p.s. is this inappropriate

Request: Your writing is amazing! ^-^ I sent a request of my own in already, based off of me and my best friend. And I don’t mind waiting for it at all. :) But dude, when you get the chance, you have to make a part 3 of the story with Sam and the reader. It’s so adorable, and I’m just like ‘AHH!’ Hehe ^-^ Sam’s always been my favorite :) Happy Saturday! ^-^ (I hope I found the write story)

Request: Just got a lil bitty teeny tiny request here. Reader finds a diary of Sam’s just full of weird kinky sexual fantasies.

Warning: It’s gonna get a little inappropriate. But don’t worry, no smut.

Part One

Part Two

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Another true story, put to verse.  Who’s?…I’m not sayin.  But the leopard is still drunk and the mouse freely running in the jungle, “giggle”:)

P.S.- This was rejected by someone, on the grounds, “It was inappropriate subject matter?”.  Just goes to show, we all live in different jungles:)  



I… seriously, what is better, Hisoka being THE absolute most inappropriate character I have ever seen on a shonen show with protagonists this age, or the fact that whoever was both writing AND checking these subs was obviously so dumbstruck that they couldn’t even spell the word “perverted”? (…perverd?)

Now I want to know if they moved HxH to the late-night timeslot before or after this part??? ^^;;;;