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[Sends you unpopular opinion] Nick is related to Mary Winchester.

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Of course Nick is! The true vessel dynamic is based on bloodlines and since Sam is Mary’s bloodline and Dean is John’s it’s only logical for Nick to be related to Mary in some way, otherwise Lucifer wouldn’t have been able to possess him for that long! Which is what makes me so fucking angry about s11 and s12 because they totally threw this arc out of the window and it was one of the best ones they ever had on the whole show Dx

rekindling ll nick&selena

She hadn’t been up much for leaving the house. It was a hassle lately, tiring, but this was an old friend, and she wanted to see him. As soon as she got to his place, Selena was practically pulling Nick out of the door, she was excited to show him Bayview, and all of her favorite places around their homes. “That’s Too, over there. That breakfast place I told you about.” she pointed over towards the little cafe, her other hands on his wrist as she guided him along, “And over there is Sweet Tooth. You probably won’t be there much, but if I’m not home, I’m there.” It was true. The brunette smiled back at him, “How have you been by the way? I don’t think I got to tell you how much I love the new album, I jam to it a lot, especially when I’m getting ready.”

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Hola :3 Podrías decirme cuales son las fortalezas y debilidades de un Capricornio? Saludos :3


Fortalezas: respetuoso, paciente, disciplinado, responsable, prudente, cuidadoso.

Debilidades: Pesimista, reprimido, miedoso, rígido, controlador, avaro.

¡suerte! ♥

P.D. Lindo nick.

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F - Future Visions by Favela
R - Ride by Twenty One Pilots
A - Anchor by La Mar (Mazde remix)
P - Playing With Fire by Nick Leng
P - Punching in a Dream by The Naked and Famous
O - Omen by Disclosure ft Sam Smith
C - Coexist by LEO ISLO and Tontario
I - It Makes the Babies Want to Cry by George Clanton
N - Never Be Like You by Flume ft Kai
O - One Dance by Drake ft Fizkid and Kyla

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