Crazy little thing called love ♥

So yeah, I’m still up. Time check 3: 29 am. So I got tired of reblogging, and so I searched for the movie crazy little thing called love in Youtube luckily there was. So then I started watching. 

Nam is a young and ordinary highschool girl, unattractive with nerd glasses and dark skin tone. She has a big crush on a heartthrob senior (Chone) at school. To make him see that she exists in his world, the girl tries to improve her physical look and attempts to become the star at school. However, her crush seems not to pay any attention to her YET.  

P'Chone is sofa king HOT. :“”“> I kept on having these reactions like: "OMG!” “Ihhh” :“”“> Of course I won’t deny the fact that I was pissed by the slutty girl who tried to lure P'Chone with her slut-y-ness (<– is there such a word?).  Moving on, Nam was ugly but slowly she becomes super pretty as the story went on. 

Skippydyskip. So Nam confessed her feelings for Chone, but unfortunately Chone already had a girlfriend. Nam started crying and I started crying too :’(. It turns out that Chone liked Nam from the very start. He was just too tight-lipped to tell her. After 9 years Nam got back from NY, they meet again in a TV show and Nam asked Chone if he’s already married and Chone answered "I have been waiting for someone to come back from the US.” ♥ 

This movie simply tells us that don’t be afraid to tell others what you fell before it’s too late. Take risks and chances. You should really watch this. :bd :)

Movie review? =)))))

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