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Running from the Past: Chapter 7

Summary: Reader is a mutant who was experimented on by HYDRA. Due to her unique powers, she escaped a year and a half ago without being seen when the Avengers attacked the Hydra compound she was kept in for 5 years of her life. Her mutations and Hydra experiments allow her to blend in with her surroundings (like a chameleon/cuttlefish/octopus) and change her appearance in minor ways (such as hair, skin, and eye color), though the changes are only temporary. She has decided to stay with the Avengers in the hopes they can help her retrieve lost memories.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader, Avengers x Reader (Platonic)

Word Count: 2,013

Warnings: Language, violence/fighting, traumatic past (mentions of torture/experimentation), angst, slow burn, fluff

A/N: This man is a sin. I love him so much. Please send help.


Sorry this chapter is so short. I didn’t want to try to lengthen it and risk ruining what I wrote. I promise the next one will be longer.

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“Would you like to go get cleaned up, (Y/N)?” Wanda asked, stepping forward slowly.

“Yeah, that would be nice,” you say, smiling slightly. With that, most of the tension in the room dissipated.

“Alright. You can use my room,” Wanda said, extending her hand to you.
You looked at it for a moment before taking it. Wanda beamed at you as she led you out of the room and out of the medical ward and to her room, one floor up.

The boys watched you leave- Bucky still refused to meet your eyes.

The shower had been heavenly. You realized it’d been about two days since your last one and cringed internally. When you finished getting changed and got out, Wanda was sitting on her bed, waiting for you with a conspicuous amount of pillows and blankets.

“Wanna watch a movie and pig out on popcorn?” She asked you, grinning broadly.

“Hell yes,” you responded, needing the distraction.

She laughed and picked up the mountain of blankets. “Grab the pillows?” she asked, pointing to the pile with her foot. You could barely see her behind the pile of blankets.

“Sure,” you said, chuckling. You picked up the mound of pillows, crushing them to your chest just so that they’d squish down enough for you to carry them all. You followed her out of her room and through the halls, trying your best to not trip over anything you couldn’t see due to the pillows obstructing your vision. After a pretty short walk, you arrived at a large living space. In the center was a huge, comfortable looking couch. Other comfortable-looking but smaller couches were placed strategically nearby it. A TV taller than you was mounted on the other side of the room.

“Wow,” you said, jaw dropping.

“Yeah, it’s a bit much, but it’s great for movie night,” Wanda said, throwing the blankets down on the couch with a huff. You tossed the pillows down next to them, still gawking at the room. Expensive-looking speakers were placed carefully, guaranteeing fantastic surround sound quality.

Wanda laughed at your expression and snapped her fingers near your face. “Earth to nerd. Come in, nerd,” she said, smiling when you focused your attention on her. “Do you want to pick the movie or choose the snacks?” She asked you.

Your stomach rumbled. You’d never gotten to eat your pancakes. “Snacks,” you said without hesitation. You could grab some food from the kitchen while you waited for the popcorn to pop and gathered junk food.

“Alright. Kitchen is down that hall. Right at the first intersection. Go straight and it’ll be on your left a little farther down. Can’t miss it,” she said as she walked over to the expanse of shelves lined with everything from VHS’s to Laser Discs to DVD’s. It was a truly impressive collection- you’d have to look at it later.

Wanda’s directions had been accurate and easy to follow, so you returned a short while later, stomach full of a sandwich you’d made yourself from the ingredients in the fridge and arms laden with snacks and drinks.

Wanda laughed when she saw you. “What, are we feeding a small army?” she said, gesturing to the food in your arms.

“Hey, I like having options… and I don’t know what you like yet,” you said defensively.

“Uh huh, likely story,” she said, plucking one of the bags of freshly popped popcorn from your arms. You rolled your eyes and unceremoniously dumped the snacks on the coffee table in front of the couch. “I think you’ll like the movie I picked out,” she said, smirking.

“Oh god, what did you choose?” you asked, glaring at the screen as though it had just called you a dirty name.

“You’ll find out,” she said, cocooning herself in blankets and pillows. You did the same, getting comfortable.

“Shit, we forgot the remote,” you said, glaring at it on the opposite edge of the coffee table from your spot in your perfect blanket cocoon on the couch.

“Oh no, whatever shall we do. It truly is the end of the world,” she said, grinning smugly at you as the remote gently levitated off of the coffee table and into her hand.

“Right, yeah. I forgot,” you said, grabbing the water you had placed close to yourself for ease of access. Wanda rolled her eyes at you and pressed play.

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Turns out she chose The Maltese Falcon- the 1941 version. She said it was for the purpose of irony. You rolled your eyes at her, throwing popcorn her way. She froze it midair and sent it pelting back at you at twice the speed. You squawked indignantly, calling a party foul. Powered popcorn throwing shouldn’t be allowed on movie night. A couple kernels had made their way down the shirt she had lent you.

You were in the middle of digging them out of your bra when Steve and Bucky walked in.

“Oh man, I love this movie,” Steve said, too distracted by the screen to notice your inelegant position.

Bucky did, though, and hid a smirk behind his hand. You felt heat creep up your cheeks from the embarrassment and flipped him off, which only made him smile wider. His hand was unable to hide the way his smile made his eyes crinkle at the corners.

“I missed all of it the first time I tried to watch it, though. Some creep was talkin’ during the Army Recruitment promotion. I told him to shut up so he took me out to the back of the theater and beat the crap out of me,” Steve said, grimacing at the memory.

“That sounds like you,” Wanda said. “Minus the being beaten up part.”

“I remember that,” Bucky said suddenly, turning his attention away from you to look at Steve, smirk still plastered on his face. “Didn’t I show up just in time to save your sorry ass?”

“I had him on the ropes,” Steve said, indignant.

“Sure you did, punk,” Bucky said, punching Steve’s arm good-naturedly.

“Mind if we join you? I haven’t seen this movie in 76 years,” Steve said, practically batting his eyelashes at the both you.

“Of course, Steve,” Wanda said, patting the spot beside her. He sank happily down on the couch next to Wanda and reached for her bag of popcorn. She slapped his hand away, only to relent when he gave her a sad, lost-puppy look.

You were surprised to feel the couch move next to you. You looked to your left; sure enough, Bucky had taken the open spot next to you. He was close. Wanda and you had opted to sit on one of the smaller couches because you thought it would only be the two of you- the big couch was ridiculously huge for two people.

Even though he was close, he seemed careful not to touch you.

“I actually never saw this,” Bucky said suddenly. He was quiet enough that only you could hear. “I was deployed before I could see it,” he said, eyes on the screen.

Well, he was talking to you again. It was an improvement. You wondered what had happened between the medical ward debacle and now. To your right, Steve tried to stifle a laugh at a joke Wanda had made.

Ah, right. Steve. Steve probably happened. You thought to yourself.

“I always forget how old you two are,” you said, watching P.I. Sam Spade get grilled by Polhaus and Dundy.

He snorted softly. “I would fight you on that, but you’re right. We’re practically fossils,” he said, giving you a sideways grin.

Pretty attractive for a fossil.

What. Where did that thought even come from? Well, it wasn’t wrong. Bucky was attractive. So was Steve. Any person with eyes could see that. But why did you even have that thought? You panicked silently, eyes glued to the screen.

You all watched the movie in silence for a while- it was uncomfortable for you, but companionable for the other three.

Eventually, though, you relaxed back into the couch and enjoyed the movie. Bucky and Wanda were the perfect audience- gasping at the surprising parts, crying out their shock and anger when there were betrayals, and coming up with wilder and wilder guesses on who the culprit was. Steve grinned at them knowingly as they watched, having already seen it. To his credit, he kept his mouth shut and didn’t spoil anything. You suspected it was because he watched it 76 years ago and had forgotten most of it, but you kept that opinion to yourself.

You were so exhausted from the day and so completely comfortable on the couch, snuggled in your blankets and pillows, that you drifted off to sleep.

You’d been having an odd dream. You were a P.I. like usual, but everyone spoke with a terrible Brooklyn accent. Everything was in black in white, including your very attractive, muscular male client who never wore a shirt. Also, everyone was wearing a hat. It was weird.

You awoke slowly. The first thing that came back to you was your sense of smell. You inhaled deeply. It smelled like sandalwood, metal, and something else you couldn’t quite place. Mostly, though, it smelled familiar. Then your sense of touch returned. Your hand twitched as your body did the biological version of a system check, and your fingers clenched around thin fabric. Clothing? You brain registered that your face was resting on something hard and warm, and that your left thigh was pressed up against something that didn’t feel like the blankets and pillows you were under. Then, you realized, it was moving. Finally, your sense of hearing came back.

“C’mon, sweetheart. Time to wake up. Movie’s over,” said a voice very, very close to your ear.

Your eyes snapped open and you looked up at the source. Bucky looked down at you, smiling faintly. You’d fallen asleep on his shoulder and had ended up snuggling against him while you slept. Your right hand was holding onto his shirt.

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“Good morning, Sleeping Beauty,” he said, moving some of your hair out of your face gently with his metal hand.

The touch left electricity in its wake and you flew backwards away from him, across the couch. You saw his smile falter for a moment, but he quickly coached it back into something resembling neutrality.

“We’re good, guys,” he said loudly. Steve and Wanda poked their heads around the corner and eyed you up and down. Satisfied that you weren’t a murderous Hydra sleeper agent, they walked into the room.

Something about the way Steve was smiling set you on edge. You yawned before addressing him. “What is it, Steve? You have a terrible poker face,” you said as you hugged a pillow to your chest and set your chin on top of it.

Steve sighed. “Well, we think we’ve come up with a solution to your sleep situation. See, the problem is that we have personal rooms that lock from the inside and cells that lock from the outside. We don’t have personal rooms that lock only from the outside. At least, not yet. I’ve already tasked FRIDAY with helping to build one for you, but it’ll be a little while, and you’ve made your stance on the holding room very clear. So, short of throwing you in a room and creating a huge fire hazard and death trap by blockading it, we’ve come up with a solution. We just… aren’t sure you’ll buy it,” he said, watching you warily.

“Well, lay it on me. I can’t decide until I hear it,” you said, liking this conversation less and less the longer it lasted.

“You’ll stay in my room, with me” said Bucky from the other side of the couch.

You were sure you hadn’t heard that right. You looked from Bucky to Steve who gave you a grimace, to Wanda who gave you a half shrug-half nod of encouragement, and then back to Bucky, who raised an eyebrow at you expectantly.

“What the fuck, guys.”

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