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Constantly torn between

“celebrities are just people, they’re talented but still human. I don’t understand the idolization toward another human being to the point of complete obsession and worship”


“if I saw _____ or _______ on the streets I’d probably convulse and piss myself, most likely turn into a puddle, snap 20 photos with them and cry for 6 hours.”



I’m so glad someone caught that moment on film. And here are some of my photos from last night. Posey ran off to the other side of the stage before I could grab his signature, but I did manage to get into his selfie ;)

Scott was flying to tour Stiles’ college campus- finally ready to part with Beacon Hills for a few years, and where better than with his best friend/boyfriend? They had a great Veterinary program, a few hours outside of Denver, so he wouldn’t have to adjust to the big city. And!-college kids always got more leeway to be smelly and ripe- having to do too much studying, and not enough showering, so he wouldn’t have to clean up as much as he had been doing with a full time job. He missed his high school funk, and he knew Stiles did too. They’d get an apartment, they’d make the place reek, and they could spend weekends eating out each others funky asses, and sucking so many loads out of each other their soft cocks would only squirt piss after a while. 
Actual heaven.
Looking up at the overhead bins, Scott grinned goofily, pulling out his phone to send Stiles a snap-chat, only joking really. Mouth falling open when Stiles sent back a video of his fingers rubbing his hole, and then bringing said fingers up to sniff and lick. Shifting uncomfortably in his seat, Scott sent off a few quick texts, before turning off his phone, and trying not to make eye contact with the woman and her baby sitting less than a foot away. 

[I’m holding in my farts this whole trip, get ready to be at the butt end of a dutch oven when I get to your dorm.-SM]

[Also love you, bye ;P-SM]

tyler posey - neutral/negative ♥

under the cut there are  around 110 small/medium hq gifs [mainly for @kimpinerps but if anyone else wants to use it that’s chill] of the super adorale and smiley tyler posey (as neautral as I could find him), best known for his role as the teen wolf. i wish i had found more but he’s a goofy dude! no grey boxes, no repeats, no text [except for the first one] and none of the following gifs are mine. full credit goes to the makers and if you want your gifs off of here let me know. like/reblog if it’s useful and have a chill day!

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soooo…..i got bored…

Dove Cameron - Iris

Zendaya - Talia

Ariana Grande - Auriana :P

Tyler Posey - Nathaniel

Ryan McCarten - Mephisto

Sofia Carson - Praxina

Debby Ryan - Carissa

Arden Cho - Lyna

Tenzing Trainor - Zeinos and Deinos

still thinking on others such as Gramorr, Lev, Izira, Aunt Ellen, and Doug…originally had Liz Gillies and David Henry as Prax and Mephisto but its so hard to find a look alike for Liz and David just wasn’t Mephisto enough for me appearance wise ¯\_(ツ)_/¯