Nico di Angelo Headcanons

Just a bunch of headcanons. Yay!

  • Nico is the type of person who is too lazy to step into the shower but refuses to get out soon after because he ends up enjoying it way too much
  • He owns like fifty of the same kind of jeans and shirts.“Nico, you’ve been wearing that shirt for three days” “No, I don’t” 
  • In addition, he also have the same kind of shirts but on different yet almost identical shades of black. “Weren’t you wearing that yesterday” “No, that shirt is onyx. This is jet black”
  • He wears socks in his sleep specially during winter but always, always wakes up already not wearing them having subconsciously taken them off during the night.
  • He likes to drink really icy cold water.
  • He has a collection of pirate films and had already thrice watched the whole Pirates of the Caribbean franchise in one sitting. He already plan on a fourth one but now with Will.
  •  Any overly too strong perfume scent makes him sneeze a lot. That’s exactly why he avoids the Aphrodite cabin like a plague. No, it’s not because of his love life but  really let people think what they want.
  • Special talent? He can wiggle his ears. Will is the only other person to know and the son of Apollo can’t tell anyone else. Ever.
  • He actually knows how to do perfect braids, something Reyna found out when he helped with hers. It was a result of having practiced with Bianca’s hair back when they were in the casino.
  • He doesn’t have a bad angle and always looks good in every photo taken of him. Like how?
  • He’s the only one so far, aside from the other Athena kids who had actually won a game of chess against Annabeth.
  • He taught Will how to slow dance during one of their supposed outdoor date but having it ending up in the Hades cabin because it began raining. They danced it during their wedding. 
  • He’s actually the one who had initiated the first kiss between him and Will. It was when the other had been gushing way too much on an injury he got during capture the flag and he simply had to shut the other up.
  • The kiss was brief, barely lasting a second but it did serve it’s purpose.
  • In exception to one Will Solace, he still feels uneasy with being touched and hugs still makes him a bit uncomfortable but the ones he initiates and the ones he reciprocates are the most comforting ones ever.
Straw Hats: "Just Be Yourself"
  • Does be themselves but accidentally burns a house down: Luffy, Usopp, Chopper
  • Does be themselves and makes others regret even saying it because they do some weird shit: Sanji, Franky, Brook
  • Does be themselves and is nice, normal, and kind: Vivi, Law, Sabo
  • Does be themselves and turns to Satan: Zoro, Nami, Robin

But why are people disappointed in Percy because he didn’t visit Bob? You guys do you realize that even if you’re Percy Jackson you can’t just walk in and out of the Underworld whenever you like, right? 

Every time Percy went in the Underworld it was because of a quest. In TLT he went because Hades let him, since he wanted Percy to bring him his Helm of Darkness that he thought was at Percy, then in “Percy Jackson and the Sword of Hades” he was brought there by Persephone. In TLO he went there with Nico, who is a child of Hades, and also it was Hades plan to bring him there so he could imprison/kill him so Nico would be the child of the prophecy. And then there was Tartarus, which was because he didn’t want to let Annabeth alone and also they had to close the Doors of Death. 

Going there is a big deal guys, you don’t just walk into the Underworld like you walk into a Starbucks

#71 for @averca! (Solangelo of course) I’m probably not going to do many more of these so I can move onto other prompts, sorry if I couldn’t get to yours! I was listening to the Pirates of the Carribean score while writing this and somehow it went from a cute and fluffy oneshot to a pirate au no one asked for??? 

Prompt: “You are the single best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

The sound of boots slamming on the deck filled Nico’s ears as he raced to the starboard side of the ship. His heart pounded in his chest, drowning out the gunshots and shouts of men echoing through the night. Just a few more feet, and he’d be safe on his own ship.

He sprinted towards the railing along the deck. Several ropes were strung across the space between the two vessels, swaying dangerously above the murky water below. Nico stretched his arm forward to grab onto one of the ropes, but before he could reach it, something struck his shin and he toppled forward onto the weathered wood of the ship.

“Where do you think you’re going, Di Angelo?” a voice said.

Nico rolled onto his back and found himself face to face with none other than Will Solace, who happened to be the captain of the ship he and his crew were currently pillaging. His golden hair fanned around his face like a halo, and the thick, silver rings decorating his ears glittered in the orange evening light.

“Solace,” Nico hissed.

“Here to devastate my ship again, are you?” Will said in a bored tone. “Have you forgotten about your last attempt?”

Nico scowled at the memory. His last attempt had failed, resulting in the loss of a dozen crew members and severe damage to his ship. “Don’t remind me, Solace,” Nico snarled.

Will grinned and drew his sword from the scabbard on his belt. Nico scrambled to his feet and retrieved his own blade as Will began circling him, studying him with eyes the color of cornflowers.

“We don’t have to fight with each other, you know,” Will said.

Nico barked a laugh, “I think you’re missing the point of our fighting, captain. We don’t fight because we have a reason to, we fight because we’re both bored out here on this damn ocean and fighting gives us something to keep our minds busy.”

The corners of Will’s mouth turned downward into a frown. “Do you realize the kind of money we could be pulling in if stopped the rivalry?” he asked, coming to a stop in front of Nico.

Nico gazed at him. In the day’s dying light, the angular plains of his face were more defined. His soft, pink mouth and wide, blue eyes feigned a look of purity and innocence. For a moment, Nico was tempted by his offer. He shook the thoughts from his head and fixed his face into a glare. He had been at sea far too long to fall for the choir boy face of Will Solace.

“The answer is no, and if you ask again, I won’t hesitate to run you through with a sword,” Nico replied.

Right as Will opened his mouth to retort, several members of Nico’s crew came bounding across the deck, carrying sacks of gold and jewels. They shimmied across the ropes and deposited their spoils onto the deck, whooping and cheering at the sight of their haul.

Grinning, Nico returned his sword to its scabbard. “Well, Will, I have got to say, you and your pacifist nature are the single best things to ever happen to me. Without you, who knows what I would do to entertain myself” he said. He approached the railing and swung himself onto one of the ropes, “Thanks for the loot, Solace.”

He scrambled across the rope towards the safety of his own deck. A crew member helped him over the side before using a knife to sever the rope. He immediately joined the revelry of his crew, grabbing a handful of riches and holding them high above his head in triumph. All around him rose cries of satisfaction and joy, but for some reason, something in his chest nagged at him and prevented him from feeling the exuberance of his crew.

He peered over his shoulder at the opposing ship, which was now growing smaller as they drifted apart. However, he was still able to make out the figure of Will Solace leaning against the railing, staring up at Nico’s ship. The wind tousled his hair, and his eyes had a glassy, thoughtful quality to them as he gazed. A pang of an unknown feeling reverberated through the deepest parts of Nico’s heart, but he ignored it. He had chosen the life of the sea, he had chosen Will as his rival, and there was no going back on those choices now, no matter how much he may regret them.

Honestly, I kinda hope that The Nine (The Seven + Reyna and Nico) spend a week flying around on a repaired Argo 2, to remember the good times. I also can see there being a lot of incidents that cause everyone to be like “never again” but they always end up doing it.