[ENG] 161211 Dino’s Twitter Update with Vernon

[17’S 디노] 우리 캐럿들 어디있나~~~~????^^ 멀리 있든 가까이 있든 변함없잖아요ㅎㅎ그쵸?^^ 앞으로도 붐붐 활동 잘 지켜봐주시고 응원 열심히 해줘서 고마워용>< 사랑해여♡♡ #세븐틴 #붐붐

[17’s Dino] Where are our CARATs~~~~????^^ Whether they’re near or far, there are no changes *laughs* Right? ^^ Please watch out for the rest of the BOOM BOOM promotions moving forward and thank you for working hard in cheering on us >< We love you ♡♡ #SEVENTEEN #BOOMBOOM

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  just a general psa: jealousy is not cute whenever someone you write with is writing with someone else. no mun belongs to you, and they are  NOT  obligated to reply to you unless they want to, and HARASSING people for replies is gross. people can reply to someone else as much as they want to, and expressing possessive behaviour is a sign of abuse. so don’t. like just don’t. people don’t owe you a damn thing.