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The list of actors expected to appear in the movie:

1. Elizabeth Debicki - SHARON TATE

2. Leonardo Dicaprio - CHARLES MANSON

3. Jerry O’Connell - TEX WATSON

4. James Franco - JAY SEBRING

5. Zoe Bell - SUSAN ATKINS 

6. Isabelle Fuhrman - PATRICIA KRENWINKEL

(Samuel L. Jackson and Tim Roth do have roles but they are an obvious choice for Tarantino so I did not include them on the list) 

(All info from iMDB) 


Nesta Archeron played by Elizabeth Gillies

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Elain Archeron played by Zoey Deutch

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Feyre Archeron played by Willa Holland

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Mor played by Samara Weaving

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Amren played by Isabelle Fuhrman

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Tamlin played by Jamie Campbell Bower

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Lucien played by Cameron Monaghan

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Cassian played by in my head I imagine Cassian as a bit of a mix of Alex Pettyfer and Avan Jogia

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Azriel played by a mix of Matthew Daddario and Penn Badgley (guy from gossip girl with brown hair)

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Rhysand was so hard, I looked for ages and I know the fandom already has him fancast but all I could think about was an older version of Gavin Caselegno (I may have spell his last name wrong whoops)