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I have a hc that ushijima laughs at really really lame jokes. Like Tendou would say the most basic joke ironically and everyone's like "why" but ushijima just covers his face with his hands and giggles softly :,))

That is,,,, a wonderful headcanon, friend.

He probably laughs at puns too. Like, Tendou probably told him that he changed his iPod name to ‘Titanic’ and it’s synced now, or that when chemists die, they barium, and was treated with Ushijima’s lovely giggle.

Thanks for the ask! ♡


anons asking for more canon kind Gladstone hijinks and this one fell into my lap

(couldn’t find the code for this but context: Gladstone is a street sweeper and keeps finding hella cash in lost jewellery, Donald arranges a set up with a bag of Scrooge’s money so he can find it in front of Gladstone and gloat…)

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How did you that cute plushie of gaster?

How did I made the Gaster plushie? <:0
I hand-made it by myself! X3

Also, if anybody else is wondering, I don’t have him in my room anymore because I gave him away after the convention day to a friend of mine as a birthday present ww

He’s happy at his new home huehue