Elliott: *cries hopelessly as he shoves another bite of lobster in his mouth* Oh man that’s good! *licks his fingers and resumes crying* P-pass the butter!

MC: Are you gonna eat that all by yourself?

Elliott: *blubbering* He would’ve wanted it this way! My dear sweet lobster.. No more pain where you are now, Boy. *sluuurrrp* Oh God that’s tasty!.. I wish he was here to enjoy this! *wails*


One day in the pacific with Mick Fanning

Bucky Barnes Imagine: Uniform
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There was not a single being on earth that didn’t love a Tony Stark party, that cheeky little show off was a genius of many things, how to throw the most epic parties was definitely on the lengthened list of his special skills. People were unbelievably desperate to get even a glimpse of his parties and, as you were an Avenger, it was like having the V.I.P pass; but better. Mainly better because Stark was also a very close friend of yours, and your boyfriend Bucky too. It had taken a lot of time before Bucky and Stark were on talking terms, they had a lot of past together, however as time worked it magic, Stark finally agreed they should also have a lot of future together too. This, of course, made you incredibly content. You had to put the friendship down to Bucky’s ability to inveigle Stark, and return the pair back onto adequate terms.

Tonight was going to be spectacular, it was a costume party, a much rarer type of party to be thrown by Stark, but also, one of the more fun. It had taken a lot of thought to finally come up with a costume to wear, your first thought had been something to do with your power, however, immortality isn’t really a power you can dress up as. Your next idea was something more traditional, a nurse, an idea you had gotten from a magazine so you weren’t so sure, but when you suggested that idea to Bucky he shut you down immediately, something to do with “I’m not having my girlfriend being fantasised about in a nurse outfit by other men” although, he did come to an agreement that you could wear it just for him. Something he most definitely got a smack on the arm for. It took a while before you finally decided, Wanda had already bought hers as well as Bucky, even Natasha had hers all prepared. In fact, you almost left it to the night before. It was an idea you got from a normal conversation, and once you had it, you were damn proud of yourself, it was an amazing idea. It was Natasha’s words of “How’s soldier boy, I haven’t seen him in a while”. Soldier boy. Soldier. You could be a soldier. Better yet, you could wear your soldier’s old uniform.

When you first tried it on, well it was a bit too large. You ended up going with your own skin tight black leggings with Bucky’s large jacket worn lazily over yourself. You had added a thick brown belt around the middle of the jacket, mainly because it too was a little large and even the belt he had for it didn’t fit you either. Underneath you decided to not wear anything apart from your bra, showing off your cleavage, although it made you feel confident so you were content with your decision. You wore minimal makeup and left your hair straight down, adjusting his hat to suit you perfectly. You had some black military boots on also, making your look complete. You looked hot. Damn hot. So hot that Wanda’s first words when she entered the room was “y/n, wow. Bucky is gonna love this!”. Bucky was going to love this. You looked amazing.

You and Wanda arrived just as the party was getting underway. Looking around you spotted quicksilver dressed as Batman, conversing with Bucky, who was Superman for the night. Reaching the pair you placed your hair on his arm, before reaching up to kiss his cheek. “Hey!” you smiled at the two boys who were both taking in your outfit. You saw Pietro glance at your chest then look up to see Bucky’s glaring eyes staring the Sokovian boy down using his laconic expression which spoke volumes to Pietro. Wanda broke up the silence with offering everyone some strange concoction from the bar.  As you were all very much submerged into the conversation you briefly recalled Bucky excusing himself from the large forming group taking your hand as he left and pulling you with him, just as Natasha walked over accompanied by Steve and few other people you hadn’t really met.

Bucky strolled over to the small, shaded corner of the room, right behind the stairs before pushing you up against the wall with great celerity, the move resulting in you being completely out of sight from the rest of the group. “So let me get this straight” he hummed, a hint of cockiness in his voice. “You came to this party, in my uniform, knowing exactly what it would do to me, then decided to make it so everyone could clearly see your chest, then made me watch as every guy in the room stared at you, now do you think that that was fair?” he smirked burying his head into your neck as he started to pepper soft kisses down your neck.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about” you hummed innocently, knowing instantly the reaction you would get.
“Two minutes say your goodbyes to everyone and go up to your room, I’ll meet you there. Lose the leggings once you get there” he winked. “Oh and y/n, I always thought that uniform looked good on me, but damn it looks great on you. Although the best place for this uniform may now be the floor”

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“Did y-you take anything? Why are you p-passing out? Hey! S-stay with me!” Honey panicked. This was not supposed to happen.. She was doing some tests with medicine and left to just get more materials.. She didn't expect this at all.. She was just trying to make a fast effecting and strong medicine for Gal then this happened.. It wasn't even finished yet!

It was nice of Candy to let Honey use one of the labs, right? Of course, fun until someone gets hurt.

Gal’s legs had given out, him on the floor as he used his arms to barely hold himself up. Pain and fatigue spread across his body. He trembled, sweat trickling down his face.

what happened?

Half lidded eyes were focused on the now empty syringe of test medicine that rolled a few feet away when he fell. He could quickly feel himself losing consciousness, blackness clouding his vision.

u know whats fun ?? having three dogs. u know whats not fun ?? being piled on by all three at once