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As the occasional fairy scholar, I feel like you're the person to send this to: the one item that is perennially on my Supernatural wishlist is a kelpie MOTW episode. 1- because creepy murder horse, 2- it's an excuse to get the guys on horseback, 3- since kelpies live in the water, it's an excuse to get the guys on horseback while wet, which I'm sure some viewers would enjoy, 4- kelpies are Scottish, so naturally Rowena might know something about them. You can't go wrong.

I agree with this on absolutely every point, and more fairy episodes/a fairy mytharc has been on my wishlist since season 6. :P 

It’s one fan fic uses a lot too, probably because we never get many sea monsters or fairies, so there’s a lot of lore and a lot of beach episodes/resorts/cruises to get out of it. I feel like all of us have written a fairy episode one time or another. Maybe I should start a collection for all the amazing fic that uses fairy mythology… 


So Tumblr has randomly started flagging posts/gifsets etc, as NSFW. Posts like the one I posted a while back that wasn’t even remotely naughty (not even a hint of boob in sight) is now being flagged. 

Now I dunno why or for what purpose - could they even start suspending accounts if too many posts get flagged ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ - maybe it’s just to keep the safe searches suuuuper safe, or weed out those p*rn bots, I dunno, but whatever it is, just check your gifsets and all, and report it to them if need be that it shouldn’t be designated as such.