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Because I’m one nosy peep I really like to check on other people’s teams when it comes to Hesokuri Wars, yet asking for other’s teams is always a mess, but ??  This profile feature ??  Makes my life way easier now !! ♥

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Ty hung his head and panted for a few frantic breaths,
trying to regain control before he answered the phone.
He rested one hand on top of Zane’s head, his fingers
automatically curling as he answered with a curt, “Call me
back in ten minutes.”
     Zane’s tongue flicked over the head of his cock, and Ty bit
his lip against a moan.
     “Oh God. You’re either having sex or being shot at, aren’t
you?” Deuce asked with dread. “Why do you answer the
     “Got to go,” Ty grunted as he swiped the phone off and
tossed it into his pile of clothes, letting his hand join the other
one in Zane’s hair.
—  p. 20, Ball & Chain, Abigail Roux

i mean this sr is rlly cute and im glad to have her but……. will i ever get my third ur after a year of playing at rank 159…………… stay tuned for next episode where i somehow get an r from sr/ur only scouting

‘Meow’ Chapter 19: Reprieve


p.s. chapter 20 will be the epilogue so yay!

Sherlock had only slept for a couple of hours that night. He spent most of the time listening to Molly’s steady breathing, pressing the occasional kiss into her hair. The nurse had come in to check up on him, careful not to wake her up.

“Mm, Sherlock?” Molly asked after the nurse had left.

“Good morning,” he smiled.

“How are you feeling?” she questioned, worry in her eyes.

“I’m just fine, Molly, I promise. A bit sore, but it’s to be expected,” Sherlock answered. Molly’s phone pinged and she slipped it out of her pocket.

On our way to the hospital. Shooter was arrested btw. I knew that Magnussen guy was bad news. Bringing you and Sherlock clothes. Anything else you need? -MM

Journal please. And thank you so much, Mary. –MH

Sure, no problem. Be there soon. xx –MM

“Everything alright?” he asked.

“Yeah, just fine. John and Mary are coming by with fresh clothes for us. The shooter was found and arrested,” Molly informed him.

“Well, that’s good news,” he groaned as he shifted on the bed. “Who was it?”

“Careful, love,” Molly remarked. “Charles Magnussen; you know, that creep who kept bothering Mary? Now, just take it easy today, please?”

“Not much I can do from here,” Sherlock chuckled.

“I know, I just worry too much I guess,” she replied. Sherlock took her hand in his, squeezing it affectionately.

“Not too much. Thank you for taking care of me,” he spoke softly.

“Hey there you two,” Mary piped up as she and John walked in.

“Hey,” Molly and Sherlock said in unison.

“You owe me a cuppa,” Molly laughed.

“I’m the one who was shot,” Sherlock joked.

“Oh, alright, you win then,” she told him, rolling her eyes playfully.

“Very cute,” Mary smiled. John cleared his throat awkwardly. “I wasn’t sure what you’d be most comfortable in, but I brought jeans, a tank top and a cardigan. Oh and of course, your journal.”

“Thank you, Mary, I appreciate it,” Molly responded, disappearing into the bathroom to change.

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I didn’t say that, actually, you must have taken it the wrong way.

                    ❛  Yet  you  are  quick  to  suggest  a  threesome.          A  smile  curls  edges  of  lips.          Are  you  not  being  given  enough  attention,  Jack ? ~  

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I'm more of a brat than a little, but I'm with a guy who has kids(step) and the oldest daughter calls him daddy, and I'm not sure how to bring it up to him that I enjoy all this, without changing the way the daughters use it..... P.s. I'm 20 and he's 17years older

Explain it to him the way you explained it to us. Tell him that you don’t want to change the way his daughter uses it. -Little L & Master M