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You’re all stanning the wrong person;

Lets get down to business!

I’m here, to tell you exactly why you’re stanning the wrong person. And even though you may be sat there thinking, ‘no, you’re wrong, my bias is my bias for a reason!’, let me just give you a few reasons why the real person you should be stanning, is the one and only Pyo Jihoon.

First up: That smile tho!

Second: His (airport) fashion is on point! O.O

Thirdly: He can work ANYTHING!

Also, did i mention how good he looks in leather? …No? …let me just-

And that time he had pink hair, AND he wore a black shirt? O.o (Me = DEAD)

But also whenever he goes natural its just…

Fourthly: How soft and adorable he is :’)

And how he looks like an angel when he sleeps: 

Fifthly: how damn relate-able he is!

Another point: his incredible dance moves…

And finally: ‘the hand thing’

So the question is…why isn’t he already your bias?

Block B Reaction: You always put his arm around your waist when cuddling because it makes you feel safe.

Requested: Hi! Could you do a Bock b reaction when you guys are cuddling and you always put his arm around your waist to kind of hold you because it makes you feel safe? If that makes sense 

A/N: I hope you like it!


Would be really smug about it, He loved the fact that you need him so close to  feel safe but he was also very happy to know you felt safe with him. He would kiss the back of your neck and pull you in closer to him.

“I’m right here baby girl.”

You’re Jaehyo

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How much cuter could you get! He loved how you would wrap yourself in his arms and cuddle him all night, and the reason would only make him love you even more.

“You’re too cute Jagi.”

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Minhyuk would be such a tease on the outside. He would be so cheeky and make you blush non stop.

“I would feel safe with myself too.”

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but on the inside and would totally be dying from your cuteness, and he would be fangirling so much every time you wrapped his arms around you.

“She’s gonna be the death of me.”

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Jae would feel so proud and happy that you felt safe in his arms. He would instantly wrap his arms around you after a while without you doing it. 

“I love you so much baby.”

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He would tease you so much. He found you even more cute and loved it but he would never tell you that.

“Would you feel safe if Stuart cuddled you?”

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He wouldn’t be able to wait until you were in his arms. He would whisper sweet nothings into your ear until you feel asleep. Kyung would love watching you sleep and became so happy when he remembered you felt safe with him.

“You will always be safe with me.”

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He couldn’t possibly love you more. Jihoon would be so playful about it. You would always be in his arms, no matter where or who was with you. He would smile so big and love every second of it.

“I love you so much Jagi.”

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Block B GIF Reactions To Seeing You Naked For The First Time


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I’m at home sick and I figured it was due time to procrastinate!

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Block B - When another member likes their crush.

More Block B reactions! Wooh!


“Pffft. Oh really? You like Y/N? Since when?”

Tries to hide his annoyance, and fails.


Confused. What to do? Let his friend have you or fight for you?

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“What?? You don’t have a chance. You are not Y/N’s type.”


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Not a fan of this situation. Confesses to his friend of his feelings for you. Is possibly a little annoyed.

“That’s great, because I like Y/N too.”


Gets really quiet.

“You like Y/N?… Well I don’t blame you…”

Park Kyung:

“I guess we are rivals then.”

Half-serious. Will fight his friend if necessary.

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Sad maknae. Is now even more shy and thinks he has no chances, because his hyung is cool as hell.

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Block B Reaction: You slap their butt

anon asked: Block b reaction to you slapping their butt.

Thank you so much anon! Please enjoy! ~Em

Zico: *shocked for a moment* “Jagi…did you?”

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Taeil: *blushing for dayss* “J-jagi, what made you do that?”

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U-Kwon: “Don’t be shocked when I get you back for that later babe!” *wink wink*

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B-Bomb: “Am I that sexy jagi~?” *teases you*

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Kyung: *ignore Zico if you can* “That’s it? You’re just going to slap my butt and leave? Well I guess I’ll just be here…showing off my sexy legs without you beside me…”

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Jaehyo: “Wouldn’t you yell at me if I do that to you though…? Am I allowed to….?” *confused*

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P.O: *so much blushy happiness* “Jagi~ You’re so embarrassing!!” *really, REALLY loves it*

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I’m super obsessed with Block B right now for some reason (their comeback was months ago lol) so I’ve been really enjoying Block B Asks!!! Thank you again anon~ The feels are hitting me hard xD

Block B reaction to you having previously violent relationship and sometimes flinching away from their touch.

A/N: At first I wasn’t sure if I was going to do this, but i decided to because if it’ll help someone feel better about their situation, then I’m all for it. I do not condone violence of any kind, and as a PSA if you are ever in a violent relationship/need to talk, you have many resources (including me) to talk to. So thanks guys :-)


 it would happen when you two were arguing, and things were getting heated. Both of you would be shouting into the silence that had previously been there, fighting about something you couldn’t remember. After a few minutes of this, Zico yelled angrily and reached with both of his hands to smooth back his hair into his cap, his hands freezing in the air as he heard your argumentative tone drop and your eyes shut, as you involuntarily flinched away from his movement, your body bundled into itself as you cringed. Zico’s eyes bulged at you, concerned as to why you acted like that towards his movements, but then he would immediately bring both of them down, his mind connecting two and two. When you finally peeked open one eye, he’d have a soft look on his face.
“I’m gonna hug you, okay?” He would slowly pronounce as you began to feel foolish, until he hugged you and soothed you that it’s okay, and you don’t have to be ashamed, and he was so sorry.

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both of you would be lying on the bed, Kyung’s hands lightly winding themselves through your hair as you sighed in content, slowly feeling yourself falling asleep. Kyung would sense this, and would shake you gently, causing you to open up your eyes in confusion.

“Mmm, what?” You’d ask lazily, looking at him a bit irritated.

He’d tell you to get up and when you did, he’d announce he’d had a gift for you. Excitedly, he’d tell you to close your eyes which you did.
Then you would feel a box get placed in your hands, and when kyung finally allowed you to open his eyes, he’d shout “surprise!” And raise his arms in the air, involuntarily you would flinch, your past reflexes bubbling to the surface as your mind told you to turn your face away. Just as fast as it happened, you’d snap out of it and look back at a confused Kyung, beginning to apologize profusely before he pulled the box from your hands and you into his arms, smoothing down your hair and apologizing instead because he’s sorry he surprised you like that when he knew better, and assuring you that you didn’t do anything wrong at all, while you calmed down and began to feel your heart swell with love for him.

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Minhyuk (B-bomb)

you wouldn’t have been able to focus on him a lot these past few days because you’d had had a lot on your mind, so in turn, minhyuk would feel out of touch with you, and be a bit irritated because you were giving him the cold shoulder, and so after a while of this, he would finally gather up enough courage to ask you what was wrong.

“Why haven’t you been talking to me lately?” He’d ask you, his eyes looking sad because you hardly paid attention to him anymore. You would feel bad immediately, not even realizing you had been ignoring him,

“Ah, I’m sorry Minhyuk, I didn’t notice what I was doing.” You’d softly begin, trying to assure him it wasn’t his fault. A sad smile would start to bloom on his face as he brought his hands up suddenly to cup your cheeks. In a reflex, you shielded your face and leaned back a little, your old habits bubbling back up. Almost in the same instant you did it, your arms fell again as you felt the tears of embarrassment began to fall from your eyes. Minhyuk’ face would go from surprised to understanding, as he gently grabbed both of your hands still partially raised up, and pulled them around his body, shushing you as began to apologize profusely, his whispers telling you that none of it was something to be sorry for, and that he never wanted you to feel the way you just felt or the way you felt with your previous significant other to be a feeling you’d have to go through anymore.

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 since he’s so excitable, this would never be something he could control, it’s his nature. So one day while you would both be taking a stroll in the park together, hand in hand, you’d be staring at all the cute dogs that passed by and feeling the slight breeze run through your shirt and just feel so content. You’d turn your attention to your boyfriend, Jaehyo, who would be occupied, watching the dogs off in the distance as well.

“Ah, y/n, wouldn’t it be great if we got a dog?” He would state to you, earning a small ‘Mmm’ from you as you closed your eyes and enjoyed the Suns Rays on your skin. You’d open them again, only to find a dog coming towards both of you, and as you looked up to see what Jaehyo was doing, you saw his fist come flying forward clenching something within his hand. Instinctively, your eyes shut tight and you’re hands came up to block out what your body thought was danger. Jaehyo wouldn’t notice until he saw your body curled in, and then, he would immediately grab you by your hands gently, as you snapped to your previous self and looked embarrassedly around the park and anywhere but your boyfriend.

“Y/n, look at me.” He’d demand, and when you did, you would see his hand open to reveal a squeaky toy, one that he was going to throw for the dog that had lost his. You’d feel foolish, but Jaehyo would toss the toy and pull you into the bench, and sit you down and remind you he’d the one who should feel foolish, and remind you that he would never do anything to hurt what he cherishes the most, deep down feeling loads of anger at the person who made you like this, but trying to replace those fearful memories with happy ones.

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“y/n, can you come here for a second?” Taeil would call out to you, causing you to whip your head around in surprise as you were absorbed in some work you had to finish, smiling as you saw him sat at the edge of his chair, desperately trying to fix his tie for a interview that day, your eyes rolling as you waltzed over to him from your stool, shooing his hands away as you got closer to him.
Your nimble fingers began to undo the the knot he had created, causing him to stop breathing as your fingers ghosted partially over his exposed skin, but in a matter of moments, you were done.

“There.” You proudly announced, smacking you hands together in delight as you stood back up, stepping back from him to observe his attire.
He looked down at the floppy tie before looking back up to you, pleased as well.

“You treat me so well.” He’d whisper, before suddenly standing up to throw his arms around your shoulders, and on reaction, your body instantly tensed up from the sudden contact as you curled into yourself in an old habit that hadn’t died from your previous relationship, almost causing him to jump back in surprise too.

“Taeil I’m sor-” he would put a finger to your mouth as he cut you off, nodding his head no and bringing you slowly to rest on his chest as you breathed deeply, his hands smoothing up and down your back comfortably as he didn’t speak words, only gave you actions that made you feel better about the entire situation.

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he’s usually a very playful spirit, so I’d imagine that something would happen around his usual playful nature, you two would be lounging around his dorm as he played around on his computer, both of you relaxing on your last day before work. You would be falling asleep pretty slowly before you’d hear his voice try to wake you up loudly.

“Mm what?” You’d question him, irked that he had disturbed your slumber.

“Why are you sleeping on me?” He’d ask, taking off his headset as he got up to inch towards you on the bed, causing you to roll over to make room for his long limbs as he wrapped himself around you slowly.

“Because you’re not paying attention to me?”
You questioned him, your eyes still partially closed from sleep.
You’d feel one of his hands began to stroke one of your arms, which made you smile softly to yourself, before feeling his other hand come up to graze at your neck, which triggered an older memory in your mind, causing you to whip your eyes open and smack his hand away, your face turning the other way. You didn’t realize what you had done until you heard his soft voice bate you into looking at him again, almost causing you to cry once you looked at him for what you did. His head began to shake as he pulled you into his arms.

“Don’t cry, please, I’m sorry, I know to be more sensitive now, please don’t cry.” And he would coo you to sleep, hoping to make you feel better after the entire ordeal.

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the two of you would be in his car, driving to go pick up a pizza you had ordered for your shared night in, the lights passing around you in a zooming motion as the music played softly in the background, his car smelling of lavender and old cd’s.

“You look so spectacular in this light.” He would muse next to you, once he was stopped at a red light, looking over at you in adoration, as you felt your cheeks grow hot.

“So do you.” You shot back at him, laughing at his reaction as he shyly put his head down on the steering wheel, your eyes shifting back to the view outside as you waited with him patiently on the lonely road.

Suddenly, two hands would come and pull at the side of your face, and buried memories would resurface as you pulled your neck from the grasp of his hands and swatted him away, letting out a quick yelp that didn’t progress any more before you stopped yourself and looked back at a confused boyfriend.

“I-I’m sorry, I was just trying to kiss you, I didn’t-” he would start, the light turning green but him not making any effort to move. You shook your head at him, at first trying to assure him it was your fault, before he grabbed your hands gently in his and leaned forward, very seriously letting you know that no, it was his fault, and he would learn to be more careful around you, because he didn’t want that fear to show in your eyes ever again, both of you bleary eyed in the middle of an empty road.

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You Relaxing with Sweats and Junk Food (Block B)

Zico: He’d walk in and stare at you trying not to laugh, it wasn’t that you looked funny. it’s just that you were so comfortable around him now and he loved it. Jiho would probably sneak a photo or two of you to share with everyone else to show them your “real beauty.” 100% would take your food and you’d higkey beat his ass

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U-Kwon: Yukwon would be the one to sit next to you in the same position with similar sweats/pajamas on because he insisted that you two had to keep the title of most beautiful couple. You’d found the face mask recipe online so he decided “eh what the hell” and joined you.

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B-Bomb: Would be the one to accidentally scream because he didn’t expect to turn the light on to the living room and see you laying there with a green face mask on with your eye closed. When you’d roll your eyes at how loud and exaggerated he was he’d sit next to you and start a conversation as usual.

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Kyung: Would be one of the only one’s to treat the situation like everything was normal, would also probably slide in a cute comment like “You look comfy, mind if I join?” And sit next to you on the couch. 

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Taeil: “Jagi can I go next?” like Yukwon he would join you and after you put a face mask on him you two would sit on the floor with a giant bowl of chips between you while you both watch whatever crappy movie is on tv and probably make fun of it the entire time.

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Jaehyo: Simple bby boy, he’d come in and smile at you before leaning down to carefully place a kiss on your cheek, “Is that honey?” “Jaehyo please stop eating my face mask.”

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P.O: He’d walk in and his first thought would be that he’s so happy that you’re comfortable around him. He’d possibly even fall in love with you alittle more, and he’d blush because he’d realize he’s staring at you and finally sit down to join you on the bed and kiss your cheek.

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Block B Reaction to -

Them hearing you sing for the first time


Block b and bigbang reaction please:) when they hear you singing for the first time (like you’re cooking and they come home early and you never mentioned that you like to and can sing)

Big Bang Version {Here}


When he heard you hit the high note in ‘Whistle’ by BLACKPINK, he’d grab his chest dramatically. He’d wait for you to finish the whole song before saying something. 

“Baby! Where did you get those vocals!?” ignore my boyie jaehyo


He’d walk into you singing karaoke by yourself. You were singing to Taeyeon’s ‘Gemini’. After hearing how good you were he’d be really surprised. 

“Since when do you sing this good babe?”


He had awoken to you singing ‘Apple Pie’ by Fiestar while making breakfast. He quietly chuckled and went to sit at the table and waited for food. He wouldn’t say anything because he wanted you to keep singing.

“How come you haven’t told me you could sing.”


The boy wold try to stay quiet when he heard you singing ‘Nice Day’. He began to smile, widely, when he heard you sing his part. Not being able to keep himself from you, he burst into the living room and pull yo into a tight embrace.

“Who knew my jagi could sing so well!”


He would instantly stop walking when he heard you singing. You were singing 'It Was Love’ by Zico so he was really surprised. When he heard how beautiful you were singing he couldn’t help but say something. 

“We have to do a duet babe! You’re so good!”


You were driving and ‘Walkin’ in the Rain’ began to play. You tried to keep your voice to a quiet hum, so he wouldn’t notice. However he started to sing along with you. He would turn up the music just so you would sing louder.

“Ah, how are you so talented jagi?”


You were just dancing around your apartment, cleaning everything, and decided to play your music. When ‘I Feel Good’ by EXID started playing, you got real lit. In the middle of the chorus he came into the room laughing.

“This song is so old jagiya, get with the times.”

- Admin A & JC

First Date. | Block B Reaction

Taeil: Taeil gives off a more confident-but-lowkey-nervous vibe. He’d make sure the date went perfect without showing it. You’d be a little intimidated because you were obviously nervous when he wasn’t, except he was.

BBomb: THE ONE THAT’S CONFIDENT AND YOU KNOW IT. He was sure you’d enjoy yourself and that made him feel comfortable, he didn’t have to worry about you not having a good time.

Jaehyo: The one that’s always worried about you. “Are you hungry?” “Is it too cold?” “Are you comforbale?” You’d be really appreciative of it though, he showed how much he cared and you loved it.

Ukwon: Ukwon would be super bubbly and you wouldn’t have to worry about awkward silence or weird topics. He’d be super chill and super fun on a date.

Kyung: KYUNG WOULD BE SMOOTH. He’d slip in all sorts of cheesy pickup lines just to see you laugh or casually hold your hand and make your heart race.

Zico: THE NERVOUS ONE! Yes, Zico would definitely be the nervous one. “I just want this date to go well,” he’d say whenever his friends teased him about worrying even though the date in 1 week. He’d act calm, though you saw through it instantly.

Jihoon: SHY, SHY, SHY, SHY. Very shy, never knowing when to talk or what to even talk about, always awkwardly helping you or reaching for your hand.

When you can’t eat with chopsticks

Even more Block B reactions!


Tries not to laugh at your failed attempts to hold the chopsticks.

“Pfff… You’re doing great jagi.”

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Encourages you to continue trying when you drop the food back into the bowl (and maybe throw a few swear words).

“Don’t worry, it’s okay. Keep trying.”

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Watches you in agony as you keep dropping the food an eventually the chopsticks.

“… Seriously?”


Chuckles lightly at your failure.

“That’s fine jagiya, I’ll get you a fork.”


Teases you to no end.

“Good thing these instant noodle cups have that plastic fork included.”

Park Kyung:

“Don’t worry baby! I will feed you~”

Grease alert.


“Awh jagi. Here, I’ll show you how it’s done!”

Insert long lesson of mastering the art of eating with chopsticks.

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Block B Reaction: You sarcastically call them Daddy when they’re being bossy

anon asked: Big bang and block b reaction to you sarcastically call them daddy when they are being a little bossy.

I hope you enjoy anon! ~Em

Zico: *legit Daddy mode activated*

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P.O: *is awkward AF trying to erase what you said from his memory*

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Taeil: “Did…I just hear you right…orrrr???”

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B-Bomb: “I am anything you want me to be princess”

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U-Kwon: “Ooh, am I getting lucky tonight babe?”

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Jaehyo: *at a complete loss for words* (but at least he stopped bossing you around while he’s sputtering lol)

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Kyung: *greasy* “That’s right baby girl, Daddy’s here, at your service”

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BLOCK B REACTION - if you bent over in front of them

Hello Guys!! <3 JaeHyo likes to hinder my life! Always takes me a long time to find his gifs T-T Hope you like it <3 I love you.


Zico: He would watch your movements and then will smile while thinking about perverted things

Taeil: “I’m seeing right? Since when she has this very beautiful body?”

B-Bomb: He sees another boy looking at you then he tries to draw the attention of that person. “Ya! Find another place to look, she’s mine!”


U-Kwon: “Would you like … To visit my room later?”

Park Kyung: “I will not look, I will not look, I will not look … Damn, I looked.”

P.O: He would stand behind you not letting other people look at you.

~ADM Jiminye

GIF Credits To Their Original Owners!

Block B: When he finds you half-naked in his room ;)

Oh god this was hilarious! It’s been a while since I had a request of this theme, and might I say I’m glad to see it come back! Thank you very much for your request and I hope you enjoy!~♥ (And yes, this is what I do on Valentine’s Day lol *forever alone*)

Zico: *Eyes you up and down* Dayuuum– H-Hey, you know this isn’t your room don’t you?… Does that mean you came in here like that on purpose? 

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Taeil: *Walks out and closes door* Did that really just happen?– Well obviously it did, I saw it with my own eyes!… If I go back in this could end in one of two ways. *Goes through the pros and cons* Who knows when this’ll ever happen again! *Opens door* –I’m going in!

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B-Bomb: Aw, how cute, you’re trying to tease me!~ To bad since I’m the master, just watch and learn [Y/n], I’ll show you how it’s done. *Licks lips*

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Jaehyo: I must have saved the country in my past life to be this lucky! *Smirks* 

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U-Kwon: Well, well, well, looks like someone’s feeling naughty tonight doesn’t it? Well, we can’t have that now can we?

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Kyung: Pfft, you think that’s sexy?–Check this out! *Poses* Oh no, I think my leg’s starting to cramp!–Owowowow!!!!! Stay strong, just like beauty, sexy is pain!

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P.O: Why hello there [Y/n]~♥ … *Stares*–Heheheheh!~  Best. Day. Ever!!! *Continues giggling like a schoolgirl*

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Block B Reaction To You Calling Them While Being Drunk (Broken Up Version)

Alright, so thanks to the lovely @yao-verming​ for the ideas, I thought of two versions to write for this reaction, and since I’m in an angsty mood, I decided to start off with the broken up version first. Hope you all enjoy~

-Admin Jojo

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Taeil:  Eyes fluttering open at the sound of the phone buzzing against the nightstand, he  inhales deeply as he lazily rubbed his eyes and stretched. Sitting up, he would tiredly glance around the room, gaze soon settled upon the rectangular clock on the nightstand that currently read 1:06 AM. Who on earth is calling me at this hour? He thinks, clutching the vibrating device in his hand.  Blinking a couple of times to cast away the drowsiness he was currently experiencing, his eyes narrow as he tries to read the caller I.D.; it was you. Sliding his thumb across the screen to answer, he extends a hand out to turn on the lamp. “Y/N?” He yawns. A giggle is heard on the other line; he sighs. “Y/N, are you drunk?” You gasp out in surprise, shushing him as you giggle once more—"Maybe~“—and Taeil can only shake his head from side to side as he rubs his temples. Dealing with your drunken stupor was honestly the last thing he wanted to handle at this hour of night: You weren’t exactly very cooperative when you got like this. "Are you at your house?” He asks, running a hand through his hair. “I don’t know,” You say,“Why don’t you come over and find out?” He has half a mind to drive over to your house just to make sure you didn’t do anything stupid after the phone call, and get you to bed safely, but the other part of him tells him it isn’t a good idea. “Y/N, why don’t you go wash up and go to sleep? It’s late.” He suggests, to which you only groan in response. “Yah, I don’t want to.” There’s a pause. “Taeil?” “Yeah?” “I love you.” His heart stops, eyes widening and frozen to the spot. What was he supposed to say? He still loved you, but he wasn’t really the type to go back on a decision he made; the breakup was for the best. But still, hearing you quietly cry on the other line, whispering faint i love you or where did we go wrong? left him heartbroken and unable to find the right words to say to you. So instead, he merely changes the subject—"How much did you have to drink? Is someone with you? Are you home?“—and successfully persuades you to lay down on the couch and go to sleep. 

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B Bomb:  Although the wounds were still fresh and there were times he thought his heart would give out from how weak and broken it felt, he was starting to feel remotely okay; he was hopeful. The air he breathed no longer felt noxious to his lungs, the ache in his chest at the mention of your name was now dull, and smiling didn’t feel like a chore anymore; he could finally leave his mask at home.  He watches his members laugh and play; he feels at ease with himself for once. His phone vibrates in his pocket, garnering his attention momentarily as he digs a hand inside and takes it out. His smile falters and he feels his stomach painfully churn when seeing your name light up his screen, causing the joyous atmosphere to shift, and the members to share worried glances. "Is everything alright?” Jaehyo asks, brow raised. Minhyuk glances up from the screen to look at the taller male and smiles—"Yeah, everything is fine.“—before excusing himself and sauntering over to his room. Against his better judgment, he answers your call—"Y/N?"—and gulps nervously. "Hey, hot stuff~” He has to pull his phone away from his ear to check the caller’s name again just to make sure it wasn’t some sort of prank call or you meant to call someone else. “Y/N, it’s me, Minhyuk?” Your laugh makes his heart flutter and his lips to be pulled upwards into a smile. “I know, silly~” His brows furrow at the way you struggled to enunciate your words and your sentences became incoherent. “Y/N, you’re drunk.” He states with a nervous chuckle, to which you scoff and deny. “No, I’m not!” And he can already picture you jutting out your lower lip slightly into a pout, making his heart wrench painfully at the image. “You are, though,” He insists,“Take some pain killers and get some rest, okay?” This continues on for a couple of minutes longer until, suddenly, you begin crying. He doesn’t think much of it at first, assuming the alcohol was simply making you go through a rollercoaster of emotions (you never did handle liquor well). However, that all changes when he hears with more clarity what you were trying to tell him. “I miss you so much.” He knows he should’ve hung up then and there, knows he should’ve tried changing the subject—or just done something—than spilling out his feelings for you as well. “I miss you, too. So, so much.” His words come out quiet, but the pained tone in his voice impossible to miss. “I love you so much, Minhyuk.” He’s glad you’re drunk—"I love you, too, Y/N’‘—because at least then, he knows, you won’t remember this conversation, and you’ll wake up the next day with a hangover while he’s stuck with the memory of tonight, and the scars you continue to leave behind on his heart. 

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Jaehyo:  He could tell you were drunk right from the start. It took everything within him to refrain himself from scolding you for being so reckless with your actions. Instead, he bombards you with questions to make sure you were safe and didn’t drink to the point you were absolutely wasted.  "Are you home?“ You merely chuckle in response. His brows knit together in slight annoyance and confusion as he asks,’'What’s so funny?” You sigh forlornly at his question, licking your lips as you struggled to formulate your thoughts. “Nothing.” A pause. “I just forgot how sweet you are and how much I miss you.” “Don’t do this.” His voice comes out low, almost pleadingly, as he softly exhales. There’s another moment of silence before he hears you vomiting and heaving on the other line; he’s torn. The two of you weren’t together anymore, so it wasn’t his job to look after you anymore. And yet, despite this, he found himself putting on the first casual attire he could find to head over to your place to make sure you took some pain killers, washed up and went to bed. “Jaehyo,” you whimper,“I don’t feel so good.” “I know.” He says, putting on his seat belt after getting in the car. “Just stay put till I get there, okay? I’ll be there in ten minutes.” Just when he was about to hang up, he could faintly hear you mumbled out an I love you to him before the call drops. “And I still love you, too.” And this is how the cycle begins. 

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Ukwon:  “Hey~” He can’t help but roll his eyes the moment he hears your voice. “You really should stop getting drunk, Y/N.” He chides, and despite your state of intoxication, you could faintly hear the smile in his voice as he scolds you. “I know, I know,” He chuckles at your childish whining, a part of him partially growing used to you calling him almost every night when you’ve had a little too much to drink. The gnawing voice in the back of his head telling him to end things here and now becomes louder as the days pass by, but he always manages to push it back and shrug it off. “You’re home, right? You didn’t do anything stupid?” You groan. “How come you always ask that whenever I call?” Ukwon laughs. “Because you don’t exactly make the best decisions when you’re drunk.” He reminds,“Remember that time we went out for drink and—” “Shut up!” You drag out the syllables in the midst of your squealing, cheeks flaring up when remembering the embarrassing stunts you pulled in the past when you passed your limit of drinking. Ukwon laughs once more, the corners of his lips tugging upwards at the image of you covering your face in embarrassment with your brows furrowed together.  Eventually the line goes quiet save for your soft breathing. “You still there?” He asks. “Yeah,” Silence,“It’s just..” You trail off, inhaling deeply. Hang up. Just hang up and put an end to this already. The voice in his head resurfaces momentarily to try and knock some sense into him, but again he shoves it down in the little box he stowed it away in, and made sure to lock it with a key this time. “Just what?” You let out a shaky exhale—"Where did we go wrong?“—and whimper. "What?” Is all he manages to say, jaw clenching. You sobs and whimpers start to become audible now—"We used to be so happy together. Do you still miss me? Do you still love me like I love you?“—and he feels  tears starting to gather in his eyes, but—God Dammit—he promised himself he wouldn’t let himself feel this way again; he wouldn’t allow himself to break down like he did all those nights ago when the realization of never being able to wake up to the person he thought he would spend the rest of his life with hit him. And he wants to ask—"Do you mean it?"—Oh, God, did he want to, but he stops himself; he’s too afraid to know. "You’re drunk,” He states,“You don’t even know what you’re saying anymore.” He tries to reason, but just who exactly is he trying to convince here? You or Him? He doesn’t know. All he knows is that it’s getting hard to breathe again and it’s late. “Ukwon, please. Please.” You’re pleading—practically begging—now,“Just tell me I don’t mean anything to you anymore, so I can move on; make it easier for me, please.” And he wants to say Of course I still love you. There hasn’t been one day I haven’t thought about you and where it went wrong but he stops himself. “Good night, Y/N.” And in your intoxicated state you think this is the last time you’ll ever hear of him, and you’re thankful you won’t remember anything the following day. But when morning comes and there’s a knock on your door, you eyes widen when you see him on the other side. “Did you mean it?” You stare at him dumbfounded. “Mean what?” “Everything you said last night. Did you mean it? Were you being serious when you said you still love me?” And he hates himself for asking this because he is a coward; he is afraid to know. But he can’t bring himself to shrug this feeling away any longer; he wants to do things right this time.

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Kyung:  The moment he heard your slow, slurred speech, he erupted in laughter. “Didn’t anyone ever tell you not to call or text someone when you’re drunk?” He asks in the midst of his giggles. “You sound just as bad as a poorly scripted sci-fi movie!” His comparison makes you laugh along with him. “You did not just compare me to a fucking sci-fi movie.” You laugh and he shrugs. “So what if I did?” The two of you continue to talk of nonsense until you eventually fall asleep in the middle of the conversation. He wouldn’t really think much of the phone call, since—luckily—the two of you ended things in friendly terms, and he was more than content to still have you be a part of his life, even if it wasn’t romantically anymore.

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Zico: “Let’s have sex.” His brows would instantly raise when hearing your proposal, a smile appearing on his features in a mixture of surprise and amusement. “Are you drunk?” “No, I’m Y/N, now let’s have sex.” Zico laughs at your response—Yep, they’re definitely drunk—and shakes his head from side to side. “Are you at home?” He grows a bit nervous at your drawn out uh because he is afraid you are so drunk that you don’t even know where you are anymore. “Y/N, stay with me here. Are you home?” There’s a moment of silence,“Yeah, I’m home. Are you coming over~” He chuckles—"Yeah, I’ll be there in a few minutes.“—and hangs up. When arriving to your place, he picks you up bridal-style to the bathroom to wash you up (the two of you had seen each other naked countless times when you were dating, so it’s not like he felt shy about seeing you naked). Once he got you into your pajamas, he made you take some painkillers and made sure to stay by your side in case you vomited or didn’t feel well. Just because the two of you had broken up doesn’t mean he still didn’t care about you. Your eyes flutter close at the feel of his hand softly playing with your hair, and just when he thinks you’ve finally fallen asleep, he carefully stands up to leave. He doesn’t make it out of the bed, though, because you instinctively grab hold of his wrist to keep him in place. "Stay,” Your voice is laced with sleep, eyes still closed as you quietly plead him to stay awhile longer. How could he refuse when you were asking him so cutely? So he stays, gently brushing away the hair on your face as you slept soundly.   You’re lucky I still love you He thinks, kissing your forehead goodnight. On the following morning you wake up, your headache reduced to a dull ache thanks to Zico practically forcing you to swallow down the painkillers, but this, of course, you don’t remember. You do, however, faintly recall a voice singing you a lullaby as you drifted off to sleep, and you felt your heart race when finding a note on your desk. “Dear Y/N, you were drunk last night and called me. I made sure you didn’t do anything stupid and went to bed safely. You owe me one! P.S. You can repay me by buying me tacos in that favorite restaurant of mine… Just a suggestion, though! :D” You rolled your eyes at the text scribbled down in the paper, but can’t help but smile at how thoughtful that goofball could be (even when you didn’t deserve it).

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P.O.:  He would be laughing nonstop at all the nonsense you would be sputtering. “Jesus, how much did you have to drink, Y/N?” He wouldn’t really think much about the phone call, really. The two of you had grown apart and, thankfully, terminated things in good terms. The last time he had spoken with you, he knew you were going through a tough time because of work, so he thought it was best to simply humor you until you grew tired and fell asleep. That being said, though, expect a lot of teasing from his part not only during the phone call, but also whenever he gets the chance to speak or see you again; he won’t let you live that drunken call down till the end of your days.

Block B Reaction: Wedding //requested//


*sees you walking down the isle*

Oh wow uh..God you’re beautiful 

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*during your first dance* 

This has been the best day of my life, jagiya

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*saying his vows*

I, uh, god you’re making me nervous babe. You’re just so gorgeous…

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*while getting ready*

I’m about to marry the woman of my dreams…I’m so lucky

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*while in the limo*

Can’t wait to get out of this suit at the hotel, am I right babe?

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*while in your hotel*

Damn babe…I didn’t know you were hiding this under that dress…

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*while singing a song he dedicated to you*

*gets choked up* Give me a second to collect myself guys

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BLOCK B REACTION: When you unconscious stare at some attractive guy


“Hey you! Look to me, just to me!


“Are you kidding with me, right?”


“You are deserving punishment…”



“What he has of interesting?”




“But… And what about me?” 

~ADM Misso

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Block B|When You Randomly Do Ageyo


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“Eeeeeeeeeeeeee…” *Continue for a thousand years*


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“That. Do that more.” *Nods head*


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*Looks at you in surprise* “Woah what was that Y/N?”


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“Huh I didn’t think it was possible to be that cute but gosh diddly darn you did it” *Chuckles*


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“Who gave you permission to be this cute huh?” *Blows you a kiss*


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*Doesn’t know how to respond so he just nods and blushes*


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“With my handsomness and your cuteness combined we will rule the world as the ultimate power couple!”