[La minas son una fuente de flujo, de mezcla y de fuga, que apenas tiene equivalente en la historia. Incluso cuando están bien controladas por un imperio que las posee (el caso del Imperio Chino, el caso del Imperio Romano), hay un movimiento muy importante de explotación clandestina y alianzas de mineros, bien con las incursiones nómadas y bárbaras, bien con las revueltas camoesinas.]

Not to be all mushy or nothin’, but I remember I first read Homestuck the summer going into high school, and it wasn’t until my dad left when I really got into it. It kinda became my coping mechanism without me even realizing it. I would bring my sketchbook to school and draw the trolls all day because my social anxiety was way too debilitating most days. I remember I would think to myself that I didn’t care that I had no friends, because I had the beta and alpha kids, or I had the all the trolls to keep me company. No one quite understood me, but that was okay, because Homestuck did. 

Then around my sophomore year, I really started getting into Tumblr and devoting more and more into the fandom. I started discovering people who had similar experiences, and loved the comic as much as I did. I was introduced to new ideas, taught new things, and laughed when I thought I couldn’t. Then little fifteen year old me realized that there are other people who feel just like me.

Although the process is slow, I’ve come out of my shell a lot in the past three or so years since I’ve read Homestuck. I’ve made some new friends, improved my art, and established a deeper connection with this comic that I don’t think words can do justice. 

Anyway, happy 413 nerds >:p

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For the anon asking why her mom thinks medication is bad, it's probably not only because of the bad side effects. ADHD medication can be addictive and is very easy to abuse. It's not the best solution

Yes, some of the medications can be addictive, and easy to abuse. But this is not true for all ADHD medications.

More about the science of ADHD medications below!

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