s upset. He doesn’t lose his mind in the other contexts. But with Molly, Sherlock goes crazy. Literaly.

Ok, many people could say that even the choice between John and Mycroft was difficult. Surely it was, but he does not start breaking things, breathing hard or finding himself in a complete state of panic. He’s in control - sad, afraid, worried, but at the end he’s willing to die. He knows what he’s doing. Even when John is about to die, Sherlock stays quite calm.

And we return to Eurus.
I think that Eurus herself was surprised by the reaction of his brother, after the conversation with Molly. Of course she wanted to destroy Molly and Sherlock (in different ways). But Sherlock says openly what he feels for the girl, he repeats “I love you” a second time, in a softer and sweeter manner, but after the phone call he tries to be “heartless” again, not to think about what he just said (he also interrupts his brother, who is worried about his state of mind). 

Well, this is the face that Eurus makes when Sherlock claimes he won. He does not stop talking, saying that he wants to talk with the girl on the airplane:

Can I just say that her smile is a little bit sadistic, but still amazed? She’s amazed by him and his reactions. She understands everything (remember we are talking about Eurus) and she immediately understands he’s really vulnerable. It’s the first time he shows he is, but he tries to hide it anyway. It’s like she’s thinking “Oh my God, Sherlock, you are feeling… I can see how fragile you are. This is unexpected.”. And she thinks he will react in a worse way, in the next (and last) challenge.

P.S. She won’t smile when Sherlock is about to kill Mycroft. She will only show a shocked face. Shocked, sadistic, but won’t smile with surprise.

“You didn’t win, you lost”.

“Look what you did to yourself”.

“Now please, pull yourself together”.

“In your own time”.

Sherlock has lost, he starts to break the coffin and shouts. The more I watch the “I love you” scene, the more I think he really meant those words. 

It's All About You - Joe Sugg Imagine (Part Three)

Your heart stopped as your eyes met his blue ones. His mouth was slightly ajar and he was staring directly at you and was dressed in a dashing suit. The music began to play and your palms grew sweaty. Jim noticed Joe was in a trance and followed his gaze to you, as he nudged Joe and suddenly the four boys started singing while Joe snapped back into reality and began catching up with the words. “It’s all about you..It’s all about you baby..” They sang softly into their microphones as the music blasted. All of the boys were singing beautifully and every time you heard Joe’s voice being louder than the other boys, your heart did backflips and fluttered crazily like a butterfly in the summer but it also shattered like glass as you thought about how mad you were at him and how mad you still are.

Everybody was cheering the guys on and Zoe, Tanya and Niomi were squealing and clapping for their boyfriends on stage while you laughed and smiled at the sight of the girls, seeing how proud they were of their boyfriends which honestly made you so happy because you were so happy to see your best friends happy. You were enjoying all of the boys vocals and swayed with the girls, you turned to look back to the stage when your heart suddenly leaped to your throat and instantly sped up as you watched Joe jump off the stage and walk towards you and the dancing girls. He flashed you a soft smile, yet you could see the fear in those eyes of his and the nervousness in his smile as he suddenly stood possibly five steps in front of you and everyone watched before they immediately started to take pictures. Your eyes were locked on Joes and he placed the microphone close to his lips and sang. “Yeah, I would answer all your wishes..If you asked me to..” He grinned before his hand grasped yours and he pulled you closely into his chest and stared deeply into your (your/eye/colour) eyes that widened with shock.

“But if you denied me one of your kisses..I don’t know what I’d do…” He smiled and placed a delicate kiss on the back of your hand before he stood back nervously and gave you a hopeful and happy but sad look and walked back to the stage as you stared at the back of his head feeling everything overwhelm you. What. Just. Happened!? You asked yourself as you suddenly released the breath you didn’t realise you were holding until now. You didn’t know how to feel. Why did he sing that to you? Why did he kiss the back of your hand? What’s going on? Why did he look so happy but sad? You suddenly became lightheaded and excused yourself and you managed to wander out of the building and up a few flight of stairs until you were on the roof of the building.

You wrapped your arms around yourself feeling a cool breeze blow by you. Your head was spinning with curiosity, confusion and a feeling you couldn’t quite place. You didn’t want to leave the performance, you just couldn’t look at him. You felt so strongly for him that your heart ached and cried and broke. You’ve been fighting with him for the last few weeks because he’s been ignoring you and then you decide to show up at the event and manage to make eye contact with him and get serenaded with his heart melting voice and now you stood on top of the thirty storey building roof top, looking out over the city of London.

“You were always one for views..” Your breath caught and you turned around to meet the eyes you fell in love with. Joe was standing there, with a guilty look on his face and his hands buried deeply in his pockets. You somehow managed to forget how to talk and your mind was so muddled you didn’t even know what to say if you could talk so you turned back to the view and closed your eyes. “It’s quite a sight, isn’t it?” Joe asked while he moved towards you. “You look gorgeous tonight..” Joe whispered and you could feels his eyes burn into your skin as your cheeks heated up with a blush as you swallowed the lump in your throat and managed to build up the courage in you to ask. “Joe..Why have you been ignoring me?” You breathed out feeling your shoulders tense as he turned to look at you with sad puppy dog eyes. “(Y/N)..If I tell you..You’ll hate me. You’ll laugh in my face and walk away. You won’t want anything to do with me..And I can’t lose you..” He said quietly and you could hear his voice shake. You were fuming and your blood was boiling.

You instantly turned on your heels and frowned. “I’ll hate you!? Joseph Graham Sugg! For the last five weeks, you’ve been ignoring me! You’ve been ignoring my calls, texts, e-mails, tweets, messages, absolutely god damn everything! And you think if you don’t give me an explanation that I’ll hate you? No Joe. That’s not how it works. I’m absolutely furious! Your my best friend Joe! I was there for you when your goldfish died and I helped make a funeral for him when we were four. I was there when we tried to stay awake for Santa Claus when we we’re seven. I was there for you when you let your stick insects escape and I helped you try and find them! You helped me learn to ride my bike! You helped me with my maths homework! You showed me how to be more confident in myself! I’ve been there for you for everything Joe! And you’ve always been there for me up until five weeks ago when you completely shut me out! You’ve made me feel terrible Joe! You’ve made me feel sh*t! And now your telling me that if you tell me why you’ve been ignoring me, then I’ll hate you?” You ranted out furiously, angrily letting your hands fly everywhere and every now and then hit Joe. You felt tears of frustration hit your eyes while your heart broke into pieces of jagged glass for at least the one hundredth time, you opened your mouth, about to continue when suddenly Joe cupped your cheeks and you could see that tears were flying down his cheeks.

“I love you (y/n). I love you so f*cking much. I couldn’t be around you because every time we were together, Jesus I was falling for you harder each second. I love how you always make me happy. I love how every time you laugh, your head always falls back and you’ve got the biggest smile on your face and your eyes crinkle. I love how you always laugh at horror films. I love how when someone compliments you, you always go pink and look down. You always say thank you but you never believe any of the compliments. Your so beautiful (y/n). You’ve got a heart of pure gold and you’ve made me fall for you. I’ve been ignoring you because every time I saw you, you made my heart do this..” Joe whispered quietly keeping his gaze directly with yours, he took your hand and placed it over his heart which made you gasp because you could feel how fast it was beating. It was beating insanely fast that you couldn’t even count the beats. “And every time I see you..I always have to stop myself from doing so many things..I want to be that guy that holds your hand when you go for walks. I want to be that guy to hold all your shopping bags and wait endless hours in a cramped dressing room area and wait for you to try on clothes after clothes. I want to be that guy you come crying to when your angry or sad. I want to be that guy to watch you walk down the aisle one day and I want to watch you walk up the aisle and I want to be that lucky guy, that gets to change your last name and make you mine by saying I do..don’t you see (y/n)? It’s all about you..It’s always been all about you..I want to show you off to my friends and call you my girl and I want to have a family with you..I’m in love with you (Y/N)..I love you so much..So much so that it would kill me to see you with someone else..“Joe whispered as tears flooded down both of your cheeks.

You didn’t know what to say. You were stuck in your own little world, lost within your thoughts. He loved you. Joe Sugg is in love with you. You’ve been dreaming of this and waiting for this moment practically forever and now it was all coming true. You couldn’t control your rapidly beating heart and the dizziness that overwhelmed you until suddenly a pair of warm, lips pushed against yours. You kept your hand over Joes heart while your other hand moved over Joes hands that were holding your cheeks. Joe managed to slip his tongue into your mouth and you both were kissing. Craving one another’s touch and getting lost within the magical kiss. You’ve been waiting for this moment for so long and it felt so amazing, so perfect. You felt like you were floating away into your dream but this was your dream. When you both pulled back, you looked up to Joes eyes and smiled. “Joe Sugg..You may have been ignoring me for the last few weeks and you may have really angered me but I’ve got a secret..” You whispered quietly looking up to his blue eyes deeply and pushed a strand of his hair away from his face and smiled widely up to him and intertwined your fingers with his. “I love you too..”


Here’s part three which is the ending of this imagine! I hope you enjoyed reading this imagine as much as I really loved writing it! I have another Joe imagine that’s a four part imagine and ready to post and is completed! If you’d like me to post it then I’d have no problem posting it! I also have many more imagines to come if you’d like them! Don’t be afraid to message me and tell me! Thank you so much for your lovely comments! It seriously means the world to me that you all enjoy my writing! All of your messages put a massive smile on my face! So thank you, thank you so so so much! Lots and lots of love! Xxx

p.s If you’ve got any ideas, don’t be afraid to send them in and I could always try my best to write them! All the love xxx
“Men are weak. Women are strong.”

This is what I see on this website, other social media sites and even television on a daily basis. This is the poorest excuse for “empowerment” that I’ve seen in some time.

“Men are weak.” I can see where you get that. Men are much more likely than women to commit suicide in basically every country in the world. Men are much more likely to hide their abuse, rape, or assault. Men are much more likely to hold in their feelings and just put up with their struggles in silence. And with all of this, we still find it appropriate to make fun of them.

Let me ask you this: If you were abused and your entire gender was just as abused as the other gender, and you didn’t receive even half of the services that they did for it, how would you feel? If there were no shelters for you, hotlines don’t support you, and police adhered to a method that assumes you the aggressor if you do seek help, if you knew you would be made fun of and ignored all at the same time for voicing your concerns, If society didn’t treat your problems even half as seriously as the problems of the other gender, If talk shows and the media frequently excuses or downplays the same horrible actions that men do, but only for women, would you want to talk about your abuse?

How about encouragement? If you were told not to voice concerns about your feelings or your appearance (“suck it up”, “man up”), if you only see encouragement for self esteem and body image for the other gender, if campaigns and celebrities only focus on the other gender exclusively, if it isn’t considered appropriate for your gender to voice their concerns, how would you feel? And to see a “men are weak” post to boot?

How about comparisons to experience? Men get told that they are weak because they cant physically have babies. Like that’s some kind of measurable variable in a debate. Many women choose not to have babies because of the potential pain. Are they just as weak as men then? Men have external genitals that are so sensitive, that blunt force could create extreme pain, vomiting, and even fainting. Even after, the pain can continue. Men make up 93% of U.S. Injury and Death in the workplace, and the number is similar in other countries. This is because men are often forced to take the dangerous physical jobs. That means that a majority of the people coming in with fingers, limbs, ect cut off are men. Men who get treated for crushed body parts from working in a had tiring job are men. This means those attacked by sharks, venomous, or overall dangerous sea creatures while fishing are more than likely going to be male. Is that not comparable to child birth? Is losing a limb or fainting from intense pain not a factor here? And let’s not forget “Im scared to walk home at night as a woman because I might get murdered.” It’s fine to be cautious, but remember that men in all first world countries make up a majority (often vast majority) of murder and homicide victims are male. Blame it on criminals finding males more important to take out first, or not wanting to harm a woman (and having no problem harming a male), but men are much more likely to be killed at night than women, so making it a womens issue is insulting.

For you to pass along the “men are weak” message in an attempt at empowerment or to make yourself feel better is pathetic. Men suffer just as much as you do. Men fear harm, are harmed, abused, limited by society and law, but unlike you, they don’t get help for it. People choose not to recognize their pain like they do yours. You complain about an expectation from society and get immediate support, but if men, who cant even complain about these things, show discomfort with something, you all make fun of them. You are not special. Your words are not empowering.

You are literally trying to tear someone down to make you and your gender seem and feel better. That doesn’t sound like something that a strong person or group would do. Making fun of people for being born a certain way and ridiculing or ignoring the same problems that you have when it happens to them does not make you powerful, it makes you a child.  

P.S. If you reblog or create posts ridiculing issues that men face instead of helping them, don’t you DARE claim to support equality.



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Et tu Tony?

Can you do a tony fluff where you’re a teacher and he’s on tour and some mailman interupts the lesson, and he gives you a huge banquet of flowers and you read the card from tony and there’s a small turtle stuffed inside? Please & thank you.


“And when Caesar was being brutally stabbed, he looked over and saw one of his closest friends; Marcus Brutus. That is where the famous last words Et tu, Brute come from. Does anyone know what those words me-”

There was a knock at your classroom door.

“One moment class. Come in.” you announced.

In walked a mailman with a roses. At least 30.

“Sir, if this is for a student, you will have to bring it to the office so they can get it after class.”

“Oh well it says it is for a Mrs. Y/F/N Y/L/N.”

Your eyes widened in surprise. “Thats actually me, thank you.”

“No problem ma’m. Have a wonderful day.” he smiled and left.

You looked over the lilies. Purple. Your favorite colour. 

You found a card in the middle of the flowers, taking it and opening it, it said.


I know that your teaching right now and I most likely interrupted your class. I couldnt resist. Today is the mark of the tour having only a month left. I can’t wait to see you and your beautiful face. I love you so much. 



P.S.- Dont forget to water these damn flowers

You looked at the little small drawn turtle at the bottom of the card, smiling of the thought Tony will be home.

You closed the card and set it on your desk. Pulling yourself back together for the class.

You cleared your throat, “As I was saying, the meaning of Et tu, Brute..”

anonymous asked:

So I was just having a conversation with my partner about how mermaid's hair always looks amazing and then the sentence "there has got to be one who can just never make her hair behave and gets it in her face constantly" happened and I thought you instantly (because of all the fantastic illustrations you do for situations just like that). p.s. I love your blog and your art and your ideas and literally only go on tumblr for your page so thanks for being awesome.

this is definitely in the top three of Reasons I’ve Been Brought Up In Conversation <3 here is a five minute mermaid with hair problems, and have a lovely day!

“After you wipe that smirk off your face, then if you would pl–UGH THE SMELL! That rat will pay!”

( And now you guys know that my Diana has a lil bit of cleanliness needy problem xD Only her Leona knows of that side of hers haha C8

Sorry if I used your muse thefrozensovereign xD It was a shower scene and it reminded me of that send me thing so lol yeah xD

P.S I am not answering asks chronologically anymore since they’ve piled up too much–so am just picking them randomly now CX )

K-netz are ridiculous

one minute they would love you and respect you,but once you make a mistake,hey’d throw shit in your face.

ever heard of “never look back”? so why are people bringing up the past to smudge bommie’s present and possibly,ruin her future?

I know bommie is not a bad person.

she’s a very sensitive and fragile person,someone that has to be taken care of very gently.

It’s hard enough that she had to deal with shitty comments about her P.S,calling her “a plastic bitch” and stuff.

it’s hard enough that she have lymph nodes problems

It’s hard enough that she lost the number one person who encouraged her to persue her dream even though her parents opposed.

and now,this?

this girl deserves love,affection,care.

I love you Bom,and I’ll keep loving you until forever

mistakes do not determine who you are,it’s the heart.