High Priestess of Air:

“You have drawn the symbol of the vampyre High Priestess of Air, the Goddess of rational thought.”

High Priestess of Fire:

“My child, you have chosen the symbol of the vampyre High Priestess of Fire, the Goddess of creativity and passion.”

High Priestess of Water:

“Dear one, when my vampyre High Priestess of Water visits you, it is to remind you that all things change, like the powerful element she represents.”

High Priestess of Earth:

“When you choose the symbol of the High Priestess of Earth, I, Nyx, the Goddess of Night, am nudging you to take care of your health and your beautiful body.”

High Priestess of Spirit:

“I am Nyx, Goddess of Night, and you have chosen this symbol to help guide you on this journey to find an answer to your question. Consider that there is an invisible spirit within all living things.”

-Wisdom of the House of Night: Oracle Cards

Illustrations by Jena DellaGrottaglia