Ever since the fighters, pilots and ground soldiers alike, had returned from their latest mission in keeping the First Order from gaining the power they so desperately sought over the whole of the galaxy, word had spread among the Resistance base. Word that during the fight a prisoner had been captured. But it wasn’t just any prisoner. They had said that he claimed to be a Jedi. One of the last trained years ago by none other than Luke Skywalker himself. But because of the location he’d been discovered, he was to be kept under surveillance. Away from any members of the resistance, apart from General Leia and anyone she thought was fit to handle him. But as soon as the words had reached Rey’s ears, being kept away from the only other possible Jedi left like her wasn’t an option. She needed to see this person with her own eyes. See that it wasn’t just Jedi like the ones from the First Order that existed. That the legends she’d been told of the Light side, and Jedi that were good, really existed.

Peeking around the corridor’s edge, checking that the coast was clear of any persons that may stop her in her tracks before she could even reach the doors of the medical bay, Rey hesitated for a moment longer. Before finally stepping out into the corridor after deeming it finally safe. As she moved towards the doors, ones that she had been through a number of times before to visit Finn, she made sure to check her surroundings every so often. Being here wasn’t the smartest idea in the world, especially if he did turn out to be of the First order. But there was a chance he wasn’t and that was all Rey needed for the curiosity in her to take over.

Just as she had stepped through the medical bays main doors and towards the closed off room just to her right. Her hand reached out towards the control panel to open the sliding door, it slid open. Stalling her abruptly. She braced herself for General Leia’s features, or features of another she recognised, to focus back on her. But her eyebrows rose up in shock as she was instead met with features she didn’t recognise. It was him. It must be. It wasn’t until a few moments of shock filled hesitation that past that she realised. What was he doing. Her features suddenly fell serious as her hand dropped, and her back straightened, ready to act if needed. “What do you think you’re doing? You can’t think you can just get up and walk out of here that easily, you’re a prisoner—Right?”