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Is there a post/blog that lists all the TouKen moments? I'm new and I'm obsessed with these two ;-;

Welcome to the fold, anon! Never fear, I shall perform that role for you. My definition of ‘a Touken moment’ is very broad, so I’ve highlighted the major ones.


1 - First scene with them together, Kaneki thinks Touka is cute

2 - First proper meeting

3 - Touka argues with Kaneki (yes this is a Touken moment, idk why it just is)

5 - Touka saves Kaneki from Nishiki and his hunger

9 - Touka stops Kaneki from eating Hide

11 - Touka helps Kaneki to pick out a Mask, cover art, Uta asks if he likes Touka, Kaneki learns to look at her in a new light

18 - Kaneki tells Touka he would be sad if she died, asks her to teach him how to use his kagune

19 - Touka teaches Kaneki how to fight, Uta walks in on Touka looking under Kaneki’s shirt

20 - Touka and Kaneki go on a date to spread misinformation to the CCG

21 - “You saved us…you half-bastard”

28 - (p 18) Kaneki lends Touka a shoulder, Touka is confused

31 - Kaneki goes to Touka’s house, Yoriko thinks they’re dating

32 - More training, Yomo sees Kaneki on top of Touka’s back, double-team vs Yomo

42 - Touka comes to the church to defend Kaneki, double-team vs Tsukiyama

44 - Touka basically admits she cares about Kaneki, the bite

49 - “Human relationships are chemical reactions”

52 - Fight back-to-back vs Yamori and Ayato, Touka very concerned for Kaneki when Yamori stabs him

58 - (p 19) Touka’s face and trembling hands when Yoshimura tells Anteiku they won’t ever see Kaneki again

59 - Touka declares she intends to rescue Kaneki on her own

61 - (p 18) Kaneki worries about Touka

67 - Touka struggles to concentrate when raiding the Aogiri HQ out because she’s so worried about Kaneki

71 - (p 23) Kaneki rescues Touka, carries her bridal style

72 - Kaneki and Touka talk in his arms

75 - (p 19) Kaneki gets revenge on Ayato for Touka

79 - Touka asks to go with Kaneki, Kaneki refuses her to keep her safe

88 - (p 17) Kaneki remembers Touka’s birthday

89 - Kaneki delivers Touka her birthday present

117 - Touka looks for Kaneki at Kamii

118 - Touka learns more about Kaneki from Hide, and takes comfort from the simple fact that he’s still alive

120 - The Bridge Scene

121 - Kaneki and Touka’s post-talk reflections

130 - (p 13) Touka thinks of her Kaneki among all the loved ones she’s lost

140 - (p 7-9) Touka gets a whole half-page to herself in Kaneki’s dying thoughts, he admits she was right all along

143 - (p 21-23) Touka believes Kaneki will return someday


10 - Kaneki cries when seeing Touka again and thinks she is beautiful, distracted by her for rest of day

12 - Kaneki visited Touka a second time

31.5 - Kaneki thinks of Touka at Christmas, wonders if she’s on a date. Touka reaffirms her decision to wait for him.

42 - Touka reveals the reason for :re’s existence

72 - Kaneki and Touka find each other in Cochlea

74 - (p 4) Touka’s words begin to dissuade Kaneki from suicide

99 - Their true reunion

104 - Touka is upset that Kaneki took her out of the frontlines, asks to speak with him when he gets back

113 - (p 14) Ayato reminds Kaneki that Touka is waiting for him to come back alive

114 - (p 4) Revealed that Kaneki went to visit Touka at :re at least one other time, Mutsuki revealed to be jealous of Touka

117 - Touka gives Amon the advice she wants to give Kaneki

119 - (p 8) Kaneki is grateful to Touka for all she has taught him

121 - (p 18) Kaneki likes Touka’s hair, Touka asks if he’s a virgin

122 - THE TALK

124 - (p 18) Touka kisses Kaneki


126 - Touka gives Kaneki her parents’ ring

127 - Kaneki tells Tsukiyama that Touka has given him reason to fight for the Ghouls

129 - (p 20) Touken bed talk, Touka forces down human food for the sake of their baby

130 - Kaneki finds out about the baby

131 - Touka tells Kaneki about the baby, the bite marks

132 - Touka as Kaneki’s raison d’etre and MARRIAGE

From customer and waitress to marriage and pregnancy! Such is the Touken journey so far. If I’ve missed anything out, please include it in the replies.

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I'm so confused why why are told we're getting an understated reunion hug... the show is exploring Castiels death and the impact on Dean already so heavily that cant just lead to a generic renion and everything is business as usual.. something has to change right? I their relationship maybe not canon destiel (but would make sense but im humble)

Based on that episode I’m guessing if the hug is understated there’s a good reason or there’s something completely ridiculous they’re not telling us :P I am 100000% withholding judgement about that moment until I see it because the only way to go from there is pleasantly surprised.


* C H A P T E R  2  :  p a g e  13-14

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SEP:16:2017 - Next Upload : MAY:2018

This summer has been amazing, everyone. Just absolutely amazing. I don’t deserve a single one of you or your incredible support. I’ll try to keep things active while at school with live streams and more drawing prompts, but, for now, this ends things for now. I will see you next summer. Goodbye all you lovely, darling, charming people. I love you all. AMADEUCES!!

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Cas' death and inevitable return has got me thinking up all sorts of crazy scenarios for when they are reunited. I would love if Dean has a super romantic dream regarding Cas while Cas is still dead just for the extra dose of Man Pain. There's too many romantic ways this story could go and considering i already see it as romantic i can't wait until it like smothering me with the romance. do you have a wishlist for scenes you'd want to see?

I have so many wishes… I have a tag for it :p 

#season 13 wishlist. 

I also have a #season 14 wishlist already as… well you will see below, but this is my domestic destiel wishlist :p

The main ones being (this is without the reverting to old coping mechanisms thing or afterwards):

1. Dean opens up to Jody, she comforts him and it’s made clear his grief is extremely deep, romantic and on another level to any time before with Cas or with anyone else.

2. Dean opens up to Sam about this and other things e.g.:

- admits he likes music other than classic rock

- actually orders something other than a burger

- openly revealing his bisexuality

- treating Sam and Sam treating him like a brother and not a parent/child dynamic

- more parallels with canon romantic couples with doomed love / one being dead / gone

- a scene where they tell Claire that Cas is dead and she focuses on Dean, maybe Dean can’t cope and walks away, Claire asks Sam how he’s doing, the whole scene SCREAMS that Dean is romantically grieving and this leads to my favourite wish item, the Jody / Dean comforting scene.

- when they get Cas back it’s this scene from 7x21 but so much stronger now:

Originally posted by teamfrwill

- when Cas is back we get a build up of so much romantic tension that we are all losing our shit for the second half of the season and I fall off my skis and break a leg just thinking about it. I don’t care. It will be worth it.

- 13x23 gives us some kind of 99% canon Destiel so we flail all next summer in happiness rather than the angst of this hiatus and 14x01 opens with CANON DOMESTIC DESTIEL BECAUSE IT IS THEIR FREAKING 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY AND I CANNOT THINK OF A BETTER WAY TO DO THIS EVEN THOUGH YES IT MIGHT BE TOO EARLY AND I KNOW I ALWAYS SAY ENDGAME BUT IM JUST SPITBALLING AND I WANT IT:



Une chose est certaine, je préfère la solitude ; j'évite les gens comme le poison ; je ne veux tout simpement pas d'eux ; je prends place à table et réponds aux innombrables questions des petites nouvelles ; je me surprends à être drôle, à les faire rire en décrivant des gens & des événements, et je me demande comment je sais produire un tel effet aussi machinalement, presque sans émotion, me comporter comme quelqu'un de sain se comporte en général, sans être démasquée.
—  “Dessins”, Sylvia Plath, La Table Ronde, 2016 p. 13