not to be dramatic 

BUT I WAS BORN FOR THIS >:O  holy cartwheeling cows, I am over the moon about how Wadanohara turned out! I didn’t even expect to finish her today…im so happy, this is a dream come true

frickin Wadanohara   

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real__pcy Your music will forever be my aspiration. R.I.P Chester Bennington.
#Heavy #Linkinpark

real__pcy  instagram cover with his cover of Linkin Park’s Heavy 170721


Ezarel: “Why is she drooling over my stuff?”

Yaa, It’s done! I reallyreallyreally love this comic, I did a remade of my old work (this ->) and I’m so grateful for this improvement! Thank you, guys, for the support on my works, it’s help me so much <3  Seeya

p.s.: Can I fall in love if my own drawing? Look at  this Ezarel aaa

SPOILERS: Descendants 2 Live Blog (Part 3)

comment if ya want

 here we go…

-It breaks my heart to hear about more Isle kids being neglected

-I know Uma’s the villain but I love her 

-Uma and Mal’s bars 

-Every broadway show is QUAKING

-Ben’s verse is sweet

-Uma just came for my whole life and then some

-I  lowkey love Gil

-Harry and Jay for sure had a thing

-i really love Evie and Ben’s blue aesthetic 

-I just want Jay and Lonnie to STAY FRIENDS Y’ALL

-Carlos is standing up for himself and I am so glad he actually being himself and hasn’t been reduced to this bull relationship with Jane

-The ROTTEN FOUR are being themselves and it feels so GOOD to see  them just sit down and talk



-I’m gonna cry Jay and Lonnie are so sweet

-Why is Doug wearing 15 shades of blue? (Him and Evie are p cute btw)

-I’ll say it again, Jane and Carlos are cuties INDIVIDUALLY, not TOGETHER.

I need to make an announcement, today is Robin Williams birthday and I can’t explain how much his personality and films meant to me. I got so attached to him and his films, it sounds stupid but he would have been 66 today and I just can’t handle the death of one of my favourite actors. R.I.P you legend

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i’m eternally tired of trans people getting snatches of #representation but then behind the scenes being financially wrung out for the gain of transphobes

What a crazy day!
On tuesday my right toes started to feel a bit numb..and somehow this numb feeling crouched up my whole foot so that I wasnt able to move my right foot at all this morning.
So I went straight to the doc who immediately redirected me to the hospital.. the guys there went real crazy as my symptoms were kinda uncommon for an immobile foot. So I got a lot of check-ups and a full MRI session. Finally it turned out that a nerve was overworked because of me sitting faaaar too often with my legs crossed ;-)
In the end I was kinda lucky that nothing was wrong with my spine or brain :-P
I just have to be careful the next days to not stumble and fall on my nose and if I stop sitting with my legs crossed all should regenerate within the next week or so.
So guys and gals please do not sit with your legs crossed too often or you’ll just end up in the hospital :-P
Ohh and as it is said “pics or it didn’t happen” here you have a selfie of me wearing this cute green MRI-suitable attire ;-)

i wish i’d known when i was a kid what sensory overload was, because i without fail went into sensory overload whenever my sister cried, and i thought i was just being weak and wimpy and oversensitive. :( my parents actually recorded her crying and put it on an ipod and made me listen to it while i went about my day because they thought exposure would solve the problem but i always just ended up writhing and crying in a chair somewhere