On Art.

Recently (okay, the past 6 months or more), I’ve been in like a creative block. Everything I produce I’m extremely unhappy with, but I still sketched on like normal. I never posted anything to the internet. I’ve made lots of promises of art to people, and haven’t fulfilled them, because when I draw art for other people, I want to put out my best work.

Tonight I went to try to work on a birthday present for my friend. I did some sketches of one her characters, which I was kinda okay with, but not really feeling it. I switched to another character, and all of the sudden, that rush of enjoyment. The mood of the picture, the phrase that went over and over in my head as I was drawing it: “You don’t think you’re getting away that easily?”

What was going to be a nice cleaned up sketch turned to lineart, and then to some shading. Not only that, but I tackled what has been hard for me: Men, hands, and interesting poses.

I hope this is the push out of this block I’ve been having, because I feel good about my art.