newly opened:

All this happened, more or less
 Elizabeth Glaessner
P.P.O.W Gallery, 535 W22nd St., NYC (3rd Fl)

Glaessner combines familiar objects with misunderstood and idiosyncratic portraits, often laden with humor that counterpoint her macabre imagery. An exploration of memory, personal history and ritual, Glaessner’s work questions the way in which we relate to and envision our past. Her most recent paintings depict a highly detailed mythology of post-human existence on earth that features anthropomorphic, gelatinous figures in familiar, yet toxic, landscapes. These organic creatures appear as if born from natural forms, like tree trunks and rock formations, in attempt to reconstruct lost histories through the detritus left behind. - thru Aug 15


opens tonight, Sat, Jan 10, 6-8p:

Synthetic BioStructure
 Bill Smith

P.P.O.W, 535 W22nd St., NYC (3rd Floor)

Smith, who has a degree in both sculpture and micro-biology, uses techniques of the scientific and natural world to create sculptural assemblages that draw on the intricate systems and inherent beauty found in nature, often through mechanized sculptural works that bridge the gap between art and science. - thru Feb 7

pictured: Dragonfly Projector 2010-2014, dragonfly exoskeleton, lens, micro-controller, motor, fan, aluminum, biodegradable 3-D printed plastic, 70 x 25 x 24 inches