p.o's reaction


happily dancing with his lightstick and then…


Here it is !! I hope you like ! This tells the story of the disappearance of one of the miraculous ladybug holder !

The song tells the sad tale of a prince and a witch. A girl and a prince fall in love. A nun who sees the couple together grows jealous, as she has harbored her love for the prince for a long time. The priest thinks that the girl must have used black magic to have the prince fall in love with her and declares her a witch. The prince, a member of the church, reluctantly believes the nun. The town burns the girl at the stake, with the prince cutting her long hair and tying her to the stake. The girl begins to cry and reflects on the time when she and the prince were happy together. She then grows black wings and breaks free of the rope tied around her, flying off into the night. That leaves the question… Was the nun right in thinking the girl was a witch?

Life Is Strange Reaction: When You Have A Crush On Them

Max: Her face is all flushed up.

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Chloe: She will be hella flirting with you.

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Kate: Now she’s going to be really nervous around you.

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Warren: Will try to get with you.

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Victoria: She will make you try and try until you drop on your knees.

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Nathan: Now he really wants to get into your pants.

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Mr Jefferson: He’s just wondering how you would do in the dark room.

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T.O.P reaction to you getting smiley and blushy when he kiss you

The reaction you gave him after he kissed you would make him feel good. It’d remind him of how precious his love is for you. He would sit back and smile adorkably along with you.

“Gosh, now you’re making me blush jagi.”

REQUEST BTS REACTION when they realize that you’re a model

May I have an Exo, and Bts (If you can only do one, then that’s fine)! gif when their gf is a model, and she also walks on the catwalk.. Thank you very much, and have a wonderful day!

Hey sweetheart! Here goes your reaction ^-^ I hope you’ll like it xx


J i m i n

“This is a trick, right? You want to get your revenge after I told you that can’t eat carrots otherwise my nose will bleed and you believed it! YOU CAN’T FOOL ME!”

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J i n

He would be a real cutie and support you whenever he gets the chance and watches your runway. Everytime it’s your turn he’d wave a little so you know that he’s here for you.

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J u n g k o o k

Making use of his new learned word:

J - H o p e

His constant reaction whenever you send him pics while you’re on work. He can’t handle your beauty..

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R a p  M o n s t e r

You: “What’s with this outfit?”

RM:”You’re a model. I need to adapt to your lifestyle.”

You:”No, you just finally found an excuse to be able to run around like that ..”

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S u g a

“I mean it’s not like I was expecting anything else. I just have the best taste.”

T a e h y u n g

Tries to contain his feelings as you tell him.

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