Hey says he’ll only answer the non-spoiler ones!!!!
I was thinking I’d ask if Ford ever thought of Stan when he was stuck in between dimensions!!! Too spoilery???
Let’s think of what we’ll ask now, while we’ve still got the time!!!

jacksonwang852g7: [CHINESE TRANS] This world’s best dad, the dad whom I love, the dad who’s taught me many lessons in life, the dad who only speaks reason/wisdom with me. On the training field he is one of the world’s best coaches, the most strict coach, the coach with the highest expectations. But at home he is one of the world’s most tender dads. Dad, you and and mom are my life’s biggest idols. That I am able to be your son is my honour/pleasure. Happy birthday dad. I love you. ❤️ 세상에서 최고의 아버지. 사랑하는 제 아버지. 수많은 레슨을 가르쳤던 제 아버지. 항상 항상 모든게 좋게 좋게 저한테 말을 해줬던 제 아버지. 연습장에서 가장 완벽한 선생님이고 가장 무서운 선생님이고 집에서는 가장 따듯한 제 아버지. 엄마랑 제 아버지. 제 인생의 role model 입니다. 두분의 아들 될 수 있어서 항상 영광이라고 생각해. 생일 축하해 아버지. 사랑해 많이. ❤️ The best father on earth, my dad. Who taught me countless life lessons. During training, he can be unbelievably strict, he would push me over my limit over and over again. At home, he’s the sweetest dad in the world with a warm heart. Mom and dad, they are the hero of my life. It’s an honor to be your son. Happy birthday dad. And I love you, very much. ❤️ #jacksonwang #잭슨 #王嘉爾 #rickywang #dad #happybirthday #2016 #WANG