p's caps

Character: [doesnt have any dialogue. Barely ever seen in source material & fanworks. Has minimal, if any, provided backstory]

Me, pushing aside fan faves: HEY. YOU THERE. hEy . T H E R E. Hey, you there, i see you over there, i want u to c omE HERE


                                    I can see you even when I close my eyes
                                               I can hear you even when I cover my ears
                                                                        You and I
                                                       The two of us are just like one


Y: It’s embarrassing that he sees me like that, but I don’t want to hurt him by thoughtlessly rejecting him. But I don’t know…if I like him…What am I supposed to do in this kind of situation~?

E: Ah! Then, how about hanging out with him once? Like a date