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//Can i just say how honored i am to be my second biggest fan? I’m signing my own autograph as we speak.

//Also, the other nerds deserve PROMOS.

I HIGHLY recommend following @the-tallest-purple , @future-xenoarchaeologist , and @irkenmedicpepper if you want some fun RP’s. They’re really super great at playing their Muses, and it’ll DEFINITELY be an experience.

Some of the absolute funnest RP partners i’ve RPed with in a long while~ so gO DO IT.

22 Year old man obssesed with Bayonetta games..

Hey, is it kinda weird that I secretly always to be Bayo even though I’m a dude? : P 

P.S. any suggestions on a Bayonetta themed tattoo? Good luck with school! ♡

baby, there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with wanting to be Bayonetta~ who doesn’t want to be a badass who is super comfortable with themselves and gives no shits about what anyone else thinks? I know I want to be that!

I’m really obsessed with the moon and the Umbra magic circles, so I would do something with those two things, personally. Maybe even Bayonetta’s red ribbons wrapped around it in some way 💙 and thank you for the support!! It means a lot to me c: