“I will never forget how good that felt. Playing my instrument again, after too long away. I didn’t have any agenda, really. Thought I’d just experience the city again, hear it, smell it, taste it. Adjust my mental map.” -Matt Murdock, Daredevil v5 #17

theoroark  asked:

Angelica/whoever you ship her with, 12?

12. things you said when you thought i was asleep

“Is this a regular thing for you?”

“Sex or stimulating conversations about Mahler? Because the answer to one of those questions is yes.”

Angelica laughs. “I thought you fell asleep!”

“I’m not that old.” Church rolls onto his side, grins at her. How unfair that the photo in her program lied and he’s even more handsome in person, with his dark eyes and perfect skin and devilish grin. Like Apollo, if Apollo were concertmaster for the New York Phil. “Speaking of which, you game for another round?”

So, better than Apollo.

“In a minute.” She places a hand on his chest, which reminds her this is not a dream, this is real, she is touching John Barker Church. “Do you normally have sex with girls from the audience? Or is this some mid-life crisis thing? Because I don’t care either way, you were amazing, onstage and off. But I’m curious.”

“I’m in my thirties, can I have a mid-life crisis?”

“Music is like meth, ages you faster.”

“Hmm. That seems unfair. Isn’t it supposed to be healing? There are music therapists.”

“Don’t get philosophical on me.”

“I’m sure you could best me at the Greeks,” he assures her. “But to answer your question, no.”

She raises an eyebrow but keeps her tone light and teasing. “Then why am I here?”

“Because you are interesting.” He looks her straight in the eye. “Smart, engaging, and yes - beautiful. Besides, what woman would find me after a concert, not to congratulate me, but to tell me she thought my bowings could be more clear in the third movement? The stars had obviously aligned.”

She stares at him for a long moment.

Then she swings a pillow at his head. “You liar!” she shrieks, and both of them are laughing, bodies tangled in the hotel sheets. She really doesn’t expect anything from him - he’s famous, a world-class musician, and she’s a first-year graduate conducting student - but it’s a nice memory, something to tell Eliza and Peggy over break.

The next morning, before he flies out, she gives him her number. For networking purposes.

(He calls her that night. And the next. And the next.)