◠◎ Blip Festival 2012 New York ◎◠
at The Gramercy Theatre
May 25th—27th, 2012

Thrift-store electronics collide with dancefloor sensibilities as Blip Festival makes its long-awaited return to New York City. Produced by 8bitpeoples in association with The Tank and Live Nation, the Blip Festival 2012 finds Manhattan once again at the center of the chipmusic universe. From May 25-27, musicians and visualists from all corners of the globe assemble at the Gramercy Theatre to perform astonishing music & motion graphics, produced on & inspired by early-generation home computers and gaming consoles.

With six years and ten international editions under its belt, Blip Festival brings together shining examples of the global chipmusic underground – performers conscripting devices like the Commodore 64, the Nintendo Entertainment System, the Game Boy, and the Sega Genesis into the service of music spanning every conceivable style, with results that are shockingly futuristic. Rounding out the event’s three nights of explosive live performances will be supplementary daytime programming including workshops, how-tos, presentations and screenings – offering a glimpse into exactly how it’s all achieved, and perhaps even inspiring some 2013 Blip Festival performers-to-be.


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Photo by Emi Spicer · http://uglymachine.net

I am happy to announce that I will perform at this year’s New York installment of the Blip Festival.

This time around I’ll be joined by mikrosopht & the p.irateship on visuals, Stuart Bogie [of Superhuman Happiness, TV on the Radio, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Iron & Wine, et al.] and a crew of the finest of all currently available musicians to form…

minusbaby y Su 8-Hit Combo