<p>Dr T is done! And I’m pleased as punch with it.
Annnnnnd, here is the video to go with it 😊.
Make sure to take a look https://youtu.be/FAMrtAFwB84 <\p>
<p>I think I’m going to wait to upload to Twitter though, save it for the weekend I’ll be in England as I won’t have any drawing time really while I’m there.<\p>

<p>Speaking of being in England, if there’s anyone across the pond that maybe would be interested in getting tattooed by me while I’m there (April 5-12) I’d love to do it (legit, if anyone ever would let me do a Call the Midwife sleeve on them, I’d do it for free). Let me know, because I can bring my equipment with me.

  • The male benders in ATLA: Really good. They worked hard to get where they are skill wise and while it hasn't always been easy, they are capable and can hold their own in a fight. One of them was even the Avatar, which is pretty impressive since he mastered the elements at age twelve, rather than start learning at 16 like most Avatars.
  • The female benders in ATLA: Inarguably the most powerful and unmatched humans in the entire world. Prodigies, masters, and creators of subbending styles. One was compared in skill to the Fire Lord at age EIGHT and able to perform one of the rarest and most difficult forms by 14. She couldn't be defeated by another's (even the Avatar's) bending alone. Only faced defeat when fighting two other master benders while on the verge of a complete mental breakdown (officially being defeated by different female bender). Another held an entire city up by a single turret while standing on unstable ground, and then went on to invent her own bending style at the age of twelve. One mastered her element in mere WEEKS, mastered bloodbending and defeated the woman who INVENTED IT the FIRST TIME SHE EVER ATTEMPTED IT, held her own against a master waterbender without ANY TRAINING, and fully healed someone from a fatal wound, making her a master at two vastly different forms of waterbending at the age of 14. A female Avatar quite literally reshaped the planet and created her own ISLAND. AND MOVED IT ACROSS THE SEA. These women shown in the show are not only the most powerful and talented females in their universe, but also in almost any known piece of television or fiction, all while being completely fleshed out and complex characters, not being defined as nothing but 'strong'. Each has their own personality, strengths, and weaknesses.


gif request meme » Borderlands + favorite minor character

i keep seeing all these posts about how people want to see dan in ripped skinny jeans, but what about Phil in ripped skinny jeans? just imagine him, walking down the streets of london wearing those and a black jumper, complete with windblown hair from the chilly weather and his new glasses, like, fuck me up?????? please?????