p.s. if you say one more thing to me ever i will post about what you tried to blame on me

It's time to stop.

I usually, usually do not take part of any of this kind of things. Actually, this is my first time actually writing such a long thing about this. I wouldn’t, but now I feel like it’s time to open up about something that hovers about this fandom and this is something that does not belong here.

When I first saw Ghostbusters I fell in love with the pairing of Erin and Holtzmann. Why? Because of their chemistry, because of their scenes together, the way Holtzmann flirts with Erin. When I heard about other pairings as well I was like… okay, that is cute as well, but nowadays when I even heard about Yatesmann or Toltzmann, I feel awful. This is not because of the characters, because I love them very much, but it’s because of their shippers here. Not everyone, but if you have ever gotten attacked by few people here, you know what I am talking about.

Shipping should be fun. You should be able to discuss about them and headcanons, not that you get shit if you “ship the wrong ship”. I heard a lot how Holtzbert is just two skinny lesbians and we disgrace people who are not skinny, white etc. Well, guess what? I am not like that at all. I am obese, not considered as a beautiful person and my motives are not that I ship them because they are like me. As I said, they have that kind of chemistry that no other pairing has in MY EYES. And this is where some of you cross the border and start to shame us Holtzbert shippers. We see what you do not see. You can’t say it’s wrong and there “is not romantic feelings towards Erin from Holtzmann”. I respect your view of it, but we see it differently. We see two persons in love, you see two persons not in love. It’s fine, because we see your ships in the same way, but here is the difference. I know, some of Holtzbert shippers have said rude things, too, but why do I see more raging from other shippers than Holtzbert shippers? I don’t blame anyone, but come on, it’s true.

I once saw a post where person tried to tell how Holtzmann should be seen, that how people “write” her wrong to the fanfics. That’s how YOU see Holtzmann. But did you write her to the movie? Did you portray her? Did you create her? No. You did not. Everyone has their OWN view of the movie, characters and ships. Why do you have to attack other people because they simply do not share your views? Isn’t this fandom about Ghostbusters, not shaming the characters?

Now let’s get personal. There is evidence that Holtzbert is the most potential ship to get canonized. Paul Feig has liked tweets about asking if that ship is canon and photos of Holtzbert. There is nothing confirmed yet, but this is the cold fact. If you have been on Twitter, you see how Feig interacts with fans. No, I am not saying your ship is invalid, but there is just higher possibility that Erin will be the one who dates Holtzmann. Well, sequel won’t probably happen and neither any gay-couple won’t be in the movie, but just… Abby confirmed that Erin dates Holtzmann, and said no when Erin tried to say she dates Kevin. Do you think that scene is added just for fun? You have your own view and opinion, I have mine.

What’s the point of this? I want everyone to shut the hell up. You don’t just get it how much bad words and shaming other people’s ships can cause sadness. For me Holtzbert is something I cherish so much, Erin is something I can lean to, and I do not like at all how some people here try to break our dreams so badly because we “are wrong”. You can have your ships AS LONG AS WE CAN HAVE OURS. How would it feel like if we started hate blogs about Yatesmann or Yatesbert or Toltzmann or Polybusters? Nothing is canon as long as Paul Feig or Sony confirms, and you can’t say something is not going to happen as long as you do not write the script. So please.

Stop. Shaming. Other. Pairings.

Oh and by the way I know this gets some hate so bring it on, I may have written my arguments badly because I do not write English as my first language but if there is something I said badly, correct me and I will answer more specifically. I just want to enjoy my main ship and I wish you can do that, too.

P.S. I will sure tag Patty, Kevin and Abby along the #Holtzbert tag if they are relevant to it. So stop telling others what to tag and what not to tag.