So I finished the first book from House of Night.

And and Zoey and Erik are so cute.

I really hate Afrodithe.

Stevie Rae is like a cupcake.As sweet as a cupcake.

Damien is so cute.If a were a boy I would date with him.

The twins,i say right?, are so funny and they are a realy true friends for Zoey.

And the book is perfect.Now i go.I want to read the next one.:)

If you want to follow me and talk about this amazing series I really apreciatte.


High Priestess of Air:

"You have drawn the symbol of the vampyre High Priestess of Air, the Goddess of rational thought."

High Priestess of Fire:

"My child, you have chosen the symbol of the vampyre High Priestess of Fire, the Goddess of creativity and passion."

High Priestess of Water:

"Dear one, when my vampyre High Priestess of Water visits you, it is to remind you that all things change, like the powerful element she represents."

High Priestess of Earth:

"When you choose the symbol of the High Priestess of Earth, I, Nyx, the Goddess of Night, am nudging you to take care of your health and your beautiful body."

High Priestess of Spirit:

"I am Nyx, Goddess of Night, and you have chosen this symbol to help guide you on this journey to find an answer to your question. Consider that there is an invisible spirit within all living things."

-Wisdom of the House of Night: Oracle Cards

Illustrations by Jena DellaGrottaglia 


Longtime fans will know from interviews (and probably from talking to me at signings!) that one of the ways I create positive energy in my writing space is with candles. My ex-students (WAVING TO ALL MY EX-KIDS!) can tell you I always had a candle lit in my classroom, even when The Administration at SIHS (ugh) didn’t appreciate my attempt to create positive energy in a high school classroom.

So you can understand how excited I am to announce that TODAY on Amazon the first of the House of Night candle collection is available! I have partnered with a good friend of mine, a local business owner in Tulsa, and we are creating magick with candles! The first five available are beautiful ritual pillars! Each has a symbolic design inspired by the HoN and drawn by my good friend and tattoo artist, Aura Dalian. (Aura is also illustrating KALONA’S FALL!)

The pillars are infused with essential oils chosen by me to represent the five elements, air, fire, water, earth, and spirit. I hope you heart them as much as I do! And stay tuned, there will be more awesome HoN inspired candles to come! p.s. I’ve signed bookplates and included them with each of the sets! Oooooh!

-P.C. Cast’s blog