Favourite People: Marilyn Manson (05.01.69)

“All the seven deadly sins are man’s true nature. To be greedy. To be hateful. To have lust. Of course, you have to control them, but if you’re made to feel guilty for being human, then you’re going to be trapped in a never-ending sin-and-repent cycle that you can’t escape from.”

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Yes, yes, yes !!! Something definitely happened with Alice & FP when they were younger. I think Fred broke her heart and she found comfort in his best friend FP. They were hot and heavy for a while then broke up because his involvement with the Serpents.

First of all, if it’s the repetition of the Archie/Betty/Jughead triangle thingy I’m dying! But my own personal favorite is something like that: the two of them having a high school fling or something, him being a BMOC in high school, as Fred stated in episode 7, and her being like the student body president (this is so Alice Cooper). And they had this delicious love-hate relationship with constant banter and insults (from Alice’s part) and he was loving it and constantly chasing her around with clever compliments and “oh, sweetheart, take a chance” and this sort of stuff and her was playing hard to get but eventually she caved (because have you seen the man?). And then they were like hooking up all the time and being hot and heavy as you said but in secret and she didn’t want them to become official or anything because she was looking out for her image as always but eventually gossip started and FP was all like to his teammates “she is off limits, back off” and she was so jealous of all the cheerleaders around him and they had this intense relationship with a lot of fights and posessiveness but also deep love until like graduation came and they parted ways because Alice wanted to do her thing and she wouldn’t sacrifice it for a boy (even if he was the boy) and FP was too proud to say that he was in love with her and wanted her to stay, so she left for college and he stayed back and Alice returned married and with a child and he was married too and since then they weren’t in speaking terms anymore, but FP still regreted the fact that he didn’t fight for her back then. God, sorry, stop me, I have so many headcanons for them!! If they do become canon I’m seriously going to lose my mind! :P

Sony Vegas Editors: Disable Resample is Your Best Friend

If you’ve edited in Sony Vegas for a while, I’m sure you’ve heard other editors mention “disable resample.” What is it and why is it necessary? Allow me to educate!

What is resample?

In basic terms, resampling is changing the input of a video file into an output format. This can range from changing the video size and ratio to what I will focus on today: Frame rate.

In Vegas, there are three frame rates that you must know.

- Your input file

- Your project/preview file

- Your rendering/output settings

If your input file is 24 frames per second (fps), your project file and rendering/output settings need to also be at 24 fps. This helps tremendously with motion masking.

When your input file fps is different from your project settings, Sony Vegas ends up slowing down your clips. This can cause huge issues with motion masking when you are entirely dependent on masking from frame to frame. 

In addition to this, Sony Vegas has a feature called “Smart Resample” that is the default setting to put on all clips. There is a built in lag within the Sony Vegas program so in order to make up for this, Smart Resample installs motion blur to blend the frames together. However, this often results in added slowness to the clips and a sharp drop in quality when the project renders. The frames will become compressed on top of each other as they blend. This is what editors refer to as “ghosting” or “ghost frames.”

In the first example, you can see the outline of a frame over another frame. That transparent outline is the “ghost frame” and should not be there. That is what slows down your clips and will reduce the quality come rendering time.

The second image is what the clip should look like in a normal frame.

So, how do you prevent ghost frames?

Step 1) Right click on the video layer of your clip. Then, click on “Properties.”

Step 2) When the Properties window comes up, click the “Disable Resample” option.

Step 3) Click “OK” to confirm.

Please note, if you’re using this method to change clips to “Disable Resample,” you need to do this to every individual clip you place in the timeline.

In addition, make sure that your output and project fps matches with your input video’s fps.

To check your project fps, look at the video preview section of your Vegas window.

It will list both the “Project” and “Preview” fps along with the ratio of the project file. 24,000 p is the fps of this particular project file. If the fps of your project file does not match the fps under the “Properties” window of your video clip, it needs to be changed.

To change the project fps, there are three ways to open the “Project Properties” window.

Method 1) Click on “File” and go down to “Properties.”

Method 2) This is a shortcut method if your video preview area is already displayed. Click on the square icon with the arrow inside of it. It is located to the top far left of the video preview area.

Method 3) Just hold down the “Alt” and “Enter” keys on your keyboard at the same time. The window will pop up that way.

Once the “Project Properties” window opens, go to the “Frame rate” area and click on the drop down menu. Change the fps to the same number as your input clips. In this example, the video clip is 24 fps so I changed the frame rate to 24 fps in the project.

Next, hit “Apply.”

Then, hit “OK.”

Finally, when it comes time to render your project, bring up your “Render As” window.

When the window pops up, go to the “Template” area of the window after you make sure that your “Save as type” is the right type of output file you want. Click on “Custom.”

Once the “Custom Settings” window comes up, go to the frame rate area of the “Video” tab and select the same fps you used on the project file. Again, in this example, the fps of the input and project file is 24 so I select 24 fps here.

As a bonus, if you’re editing an AMV, you want to go to the “Project” tab and go to the “View Rendering Quality” area. Click on the drop down menu and select “Best.” This ensures that your project will come out looking the best it can when it renders.

Click “OK” once you’re done adjusting your settings and watch the magic happen!

Hopefully, this tutorial helps out some editors who have been stressing about quality drops in their final product. If you have any questions about this tutorial, feel free to send an ask! Happy editing!

fp jones .

His hands felt numb as he walked through the stone coloured door, his feet echoing against the cement walls of the police station. He’d made this trip a dozen or so times now but never had he felt so dead on his feet. Nervous, angry, scared, sad… He’d covered his bases. But now he felt empty. 

It was only going to be worse.

What makes a place feel like home?

It certainly wasn’t metal bars and a creaky cot or the whirring of a ventilator and hospital white walls. It wasn’t the idyllic setting of a foster home or the emptiness of a kitchen that was usually filled with the idle chatter of a man coming from from work. It wasn’t the curtains or the carpets or the cushions on the couch.

“Hey, Dad,” Jughead said as he was let into the holding room, his words hollowed like his chest. He stopped just inside the door and the Sheriff pulled it shut from the other side. “I would have called – I know you weren’t expecting me to come by until tomorrow.” 

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More non-xfiles art.

Another WIP I have been working on lately. 

Me, my husband, and Smoosh (our cat) as Adventure Time. This is OUR show. Back when we were LDR dating I sent him a drawing of us as Finn and Flame Princess. But it was time for an update since I consider myself more of a Marceline than FP. :P Plus we have our little “Cake, the cat” now.


ok so i’ve been thinking about this human au and I got a few headcanons, like

Both of them are huge game nerds, but Lais is very old school, with her over-simplified rpg maps and colorful plataforms and level passwords and Peri is all about realistic graphics and last-generation consoles and autosaves

First Party

Vanessa was sitting in her bedroom, looking at herself in the mirror, just in her bra and panties. She had just come out of the shower after shaving and moisturising and had blow dried and let her long brown hair fall past her breasts in their natural curls. Her eyes scanned over her petite body and perky breasts. They weren’t huge, a comfortable C cup and her small waist was soon curved out to her hips. Her ass was firm and there was honestly nothing wrong with her body. She just didn’t show it off like every other girl her age. She could wear those dresses, but she didn’t go to parties to give her the chance to. She didn’t like the attention either and she didn’t really want to attract guy’s attention. She could wear simple and pretty dressed, she didn’t need to wear crop tops and shorts that had her bum on show. She could still be beautiful without all that.

She applied her makeup, eyeliner with a wing and mascara, baby pink lipstick. She put her hair up like a little plaited crown with two small curls framing her delicate face. She put on boots with a chunky wooden heel and a chained necklace. Her dress was a white lace strapless, tight around her waist and pushed up her bust modestly, the dress flowing outward like a tutu to mid thigh. She got her purse and phone and then told her mom the address for the party. Harry said he would meet her there since she wouldn’t go on his motorbike in this dress, she would freeze. 

Vanessa’s mom drove her to the party, the whole time Vanessa was wringing her hands and tapping her phone against her leg. Finally, they pulled up outside the house, drunk teenagers stumbling out and the house blasting with music. Her mom leant over and kissed her cheek, “Be safe okay? Anything bad happens call me straight away.” she says strictly as Vanessa nods, getting out. She walked up the path to the front door and knocked before realising no one would hear. She turned the handle and walked inside, looking around for any familiar faces. None that she had ever talked to before and she suddenly realised this whole this wasn’t a good idea.