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™ oh god

he’s totally got this—-
                                                      let’s be @banchokun!!

         “a—h e m.

hold up. hold on. he’s got this.
so got this. he deserves your
undivided attention. yosuke does
his best to smooth down his hair
and compose himself, right himself
and stand like souji does. when he
does open his mouth, it more or less
sounds like a smooth radio talker

     “name’s souji seta, mr. steal your heart, mr. calm & cool,
      & the raddest shit to happen to inaba since farming.
you can call me Anytime.

yosuke winks as he lightly flicks souji’s chin.
&—-finger guns. perfect finish!


I dunno but listen to this song (x)  & tumbls kills the quality pls click

a restful home.


sixofcrowsnw challenge: take two ≡ best moment of your otp

kanej + religion


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Close Your Eyes

Summary:  Soulmate AU where your eyes turn their true color once you kiss your soulmate. After a disastrous first kiss, Kent starts wearing colored contacts and swears that he won’t kiss anyone ever again. Too bad he never was very good at following the rules.  
Rating: T
Wordcount: ~1,000
A/N: Patater Week AU day

He’s been hooking up with Tater for a little more than 8 months when Alexei leans down to kiss him. Kent stumbles backwards. His pants are tangled around his ankles and he goes crashing down to the hardwood floor of Alexei’s apartment.  Kent yanks his pants back up and ignores Alexei’s outstretched hand.

“No kissing,” Kent says, hands braced in front of him as though he’s going to be attacked.

The only person Kent’s ever kissed was Jack. It was slow and sweet and achingly perfect until they broke apart and there were grey eyes looking back at him. Three days later Kent went first in the draft. 

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A messy little comic where Yuri finds out he’s really dumb.

Part 1/Part 7/Part 9

Guys… I said this was the last part but i was so wrong… get ready for the gay in part 9 (aka the end)