izzy’s storyline as a whole was so bad this season tho??? like besides the fact that it was offensive given the fact that she is being played by a latina, and the writers are white and that’s probably the only reason they chose to give her that storyline, it also destroyed her character and everything they built for her in the first season, her entire storyline was filler and there’s really no reason for it to exist, at the end she says goodbye to it and the only thing that said storyline produced was her connecting with raphael and her relationship with alec being affected, which ends up getting resolved after one or two episodes. she is the smartest person in the institute and a forensic pathologist but she didn’t know about a drug that could kill her, oh but her brother did. that was her entire storyline, her being a drug addict and it affecting her relationships. and don’t you dare tell me that it was, as emeraude said, to show her being vulnerable, because we never saw her like that, we only saw sexed up scenes of her and raphael getting high, and you could also say it was because they had no time, which is stupid because i can name every scene that happened for nothing, but still they could have written a completely different thing for her and still show her being vulnerable, like showing how much her mother’s actions affect her or how her being worried about jace and thinking she could have lost him affected her, i’m just pissed that there’s only two girls in the main cast and one of them gets to be the (white) savior while the other one gets to be a latina drug addict.


“It’s rare that a story begins at the beginning. In the grand scheme of things, I really turned up at the beginning of the end of this one. After all, the story of the Rephaim and Scion started almost two hundred years before I was born - and human lives, to Rephaim, are as fleeting as a single heartbeat.
Some revolutions change the world in a day. Others take decades or centuries or more, and others still never come to fruition. Mine began with a moment and a choice. Mine began with the blooming of a flower in a secret city on the border between worlds.
You’ll have to wait and see how it ends.
Welcome back to Scion.”

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IN HQ WHEN THEYRE LIKE “Nekoma lives up to their neko name blah blah flexible and agile” I just kept thinking h o w ?? 
so that is my explanation for Yoga Kuroo and u best believe this isnt the end of the cats doing yoga.

pls excuse sloppiness