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The nobles again with their bickering…this time Elincia had enough. There was always the threat, the one thing they say that absolutely disgusts her: hand over the throne, it would be better off in their hands. But the Queen definitely knew that it wasn’t true. “…Let me be alone for a while to think it through.” She said, and Lucia and Geoffrey had no objections.

Now that she was alone in her room, she could let out all of her emotions. She sat low by the corner, tears coming down her face. Elincia couldn’t hand the power over to them, she wouldn’t! But was the burden too much to bear? Then she heard the flap of wings, and knew who it was right away.

“…King Tibarn? I’m sorry that you have to see me like this…”

          ❝ …elincia? ❞ 

       he looked down at the queen in surprise as he shouldered his way into the tent. there was plenty of time to spare since they were camping for the night–and it wasn’t as if anyone was going anywhere–almost the entirety of life on tellius had been turned to stone. tibarn had hardly been concerned with wasting time by checking up on a few people–specifically elincia–it would take a pretty oblivious person to be unable to notice that something had certainly been hindering her performance these last few battles. 

      but the hawk king definitely hadn’t expected to walk in on such a scene–he’d regularly ask if it were a bad time and take leave, but…this was a certain beorc queen. he wouldn’t be so quick to abandon an issue if it were to be hers; unlike many others, elincia had done no wrong to anybody as far as he could tell. the woman was practically an angel on the ground.

          ❝ hey–what’s going on?

Continued [ x ] || @nctycurprcxy

      Red had never been one for beating around the bush when it came to things
        he wanted. This time was no exception. Sure, he and Neku didn’t know too 
        much about one another since the incident that had brought the two of them
        together in the first place. But, in Red’s mind, this was besides the point, at
        least for the moment.

        The blush that covered the others face at his comment didn’t go unnoticed, 
        a smirk slowly crossing his lips as he gazed at the redhead. Neku didn’t 
        seem to be the best at hiding his emotions just yet, not like the Trainer was
        able to. This could be interesting.

        Slowly pushing from his place against the cave wall, Red slowly made his
        way towards the other male, the smirk on his face, small as it was, still 
        strong on the raven’s face.

             「  ❛ You think I’m not being serious? Should we just test that theory
                        then, Neku?  」

Continued [ x ] || @nctycurprcxy

     Waiting until after he had Neku’s full attention, Red slowly made his way
       over to the redhead. From the beginning when the two of them had met, the
       raven haired trainer had seen the interest the other had over his Pokemon.
       Along with a look that could almost scream he wanted one of his own.

       Though it had taken some time, Red ended up coming across one when he
       went to town to get supplies to take with him back up to the mountain. He only
        hoped Neku would like it.

        Stopping in front of the other, Red unhooked one of the PokeBall’s from his 
        belt and offered it out to Neku.

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"Don't be sad mum, I made you a death ray!" //masterfulxrhythm

                                                    ❝  so you did, pup!…  ❞

          THE WAY SHE coos this down at her son is almost comical given the subject matter at hand. but coo she does, & seemingly all troubles are forgotten & filed aside as her energy is devoted entirely to her baby boy. a baby boy with a death ray.

                                        ❝  have you put it through testing yet?  ❞
                                          ( god help the human race. )