One Girl and Two Boys - part 4

Bucky Barnes x Reader x Steve Rogers

Summary: Reader is dating Steve until he gets hit during a mission. Slowly, Reader and Bucky will get to know each other better and transform their friendship into something else.

Word Count: 1,162

Warnings: Maybe Language and Angst (I don’t even know anymore)

A/N: Everything involving Wakanda is based on what I remember from the comics. PRIDE is their inteligence agency and the Dora Milaje are the King’s bodyguard. Hope you’ll like this one.

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Y/N’s hotel room, New York | One Month after Steve’s Death

You fumbled around in your drawer and gathered a few clothes and some bare necessities, which included a necklace that Steve gave you for your first anniversary and a t-shirt Bucky gave you that Christmas.

You zipped the bag closed when the front door slammed shut. Bucky shouted your name as he entered your hotel room. He frowned when he saw you and your bag.

“You’re leaving? Where are you going?”

“Wakanda.” You replied, adjusting your backpack on your shoulders. “I can’t stay here. I know that somewhere in New York people are experimenting with Steve’s body and… I just can’t stay here anymore.”

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Should It Be Legal to Pay Disabled Workers Subminimum Wages?

Lawren Barber-Wood. December 9, 2016.

I. Section 14© and Who It Affects

In America, the current minimum wage is $7.25 an hour. Most states, though, have higher minimum wages, like Alaska, where the minimum wage is $9.75 an hour. Most American workers are paid whichever wage is higher where they live, but there are some exceptions; minors, waitstaff, and disabled workers can all legally be paid below minimum wage. Minors can only be paid below minimum wage for ninety days, though, and waitstaff can only be paid subminimum wages if they’re tipped. Even then, there are limitations on this; “if an employee’s tips plus cash wages do not add up to at least minimum wage… the employer is required to [pay enough to] make the employee whole” (Simpson).  In regards to disabled workers, on the other hand, there is no limit to how low they can be paid or for how long they can be paid these low wages. This is because of a seventy-five year old addition to the Fair Labor Standards Act, or FLSA, called Section 14©.

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Part of protecting EXO is by steering clear of sasaengs. Sasaengs hurt EXO intentionally by feeling as if they have a right to know and see everything. This however is not the case.

Blogs and Accounts of Sasaengs:

loveexosasaeng -“exo are nothing without the fans. yes im korean. love exo sasaeng”


@Hanilovesme || @exokaifamily || exokaifamily (tumblr) *this account is closed, for now, but she’s stil online, so be careful.

Be careful of blogs that have the sole purpose of “exposing them”.


Example of her posts:

Fans can and are easily duped into believing these people and whatever they say.

As you can see there are only a few. What you as a PRIDE can do to help is reblogging, sharing, following, and to find sasaengs so we can warn everyone of them.

If anyone knows of anymore let us know and send them in. If you don’t want to submit and would rather chat instead come add me on LINE.

Add me: kai88nini. I go by Nini on there. I’ll add you to the P.R.I.D.E chat. Reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns or would just like to simply come by and chat.