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It is such a great feeling when artists in my own generation try to hold onto real Hip Hop. It has been a while since I heard good lyricism from an awesome MC. P Blackk has done just that! Hailing from Columbus, Ohio, P Blackk has tapped into what is really Hip Hop. He has captured the essence of the music by carefully placing beats with artistic, and very intellectual rhymes. He has already become a household name within Hip Hop. With his new project just released titled “Blackk Friday”, he has shown people that he is here to stay. Hip Hop is here to stay!

I am looking forward to what he has in store for the near future!

Ohio is Rollin!

Interview with emcee P Blackk (@PBlackk)

by @xkxvk

Let’s start off this interview with a straight forward question. What inspires you the most about being a rapper?

 I’d say the effect that I have on somebody that listens to it. Like this girl told me that “Blackk Friday” was pivotal in her spiritual growth. That type of shit shows me I’m doing the right thing, that’s the most inspiring thing about being a “rapper” for real.

 Yeah, I could see how that would make a big difference in your career. If you’re able to change someone’s life with just a few sentences, that’s strong. Along with rapping, you have to have a top five favorite rapper list (dead or alive) who would it be?

 Jay-Z, Black Thought, Lupe Fiasco, Nas, Ice Cube. That’s not my top 5 exactly but those are the ones that first came to mind.

 Yeah those are all great rappers. I’m glad you put Ice Cube in that list. He’s super underrated and made such a big difference in West Coast Hip-Hop in the 90s. This may be a random question but growing up what was your favorite cartoon and why?

 My favorite cartoon is definitely The Weekenders. It was a show about nothing, like the cartoon version of Seinfeld, just kids chilling looking for shit to do on the weekend. That’s so dope to me. I’m so interested in the mundane. Also there was a foreign kid, a black kid, and 2 white kids. It was a progressive cartoon, showing that to kids.

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