p.s. i believe i reblogged something for you

Ah, a year ago today I posted my first fic!! I don’t know what possessed me, but I felt it deep in my bones that I needed to bless the world with more Seokjin fics, so off I went and posted something I randomly began writing when my internet died one night!

Fast forward a whole year and I’m still here!! I can’t believe I’ve managed to actually fool people into following me and some even to become my friends hehe! 

Thank you for each person who hit follow, reads my fics, likes them, reblogs them and messages me—it really means a lot! Here’s to many more years (hopefully)—I’m still on my Seokjin fic mission!!

P.S. I will be opening up requests soon as a little thank you, so if you have anything you want to see me write, please keep a mental note of it for the beginning of next week! 

iluuuuuu  ♡♡