q: how do you let go of someone you love(d)?

a: maybe you don’t.

maybe you don’t, because love and loss are cause and effect of each other. we love because we carry an inherent zero sum in us, begging to amount in something - someone - worth the time of day. we lose because there is nothing like having a heart scraped out of you, feeling that zero sum rawly, agonizingly real. one does not exist without the other; a co-dependent pair. but that does not have to apply to us. (‘you and i’ would be more relevant. separate entities, as i have to constantly remind myself.)

maybe you don’t, because you will always be in the pretty pastels the skies paint, and the constellations you so loved, and every ba-bump ba-dump ba-bump of my heart that you convinced me was worth living longer to feel. because you were beauty in the simplest and most wonderful form, and i’ll forever be comparing a beam of sunlight with your warmth. (the little light seemed inconsequential next to you, if you’re reading this. but anyways-)

maybe you don’t, because forgetting would be unjustifiable, but treating it like something jagged and sore would be downright slander. we were something gentle and bright, and - yes - it does hurt now. yes, i miss you. (yes, i love you.) but maybe i should stop cutting myself on the edges and work on making it something soft again.

— give your answer & three reasons // l.f.c.


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