p sure this was on the making of man in the box tho

wanna one!kid au


before i start just a big big big big big big big big big huge ass thank you to @exojjanggg and @wendyson for helping me w/ this!!! i wouldnt have been able to write it without them lmao

disclaimer: all of them are like 4-11 years old respectively and u act as their babysitter in this !!!!


  • probably holds their poor pet cat everywhere he goes and the poor lil kitty just lets him 
  • nervously sweats when he has to choose between holding seungwoo’s hand or the cat
  • buddies up with seungwoo whenever he goes anywhere
    • “y/n i need 2 go to the washroom !!!” 
    • “ok- wait why are u taking seungwoo with u?” 
    • “ಥ_ಥ” 
  • the type of kid to search blindly for your hand when he’s nervous
  • also giggles when he’s nervous
  • and giggles when he’s not nervous
  • just giggles all the time
  • probably loves u more than he loves his brothers sdfvhbafsd
  • you thought he was gonna be a kid that was really hard to please but really all u needed to do was smile and he melted into the ground
  • doesnt know what to do when people start crying so he just plops his cat in front of them
  • colours so hard he breaks the crayon
  • the first time you babysat for them, he hugged u when u had to leave and thanked u for taking care of them ಥ_ಥ
  • the smollest bunny, likes being picked up but will never admit it bc he’s a ‘big boy’ now


  • a ball of !!!! SUNSHINE
  • the first time he met you, he jumped on you and wouldn’t let go of you
  • he’s on your back 24/7 unless it’s nap time ??
  • during snack time u just gotta feed him while he’s on your back
  • always hums a cute song from one of those kiddie shows he watches 
  • vvv well behaved !!!!! just wants to make u happy
  • if he’s not hugging you, he’s hugging jihoon or jisung or anyone really
  • every time u leave he always kisses ur cheek and says goodbye a million times im !!!! crying
  • dolphin screams when he’s scared
  • is really bad with names
    • thought your name was brownie for a solid 2 weeks bc u brought all the kids cosmic brownies on ur first day
  • has to hold your hand at all times or else
  • so now u have sidekick daehwi and sidekick daniel + sidesidekick seungwoo 
  • always has money but u never know where he gets it from
  • asks u not to tell anyone
  • you’re too scared to
  • has 0 money sense tho
  • thinks a penny is worth more than paper bills bc they ‘look cooler’
  • slips u a nickel and whispers “4 ur hardwork”
  • crabwalks everywhere


  • helps u parent the kids even tho he’s like 2 ????
  • sometimes woojin will try to fight jaehwan bc he hate his chocolate and jisung will just sit there and watch them
  • he has his juice box ready with cookies being stuffed into his face and crumbs are falling all over the floor but biNCH !!!! THIS IS S P I C Y
    • daehwi’s probably sweeping the crumbs into his lil hands and dumping it into the trash can
  • he’ll break up every fight unless it’s over some spicy drama™️
  • does a head count 4 u every time u guys go outside
  • but you don’t trust his counting so you count again anyways and he gets all pouty
  • will stop pouting for ice cream
  • ok but 99.9% of the time he’s really responsible 
  • but sometimes he snaps and just
  • slides down the stair railings and into miNHYUN’S ARMS
  • cries when things go wrong
  • competitive as fuck, eomma jisung goes down the fuckin drain as soon as a prize is mentioned
  • pretends to know karate, doesnt know karate 
    • still threatens the kids with karate when they misbehave
  • gets salty when daniel, guanlin, seungwoo, or minhyun stand beside him bc he has to be the tallest one or he’ll >:((((( scream
  • has ur number memorized so sometimes when you’re not babysitting, he’ll call u up and ask if u can take them to the park


  • gives half of his snack away to jinyoung always
  • always hands juice boxes out to everyone else before he gives himself one !!! just !!!! LOVE HIM FOREVER
  • makes sure guanlin doesn’t get lost
  • doesn’t really like being the centre of attention but ends up being it anyway so his brothers have 2 protect him ??
  • like bodyguards but with cute glares and puffing of chests even tho it doesn’t do anything but make them uncomfortable and tired 
  • was rlly shy around u the first time u babysat but probably slyly flirts with u now
  • slips u a piece of his chocolate bar when youre not looking and runs away
  • if u confront him he’ll be all innocent and stuff liKE BOI
    • “jihoon are u flirting with me?”
    • “no !!! ,,, but is it working? will u marry me now?”
  • pouts until he gets what he wants and makes those “hmph!” noises dramatically while crossing his arms over his chest
  • asks you for homework help but ends up asking u for all the answers
  • during nap time he’ll fall off his bed bc he’s That™️ deep of a sleeper and doesnt even stir
  • if jisung is your backup then jihoon is your backup backup
  • if any little thing is wrong he’ll know immediately
  • it’s just those Little Kid Instincts™️
  • actually gets dressed in the dark
  • daniel pretends not to know him in public


  • the coolest™️ kid in school
  • too embarrassed to invite any of his lil friends over for a playdate bc the house is so crowded with 11 kids
  • know everything abt everyone 
  • blackmails them
    • “jisung can i have ur cookie?”
    • “what the heck no !!”
    • “i know u broke mom’s vase”
    • “*nervous sweating* take it”
  • if yall dont have that drinkable yogurt shit he aint gon fuck with u
  • really hardworking and is quiet most of the time until daniel bursts into the room with a foam sword and a paper hat challenging him to a ‘duel’
  • if anybody even looks at his brothers or u ? theyre dead give him a pair of kiddy scissors 
  • sips tea from his sippy cup and roasts his brothers with his mom’s big sunglasses
  • can u say tsundere ?
  • pouts when he can’t express his feelings
  • steals food from his brother’s plates
  • refuses to sleep unless daniel is beside him
  • probably eats raw spaghetti noodles 
  • just takes a handful of them and walks around the house eating them
  • likes watching videos w/ u bc that means he can rest his head on your shoulder :’))
  • always slides in front for group pictures and has a permanent ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) face with the occasional ͡° ͜ʖ ͡ – or even the ( ͡°⊖ ͡°)


  • laughs at anything and everything
  • you could trip on the carpet and he’d collapse on the floor laughing
  • no one knows if he blinks or not
  • stares into your soul
  • u thought he was dead the first time u saw him
  • an actual sunshine when he warms up to u !!!
  • threatens to never stop singing until he gets food
  • his one true love,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • challenges daehwi to see who can scream the highest
  • but not before daehwi supplies everyone with earplugs (again, where the actual heck does he get these things ?? no one knows)
  • jaehwan pretends everyone sucks but in reality, loves everyone
  • can u say aNothEr tsundere ??
  • looks like he wants to kill something 24/7
  • squish his cheeks 
  • whenever he’s sad, someone can just pinch his lil cheeks and he’ll start giggling
  • has one heck of a lung capacity 
    • screams so loud people in canada can hear his voice
  • if you ever wanna bake something for everyone don’t ask him for help
  • all he’ll do is throw flour around and place the blame on sungwoon 
  • would trade his brothers over for half a tangerine
  • he doesn’t even like tangerines 
  • sly as hell knows how to get what he wants 
  • listens to all ur gossip
    • “so this girl at school bumped into me and made me drop all my books and she didn’t even apologize!”


  • scared the fuck out of u the first time u heard him speak
  • u asked for his name and in the deepest voice u’ve ever heard a kid possess, he says “hi im woojin!”
  • squishy cheek squad member #2
  • tries to be cool™️ and tough™️ but looks like a baby who has just come out of the womb
  • when u guys watch ‘scary’ movies, he tries to ‘protect’ u by covering your eyes when the movie starts 
    • ends up getting scared himself and having 2 hold back those tears >:(((( so he can be >:(((( A MAN 4 U
  • gets whatever he wants by bustin out those puppy eyes
    • like !!! who allowed his eyes 2 be so cute nd shiny ????? sue him
  • slaps a hand over jaehwan’s mouth when he starts to sing 
  • looks like he’s tired all the time but could jump someone if u asked
  • the definition of extra
  • sprawls across the floor dramatically only to ask “yo have u seen my teddy bear”
  • one time he got scolded by his teacher for scaring a classmate but really it was just because his aura is just like that and u best believe u roasted that teacher the next day 
  • when y’all walk in public and he sees a doggo he starts vibrating and poking u without taking his eyes off the dog 
    • “y/n-”
    • “give me a sec woojin i have to help sungwoon”
    • “y/n-”
    • “woojin just-”
  • eats angrily like the food hurt his family or smth 
  • drinks angrily too 
  • can probably down a caprisun in 0.001 seconds 
  • pretends not to like the kitty but you’ve caught him cuddling it and he begged u not to tell
  • says well known sayings wrong but no one wants to correct him
  • says the most ridiculous things with the straightest face
    • “y/n if i eat this old cracker do u think i’ll get superpowers”
    • “y/n daniel said that if i run really fast into the wall i’ll get superspeed do u think i should try it”


  • instead of holding onto your hand he’ll hold onto your shirt and let u drag him everywhere 
  • bites his nails when he’s nervous
  • so like all the time
  • istg this boi probably thinks aliens are out to get him
  • before nap time u always have to reassure him that no, aliens indeed are not going to abduct him in his sleep
  • if yall run out of banana milk be sure to catch urselves at guanlin’s funeral bc he’ll cry so hard he turns into a prune
  • for school he had an assignment where he had to draw a picture of someone he admired and one day he plopped down in front of u and was like “y/n can i draw u for school !!” and uR HEART JUST COLLAPSED
  • smol laughs that make his brothers go “!!! OH MY GOD HE’S A L I V E”
  • gives u all the spiciest™️ tea
    • “hey y/n,,,, did u hear,,,,,,,,,,,”
    • “hear what?”
    • “jisung broke mom’s vase but :|||| u didnt hear it from me,,,,,,,,”
  • snitches get stitches but not guanlin bc no one ever suspects guanlin
  • has 2 help his bros reach tol shelves for the good™️ candy
  • gets to sit in big bro jinyoung’s lap even tho like,,,,,,, jinyoung cant see anything except guanlin’s back
  • he’s the only kid out of everyone that thinks logically but is so easily persuaded because he’s smol and looks up to his big bros a lot :(((
    • “jihoon, i dont think that’s possible-”
    • “,,,,,,,,,,,,,, OK LET’S DO IT”
  • he probably has a crush on u let’s be real
    • fights jihoon 4 ur love but very subtly 
    • probably picked u a flower for valentine’s day 
  • confused most of the time
    • doesnt know what’s going on but gummy smiles nervously
  • he has a closet full of hats with those plastic propellers on top u know what i’m talking abt


  • asks u to listen to him sing oH MY GOSH
  • when you guys go the park he always asks u to make a flower crown for him out of flowers he’s picked
  • one time he made a paper crown 4 u and was all like: “bc ur such a princess and princesses deserve crowns”
  • fights jisung for the mom position
  • acts like he hates when u hug him but secretly screams inside and explodes
  • complains when sungwoon holds his hand but never lets him go
  • loves helping u in the kitchen when u make them snacks !!!! does anything he can with his tiny lil hands 2 help !!!!!
  • most likely just grabs as many ingredients as he can and brings them to u
  • enforces the ‘buddy system’ more than u do tbh
  • loves pokemon more than he loves his brothers 
    • hisses at u if u disrupt his pokemon catching session 
  • makes signs for his brothers when they have competitions or smth and screams the loudest 4 them
  • gets roasted often 
  • goes into (。・_・。) mode when left alone
  • please don’t leave him alone
  • actually the clingiest being alive, has to hold your hand until he falls asleep or else he’ll die
  • nags his bros to clean up 4 themselves and gets roasted >:(((
  • one time u took the kids to an amusement park (big mistake btw) and minhyun had to get a pic with every mascot and hug the life out of them 
  • just wants 2 have a good day and not be attacked™️ by his family
  • remembers everything u tell him which is a gift and a curse
    • he buys ur favourite snacks when he’s at the grocery store with his parents :’))
    • but he also remembers the time u promised to take them out to eat after u forgot him at the park
    • never forgets never forgives


  • has a biting issue 
    • bites people when he’s nervous 
    • or just for fun
    • one time u caught him biting jihoon and jihoon just looked u dead in the eye and said “this is normal”
  • really shy, pls praise him
  • just tell him he’s a smart boi or that his singing voice is nice and he’ll be happy for the next year
  • unsure abt everything don’t ask him what ice cream flavour he wants, just get him what jihoon gets
  • always trails behind jihoon like a lil puppy
  • almost trips over their cat 28 times a day
  • questions if he really exists and if anything matters and makes u go “woah dude ur like 2”
  • nibbles on his food instead of properly eating it
  • he’s like the kids in horror movies that stare off behind you like something’s about to attack u
    • but really he just stared at the wall behind you for so long his vision blurred and he thought that was cool smh
  • convinces u to give him extra food during snack time just by smiling at u
  • is the referee for daniel vs seungwoo battles, has a whistle and everything 
    • jinyoung: *blows whistle*
    • ogniel: ??? what’s up yo
    • jinyoung: daniel wouldnt share his ice cream with me the other day so seungwoo automatically wins good job hyung (✿◠‿◠)
  • people think he’s really nice but in reality he’s too shy to say no akshakjs
  • classmate: can i have ur milk
    • jinyoung: *nervously sweats* uh,,,,
  • everybody is apart of the protect jinyoung club™


  • easily excited 
  • show him something new and watch him screech
  • gets jealous easily and gets all >:/// 
  • sharing ?? what’s that sorry not in sungwoon’s vocabulary 
  • one time he mumbled “it’s high noon” in his sleep and u highkey considered quitting the job
  • cries the hardest when an animal dies in a movie 
  • has a sad face as his resting face so ur always concerned 
    • “sungwoon are u ok ??”
    • “ya i’m just thinking abt what we’re having for dinner tonight :))”
    • “,,,,,,,,”
  • sings his words 
    • says it’s for ‘vocal practice’
  • eats anything u give to him
  • fell in love with u on your first day when u gave them all brownies
  • demands 2 be carried so now u have to worry abt daehwi AND sungwoon falling off ur back/out of ur arms
  • eats everything with a fork
  • like he probably eats pizza with a fork
  • has a fidget spinner, u can’t look him in the eye when he has it with him
  • can always be found with his face smushed up against someone’s shoulder
  • wears bucket hats 
  • i’m just putting that out there 
  • whenever u babysit you either never see him at all or he’s always in your sight
  • hides in the same exact place every time y'all play hide and seek and he wonders how he’s always caught first 
  • u can always tell when he’s tired when he walks into a wall bc his eyes were half-closed

wanna one (as a whole)

  • their parents told them they were really musically gifted and that they all liked singing and rapping and stuff like that so u expected them to always be doing so
  • but no
  • all they do is scream and do girl group dance moves around the house
  • daehwi and jisung have fights over who does the moves better
    • “hyung they don’t dance like that!”
    • “yes they do!”
    • “no ur ugly!”
    • “UR UGLY”
  • daily dance offs to fight for who gets what 
    • “:OOOOO”
  • guanlin just sits down next to u with banana milk and watches the entire fiesta unfold
  • when yall go to the playground u best believe theyre all gonna ask u to push them on the swings
  • except jihoon and jinyoung who attempt to fucking climb the tallest slide from the side bars
  • u run out of money immediately when the ice cream truck comes
  • they all buy the most expensive things but u cant resist them bc theyre just so cute
  • the younger ones always ask u to read them bedtime stories im :’))
  • all of them try to play with your hair at the same time and i dont know abt u but i dont think having 11 kids trying to braid ur hair is a good idea??
  • when it’s ur birthday they INSIST that they bake smth for u
    • which ends in all the eggs being broken and the cat covered in cake batter 
    • but it’s the effort that counts :’)))
    • in the end they settle for banana milk and a cookie that they had to ask guanlin to get bc it was on the top shelf
  • all these kids are art hoes
    • asks if they can stay at the park a lil longer so they can see the sunset dsfvhsbjh
  • uncalled forehead/wrist flicking that end in battles to the death 
  • constant sibling rivalry BUT in the end, they all love each other to death and will always have each other’s backs ಥ⌣ಥ
My Hero

Anon asked: Michael is getting bullied, so protective boyf riend Jeremy steps in.

Anon asked: Jeremy hasn’t seen Michael all day and was texting him and stuff. So, lunch comes around and he can’t stop staring at his phone,when Jake nudges him and Jeremy looks up to see him nervously smiling with a black eye. (I know it’s stupid, but I dunno I just thought…)

I mean if by stupid you mean god damned brilliant cuz I love this with a burning passion and I wish I was a better writer to give it justice. Let’s get into it!!

‘Hey Mikey, wanna meet up at the caf before homeroom?’

‘Also can I hitch a ride to school?’


'yo Mikey you aren’t skipping without me right?’

'Sorry for all the messages it’s probably annoying but where are yoh??’


'Are you sick? Alarm not go off?’

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anonymous asked:

Could you possibly elaborate on the whole "Farkle discovering the patriarchy" situation? Thank you ever so much.

omfg okay do I need to put a warning for ~biological feminine situations~ or can people be mature? They can? Rad.

I’m setting this in 10th grade but before Farkle and Riley start dating.

  • Okay so it’s a normal Saturday night, Farkle’s home alone and is just chilling on his laptop. It’s like…Maybe 8:30
  • He was alone on a Saturday because The Flannels were on some away game or something and Riley and Maya had the Matthews’ apartment to themselves allll weekend and made a big deal about having a Girls Weekend
  • So suddenly he gets a text from Riley right
  • “How much do you love us??”
  • So he just sighs and responds “What are you gonna make me do now?” because the girls only use that line when they want something lol
  • “MASSIVE EMERGENCY. CODE RED. My whole family is gone.”
  • “Yeah, I know, that’s why you’re having a girls night???”
  • “Literally what are you talking about?”
  • “Code Red??? Periods, dumbass. We have been caught off guard and are now trapped and dying. Can you run to the drugstore for us?”
  • “NO???”
  • “Maya says to tell you that if you don’t save us she’ll come to your house and free bleed on everything you love.”
  • “If she can get to my house she can get to a CVS???”
  • “FARKLE.”
  • “RILEY.”
  • “You were so much more chivalrous in middle school.”
  • “12 year old me would’ve fainted in the tampon isle and you know it.”
  • “Farkle I cannot just bleed all over my house all weekend. Be the hero I know you are.”
  • “Ugh”
  • “We’ll let you sleepover and stay for girls weekend??? We have the ability to order you a pizza with banana peppers and extra garlic right now.”
  • “If you’re trying to bribe me right now then I better be receiving a DAMN GOOD mani-pedi in the morning.”
  • “Of course! So you’ll do it???”
  • “I’m literally already halfway to the drugstore calm down woman I left the second you said Code Red😂😂😂😂“
  • “Wait what??? Then why were you pretending you weren’t gonna help???”
  • “Because now I’m getting pizza and a mani-pedi??😂“
  • “…I hate you but Maya seems to be more grudgingly impressed.”
  • “I tend to have that effect on a lot of people.”
  • “Asshole.”
  • “She says to the boy who’s supposedly saving her life. Okay, are there like specifics I need to look for here or…?”
  • So she gives him the specifics bc Maya likes tampons but Riley feels safer in pads because everyone is different~
  • Okay so Farkle gets to the store and he’s looking for the isle right
  • And he finds it and
  • “wtf Riley why are these boxes like 10 bucks each???”
  • “Oh don’t worry Farkle we’ll pay you back when you get here!!”
  • “No??? You will not??? Omfg do you actually have to spend $10 dollars every month on pressed cotton or whatever it is???”
  • “Actually I usually go through two packs each month so $20. But I can just get the other pack later it’s fine.”
  • “…Farkle darling calm down.”
  • “I am calm but???? This is so dumb????”
  • “Listen I fully agree with that sentiment but if you could hurry up a little that’d be great??”
  • Except now our young Minkus is looking around the rest of the ~Lady Aisle~
  • And he’s seeing all the razors and shampoo and conditioner and shave gel and deodorant and everything else and he’s like…wtf
  • “Riley was is EVERYTHING so overpriced in this aisle????”
  • “Because it’s the women’s aisle???? Our lives are overpriced????”
  • “But???? WHY????”
  • “Bruh did you really not know about this???”
  • “Is this a common thing holy shit??”
  • “Why?”
  • “Possibly???? I don’t know????”
  • “Why am I only noticing this weird pricing now tho???”
  • “You’re a white boy who’s part of the 1% sweetie the patriarchy exists for you.”
  • “oh????”
  • “But no babe it’s always been like this???”
  • “Like?? Everything is cheaper in the men’s aisle how does that make sense to anyone??”
  • “IT DOESN’T”
  • “THEN WHY????”
  • “SEXISM.”
  • “Those tampons you’re buying are taxed too”
  • “HOW????”
  • “They’re viewed as a luxury product or something idk man.”
  • “WHY THEN”
  • And then Riley is just telling him all this shitty stuff and Farkle is just standing in this aisle in a drug store getting his ass educated and he’s getting more and more frustrated and pissed off omfg
  • Like people walking down the aisle are lowkey getting afraid they just see this 15 year old boy texting furiously fast with a huge scowl on his face and sometimes his eyebrows will shoot up in surprise only to quickly knit themselves back together in anger
  • Riley’s listing everything she and Maya can think of he’s standing there for like 10 minutes omfg
  • “How much underwear can you get with $50???”
  • “Like???? A lot???? Packs of 5 only cost like 3 bucks????”
  • “I went to Arie the other day with a $50 gift card and I was able to purchase exactly 1 bra and 2 pairs of underwear.”
  • “W H A T.”
  • “EXACTLY.”
  • Maya and Riley are just. screaming back at home bc finally someone is getting this
  • But eventually it gets to a point where they gotta be “Kay Farkle we sent you out 20 minutes ago we REALLY need the stuff now”
  • “Honey I know and when you get here we can scream about it in person and then Maya and I can give you all different examples of patriarchal capitalism and the 3 of us can spend the night in blissful righteous fury like we were always meant to I promise but please calm down enough to buy the goods??”  
  • “What else can there be besides what you’ve spent the last 10 minutes ranting to me about holy shit???”
  • “Like…They make girls pants with fake pockets so they can sell us handbags.”
  • “…FUCK.”
  • “Maya and I can think of more examples while you’re on your way here okay pumpkin? Will that make you feel better?”
  • “What would make me feel better is knowing my two best friends don’t have to overpay because of their gender???”
  • “Well, hate to break it to you honey, but that’s been going on for a while. For literally all women. I’m sure the pay gap doesn’t help the situation either.”
  • “PAY GAP???”
  • “Oh HONEY.”
  • And now Riley’s just sending a barrage of texts like “Farkly take a deep breathe”, “Sweetheart just hurry up okay” stuff like that but he’s not even opening them this is the first time he has like 6 ignored texts from Riley Matthews but now he’s busy
  • He gets what he came here for- and grabs two extra boxes so he could save them a later trip like Riley mentioned- and now he’s rushing around the store right
  • He gets like 3 cartons of ice cream omfg cookie dough and mint chocolate chip and vanilla. He grabs a box of tissues and a DVD of ‘The Proposal’ on sale
  • He gets a big bag of m&m’s, a huge Hershey’s Special Dark bar, and a couple packs of those over priced Pepperidge Farm dark chocolate chip cookies omfg
  • He also gets some motrin and a 2 liter bottle of that super sugary blue raspberry soda that looks like it’s 98% percent chemicals and is the girls’ guilty pleasure
  • Slams it all down at the register and it’s a girl ringing him up, she looks like she’s maybe 20, she just sees all this and sees the anger in Farkle’s eye’s and smiles sadly and nods at him omfg
  • He nods back as he takes his bags and she fucking salutes him as he walks out of the store
  • Okay so the girls are in the apartment desperately texting Farkle because the food they ordered just got here and they can’t keep it up with the toilet paper stuffing much longer they have to change that shit every few minutes
  • Suddenly Riley gets a text from Farkle and she’s hoping it’s gonna say ‘buzz me up’ but instead:
  • So they’re screaming in panic because their pet dork was in trouble and they can’t help???
  • “F U C K”
  • “I KNOW”
  • He’s rushing to the apartment and sure he’s shaken up but he’s laughing. Riley’s staring at his messages with her mouth hanging open in shock and Maya’s on the floor laughing omfg
  • Riley turns to Maya and starts to say “He’s gotta be joking about this, right?” when immediately Farkle kicks the door open
  • His jacket is ripped and his hairs messed up. His nose is bleeding looks broken and there are a few small cuts the look like they definitely could’ve come from a knife omfg
  • But he puffs out his fucking chest and tosses all the bags onto the couch and just yells “I. P R O V I D E.”
  • The girls are shrieking with hysterics omfg
  • Once they get situated so they’re no longer free bleeding they try to clean Farkle up a little bit and Maya makes a crack like “This is what happens when you become aware of the patriarchy” omg
  • They’re also extremely grateful for everything he went out of his way to buy and are trying to pay him back and he’s not hearing it omfg
  • “Farkle this bill goes over 100 dollars we’re paying you back” “If you try I’d just use the money to buy you more shit okay leave it alone.”
  • They finally give up lol
  • They can’t get his nose to stop bleeding tho and suddenly Riley gasps in realization and throws a fucking tampon at him
  • He groans but finds it actually works quite well
  • Maya took a picture of him and he flipped off the camera lol
  • Okay so Riley’s like ‘scream about patriarchal capitalism now or later?’  and they look at the giant mountain of food they have- the girls ordered two pizzas, cheesy bread, and garlic knots, plus everything Farkle had brought lol.
  • Farkle just sighs and says “Pass me the Goddamn cheesy bread and get Ryan Reynolds beautiful face on the television pronto, it’s been a long fucking night.”
  • “Sweetheart it’s been, like, 40 minutes…”
  • “Long. Fucking. Night.”
  • So they settle in for a night trying to relax while watching romcoms and eating way more than they should lol
  • Maya gets all the screenshots of Riley’s convo with Farkle and jokingly posts them, and the picture of him she took, online and titles it ‘Farkle Minkus Discovers The Patriarchy And Immediately Gets Mugged’ lmao
  • She puts her phone away for the rest of the night and doesn’t think about it again as she and her two best friends cuddle with each other and try to eat themselves to death
  • So the next morning Riley and Maya are doing all their Girls Day activities they already planned- spa, movies, mani-pedis, they were trying to be super cliché you know- except now they have Farkle with them lol
  • They don’t mind having him there at all and as worked up as he got last night, some relaxation could potentially save his life rn
  • So like halfway throughout the day, they’ve stopped at a Starbucks before heading to the movies, Maya realizes she hasn’t checked her phone all day
  • So she pulls it out and
  • She has so many notifications??? wth
  • She checks what going on and realizes with a gasp. Holy shit. The post with all the screenshots went viral.
  • She didn’t even tell Riley and Farkle she posted them in the first place omfg she’s trying to explain this to them
  • It’s literally already become a meme. People are using the picture of beaten up, middle finger throwing, scowling Farkle with a tampon sticking out of his nose as a reaction meme h o l y s h i t
  • Some people are just quoting some of the things he said for meme joke purposes
  • The three of them are just quietly screaming in Starbucks omfg
  • It progressively gets bigger omfg
  • Like some news outlets are talking that it shed a great light on sexism and shit
  • And how teenage boys/some men in general can be oblivious to things like this until it literally slaps them in the face
  • Also everyone just found his reaction very amusing and a little sweet lol
  • So yeah like it eventually dies down but it was definitely a thing for a while omfg
  • All his selfies on Instagram were suddenly full of comments “HE PROVIIIIDES” lol
  • When Farkle grows up and gets into politics he bans the tax on feminine products lmao
  • So yeah that’s the time Farkle got his ass educated, got mugged, and then the OT3 accidently started a meme
  • My beautiful children
Preference: Star Wars (Rogue One)

How You Meet

Characters: Baze Malbus, Bodhi Rook, Cassian Andor, Chirrut Imwe, Jyn Erso, K-2SO

Warnings: violence

Request: “Preferences : SW: Rogue One; how you meet” - anonymous

A/N: debated for a long time whether or not I should just explicitly do the Rogue One crew or other characters and eventually I just settled for the Rogue One crew (because I’m kinda lazy I’m sorry). I also added gifs in this one (can’t guarantee I’ll add gifs for my other preferences tho), so hope you enjoy !!

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The past, the present... The future.  -Part 5

Summary: In SHIELD you are known for your charisma and your irrational optimism. Specially taking in count the irreversible curse HYDRA condemned you with. Because of that, Director Fury has determinate that you are the best person to take care of Bucky’s mental state.

Chapter 5: Now, we fight.

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Y/N: Your name

Warnings: Mentions of abuse and panic attacks. Oh! And Clint’s terrible humor.

Word count: 1,773

A/N: Sorry this took so long! Now that we are back to reality after winter break, I’ve been super busy. I’m really excited that finally the story can evolve, as up until now it was all pretty much introductory. Feel free to give be feedback because I love it and find it super useful! Ok, I’m gonna be quiet now. Enjoy reading!

Previously: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Originally posted by fanfic-shiz


I don’t know how much time has passed when, suddenly, I feel someone behind me. Before I can react, a hand grabs my arm. All I want to do is scream and run away, but I hold terrified tears back as the Soldier corrects my position.

“You can’t hit the bag like this, you’ll hurt your arm. Try this posture. It will be way easier.” he says, still griping my arm strongly.

I nod, my breath refusing to come out, my heartbeat in my fingertips. Can he feel it? He drops his arm. He’s still too close, too real.

“A-actually… It’s.. I really… I have to go” I say, turning around and trying not to run until I reach the door. Once out, I sprint to my room and lock myself in. Once I’m alone, tears make an appearance. This was the worst case scenario I could have chosen to meet him, seeing him in action, punching, even if it’s just a boxing bag.

I realize I’m about to enter a shock and ask FRIDAY to tell the team I won’t be joining them for lunch. Once I’m sure I will be left alone, I let my emotions flow freely, drowning me in an ocean of tears, letting them overpower me for the next hour.

Y/N’s POV:

The distant sound of my phone is the first thing I notice as adrenaline and panic start to die down. I force myself off the bed and walk around the room to steady my heartbeat and breath. The phone keeps ringing, so I pick it up.

The upcoming call is Daisy’s and I remember, with guilt, that I haven’t texted her. I breath a few times in an effort to make my voice steadier, and answer.

“Hey- “ I’m cut off immediately.

“Natasha told me you had had a problem with The Winter Soldier. I can’t believe it! I’m gonna kill the son of a…”

“Daisy. Come down. I’m fine”  No you’re not, the voice in the back of my head says. Your tone begs to differ. Johnson’s not stupid, you know that, right?

Indeed, she is not “I’ll be there in half an hour. Tell Barnes he can start writing his testament.”

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Dating Jeonghan Would be like

HERES THE SECOND INSTALLMENT OF THIS SHITSHOW ALRIGHT MY DUDES HOLD ONTO UR HATS FOR THIS ONE (also am i the only one who’s absolutely d e s t r o y e d by GOT7′s comeback like just kill me jackson it would be less painful) As usual our ask box is open to suggestions! If you have an idea please pop by we need all the inspiration we can get lol

  • so Jeonghan is basically 17′s mom right
  • well ur their 2nd mom and they low-key like u better 
  • like jeonghan is the hard-ass parent that’s like no hoshi u cannot have candy for dinner
  • and ur over here like
  • I don’t feel like cooking iCE CREAM FOR DINNER
  • *seventeen cheers and Jeonghan sighs loudly* 
  • we all know how much this boy loves to sleep
  • even just laying down is Good Enough for him
  • and of course he drags u to cuddle 
  • even if u have stuff to do like u have 3 papers and a presentation to do 
  • but ur angel needs cuddles and he does not take no for an answer when it comes to cuddles
  • u 2 constantly napping together
  • like even if ur at 17′s dorm if the boys r becoming Too Much Jeonghan is just like…. me and my cutie angel sweetie pie r gonna go take a nap have fun w the demons Seungcheol 
  • *Coups gets devoured by 17*
  • playing with his hair
  • him playing with your hair
  • like it doesn’t matter what length or color it is Jeonghan is adamant that ur hair is better then his and it makes him low-key jealous
  • u start keeping hair-ties on ur wrist for him as well as urself bc he keePS STEALING YOURS 
  • Jeonghan, a pile of hair ties in front of him: I have no idea where they’re going honey 
  • i feel like he’s low-key of the PDA, like he’ll hold ur hand and give u lil kisses but those Deep Kisses r for u and him only 
  • only a lil possessive 
  • he’s fine w 17 being all goofy and touchy to an extent but as soon as he deems it too much he’s like tuxedo man suddenly there w a bunch of flower petals in the air like 
  • don’t touch my darling u are not worthy 
  • Dino: where did the flowers come from I’m scared
  • so he’s p chill when it comes to being jealous bc he knows u only have eyes for him and he trusts u 100% 
  • and vice versa u don’t have to be worried about him chasing tail elsewhere bc he loves u wholly and completely
  • the only person u gotta worry about is Scoups this boy will fight u
  • ex, if ur at the dorm and theres a seat next to Jeonghan he will without hesitation shove his foot in ur gut and launch himself to that seat
  • except u get to sit on Jeonghan’s lap now and ur sitting there like >:)
  • Scoups: D:<
  • Jeonghan: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • he hates going away on tours but he knows u love watching him perform and pursue what he loves but it doesn’t stop him from feeling guilty that he’s leaving u
  • so he brings u back lil trinkets from everywhere he goes
  • not like Scoups where he brings back 3 suitcases full of stuff
  • just lil things that make him think of u while he’s away and u love everything he gets u bc he has an uncanny ability to get u stuff that u love
  • Dino has u saved on his phone as Mom and Dad and Seungcheol is pouting bc he’s just Leader now
  • while he doesn’t have a problem with PDA he only says “i love you” in really intimate situations bc he feels its such a special word that shouldn’t be overused 
  • U once put his hair in braids n pigtails and Scoups nearly pissed himself laughing and he took a picture
  • Jeonghan uses that against u whenever y'all argue about what to eat for dinner 
  • he usually gets what he wants bc of that
  • His voice gets really deep and raspy in the morning and u love it 
  • i firmly believe he’s a morning sex kind of person like 
  • night time is for sleeping but mornings r for OTHER THINGS
  • his kisses are slow and passionate, even during sex
  • I think he’s pretty vanilla? like he likes u to be on top most of the time but that’s bc he’s lazy
  • on the rare occasion that ur not on top he’s literally making sure ur not able to walk the next day it’s either all or nothing with this boy
  • when he’s in those kind of moods hAIR PULLING HAPPENS ON BOTH ENDS
  • he love love loves pillow talk like after y'all are all cleaned up he’s holding ur hand and tracing pattens on ur bare back with his hands and talking in a low raspy voice and ur like do u wanna fight 
  • sex with Jeonghan is more like love making, it’s slow, almost tortuously slow, the air filled with low moans, muffled whimpers, and gasps for air
  • if u wanna get him real riled up if he’s not paying attention to u, just brush his hair back away from his neck and bite his ear a lil bit, as soon as u even breathe on his ear he’s ready and raring to go in .2 seconds
  • even tho sometimes he can seem a lil lazy he’s constantly working and constantly worrying about his members bc they’re basically his other family 
  • and u understand that and he loves u for it u become his rock and his other half 
  • he calls u his better half, not bc u are, but bc he literally worships the ground u walk on bc u make him want to work harder everyday so that he can wake up to your smile and feel your skin and hair and kisses

the end

y'all i just royally messed up my bias list by doing this series end my life 

if any of u wanna talk about GOT7′s new comeback, and watch me flip out of the 3 million other comebacks happening at once then HMU on my personal, @the-winter-dancer and i’ll love u forever let’s be friends! <3 You!

~Admin Hedgehog

So How About an Unhealthy and Angsty Blackice List?

Ehhhhh, y'all! 

So i made a list of healthy relationship blackice fics and i think the other side needs some lovin (YES REAL LOVIN’. FROM US. NOT THAT STOCKHOLMEY FAKE SHIT. (but er…thats just us, lets proceed on to delicious fictional Stockholm HOO BOYO! BRING IT!))

For this list I will delve through my bookmarks and subscriptions more because frankly, awesome dark-fic is surprisingly hard to find for this muy delicioso shippu!

Ao3 First:

Lovely Dark and Deep - Jack can’t shake his loneliness when the Guardians don’t immediately step up :( poor babu! Guess whose there to comfort him :>
Enslaved - Unfortunately unfinished and most likely abandoned, but Pitch finds Jack when he’s only 100 and takes him in. brainwashing ensues hur hur, but p. sure this, if it would ever be finished, would end up Jackrabbit, and that might not be our cup of tea! 
Go Back to Sleep - Pitch classically invades Jack’s dreams for some nsfw and super dubious fun. *3*
Time Enough for Everything - my all time FAVORITE JACK WHUMP FIC like honest to god, nothing is more distressing. I LOVE THIS SO HARD! Pitch captures Jack and submits him to some ridic torture Jack will *never recover from*. But, it has a hopeful goldenfrosty ending <3.
Gilded Box - Pitch makes a deal to hand over Jack’s memory box in exchange for DUN DUN DUN a…SMEXING. LOL it’s super dub con, but Jack likes it. we know he do. also Pitch gains feels at the end UH OH! so actually, this one has the potential to be rather healthful if their relationship grew from a 1shot story…
Glue - Adelaide Rain’s story. need i say more? its fucking legit, yo.
Everything That Rises - HOLY SHIT THIS STORY! ITS FUCKING AMAZING Jack is on Pitch’s side, but he redeems himself and poor Pitch has to suffer the consequences (poor pitch? pffff he gets what he deserves, and he gets it fucking good. ouch my heart!)  
Failure to Protect - OOOOooookay, so this technically is Jackrabbit, but it involves Pitch raping Jack and Jack’s recovery from it and Pitch’s demise because of it. Its really graphic. REALLY graphic, read at your own risk. I still enjoyed it :)
Skinny Chai - Jack doesnt cope well with a bad breakup (basically this is just Jack whump. its delish) 
Shiver - LOL DOES THIS NEED A DESCRIPTION??? don’t read it y'all its terrible. 
All the Love in the World - WELL FUCK ME SIDEWAYS. WONDER WHY I INCLUDED THIS HERE?! its the *good* fight fic. the one where they kill each other. multiple times. -squees-
Pomegranate - Hades Persephone Au, Pitch is a bad person, Jack still likes him tho! 
So the Sun is Ashamed - dubious sex. lol what more do need, really? 
The Weakening Eye of Day - Post apocalyptic setting because JACK AND PITCH ENDED THE WORLD TOGETHER LOL also Jack goes bonkers and kills humans while fucking them because they look like pitch who won’t touCH JACK WITH A 10 FT POLE!

OK, so thats basically my bookmarks LOL. Its all stuff i’ve read and know pretty well. Love it all. its delish!

As for on tumblr, we have our authors linddzz (also see selkie stuff omg), kalael (SO MUCH WHUMP AND ANGST YESS), charmed7293 (horrific depictions meant specifically to horrify. yiss! but mobboss is still adorable FIGHT ME!) , dildarium (WOW GET THEM TO LINK U TO MURDERING JACK!), adelaiderain (Like Drowning, whats listed above, but otherwise mostly healthy) , and uhhhhmmmmm…

those are just a few i know who are prevalent in the fandom who have written in this vein. THere are tons of others who write awesome and not terribly upsetting stuff!

Other good mentions are ionahi because King Frost is defs not in a happy place, and i see they are making ‘The Failed Guardian’ which is really promising for awesome jack whump and terrible jack decisions! wooo

I’m going to mention Mary P Sue, Gretchen Sinister, When the Ocean Met the Sky, Mira Eyeteeth, and Emerald Embers because of NDU things and their various prompt fills. NDU Jack is a sad sad sad hampster being buffetted on the ill winds of FOUR FUCKING PITCHES?! GOOD LORD BOY. RUNNNN! 

and meexart needs a mention because their blackice artwork (while made a while ago) definitely depicts very clearly that they are not quite all there. hehe.

and this isn’t even RECENT STUFF OH MAN! i had to dig way back to find these links, and some of em might be abandoned stories and unfinished (SORRY!) 

its much easier to find them being cute these days <3 (maybe HALLOWEEN PROMPTS WILL CURE THAT, EH EH EH EH?) (sideyes self. i should work on those too. oops)

liquefied-applefetus-deactivate  asked:

Could you write a headcanon about how Artemis makes the Hunters go to school while they're staying in a certain place and while they're on the move they're studying whenever they aren't fighting because that would be amazing

I’m sorry this has been in my ask box for so long …whoops. But I’m clearing out my box tonight sooooo!

  • Every time she recruits someone new if they’re under 18 she forces them to go to school to get a full education
    • Even if they protest she’s like nope I will not have undereducated young women in my clan
    • The youngest girls take normal classes and then switch schools and say they just skipped one to two years
    • When those girls get too advanced to pass off in normal school for their eternal age they either take their classes online or are homeschooled and get a high school degree.
    • Middle schoolers and high schoolers just take advanced asf classes and switch schools every year like ‘oh I’m in eighth grade taking eleventh grade calculus’
  • Sometimes the kids don’t fit in at school and Artemis is just on TOP of this
    • Sometimes they’re sexist and when that happens, like a girl gets a lower grade than a boy for the same work because of a teacher
    • Artemis just glides in seductively to the teacher and leans really close pretending to be seductive and then whispers
    • “I have an army of young women outside who are all very proficiently trained in a minimum of four different types of hand-to-hand combat and can and will take you out so you better start treating your students fairly or you will learn the meaning of pain in ways that will never leave your soul.”
    • And then she just leaves.
    • And the teacher is like shook to the bone
    • And the rest of the girls get A’s for the rest of the year
  • She also makes sure that the girls get placed in female classrooms only as much as possible to avoid said sexism
    • But the older girls have to deal with high school boys and oh my god do they get in so many fights.
    • These poor boys try and harass and hit on this girl and get jUDO FLIPPED across the classroom.
  • When a trans girl wants to join and is like ‘yeah right they’ll just think I’m a boy because I haven’t had surgery’
    • And Artemis is like ‘eXCUSE ME how dARE. You are one of the strongest young women I have ever met and you are going to kick some serious ass along with all of your sisters. I wouldn’t let you in with us I thought for a second you were a boy you are cLEARLY a girl’
  • Hermes owes Artemis about five billion favors so every once in a while Artemis pulls all the girls out and has Hermes shower them with gifts like new bows or like has him rent out a spa for them.
    • 150 years from now:
    • Artemis: Ladies, this is the volcano of Mt. Saint Helens. A man named Percy Jackson was the reason this volcano erupted, around 150 years ago. He was a twat but he could’ve been worse, I guess.
    • Thalia: No he really was a twat.
    • Thalia: Yeah probably in old newspapers or on his Wanted signs.
    • Thalia: He was literally always in trouble hey wanna know about the time he exPLODED A FUCKING BUS.
  • Apollo showers the girls in presents when Artemis lets them.
    • He gives them ice cream from his sacred cows.
    • Which is like the best ice cream on earth
    • Comes in 400 flavours
  • Teaching all the girls on the hunt.
    • During the science units their battle cry is ‘THE MITOCHONDRIA IS THE POWERHOUSE OF THE CELL!’

anonymous asked:

Can you make a fanfic about the game and how Josh's team won and him texting Jennifer. Make it fluffy of course. ;)

I have a feeling you’re the same anon that asked for the tattoo fanfic haha which is great so thank you! Here’s the next one :)

~ Joshifer one-shot ~

It’s crowded, there’s people everywhere, screaming and cheering, anxious for the game to start. For once, I am glad that all this is not for me. It doesn’t mean I get to relax, because people still notice me and say hi and want to take pictures, but I am happy. I can watch the game with my family, cheer and be loud, and probably eat some pizza at some point. 

A few minutes before the game starts, I can’t help myself and stand up to do the Louisville “L” sign with my hand, and soon everyone else is doing it -or is it the THG salute?-. I see myself on the big screens that hover over the basketball court and I wave my hand graciously.

The cheers are quite loud for me to hear my phone but I feel it vibrate inside my pocket. I pull it out as I sit down and smile. I knew he would write me.

“Just saw you on tv. So cute with the hat and that beautiful smile. Won’t last long tho. Get ready to lose. Love u.”

I chuckle as I shake my head. He’s probably on his couch back in LA with a beer in one hand and his phone in the other one. Man, I miss him. It’s only been a couple of days but I wish he could be here with me and my family. But he can’t, I know. We know.

I reply quickly. “This smile is gonna be chasing you for a while, as we’re gonna win. Deal with it already. Love u too.”

He is definitely faster than me when texting. “Good cos I need that smile. Your team winning tho… not so sure.”

I decide not to reply to that; my brothers are teasing me and the game is about to start. I can’t sit still due to the excitement, and I’m not even the biggest basketball fan here. But I cheer, scream, clap and I’m having so much fun I don’t think I sit down for the first forty five minutes. 
After the Cardinals score a few times in a row, I decide to gather my brothers and the three of us take the goofiest selfie: open mouths as if cheering, hands doing the Louisville L sign and my tee shirt right in the middle of the picture. Picture that, obviously, I send to Josh. 

“Get it all out while you can, Lawrence family. It ain’t gonna last.”

“Love your necklace btw ;-)”

His second text makes me smile and forget about the game for a moment. We exchanged Christmas gifts in front of my family this year; it was not a big deal. But Josh saved the necklace for last. Once we were alone that evening, he pulled out the thin yet long velvet box and handed it to me. I thought it would be a bracelet, but when I opened it and found a heart shaped pendant, I went speechless. He knows how much I love wearing necklaces, and the heart- well, “it’s mine, and for you to keep,” he said that night. 

So it’s only fair that I wear his heart today. I know he would have killed to be here with me, so I like to think that in some way, he is here.

I’m about to reply to his last text but another one from him pops up. 

“Miss you x”

“Wish you were here with me. I’d be sitting on your lap and we’d be making fun of each other every time our teams scored haha. Miss you too xx”

“Maybe we can do that next year :)”

“Maybe. And I’ll get to see your loser face as I’m gonna miss it today :P”

“You still haven’t won so hold your horses, missy. I might be the one seeing your loser face on tv today.”

“You won’t. OMG my brothers are getting pizza!!!! xxx”

As soon as I see it coming I grab a slice and take a bite. I am hungry. Ben hands me a beer and then I realize I need an extra hand to keep texting Josh. Oh well, I’ll have to eat fast. 
But I’m not even halfway through the pizza when Blaine takes my phone and asks me to pose with the food. I open my mouth as wide as I can and pretend to be taking a huge bite. He snaps a pic and I see him add some text to it. Before I swallow and talk, he tosses my phone back to me.

“I sent it to Josh,” he says with a sly smile as he goes back to focusing on the game.

I clean my mouth and my hands, take a sip of my beer and check my phone. I see he has in fact sent the picture to my boyfriend, but my jaw drops as soon as I read what he’s written under it.

“You’ve probs seen this face a few times, but we all love her big mouth. She can def eat, huh? ;-)”

I punch him hard on the arm. “Blaine!! You’re gross.” I read his words again and I laugh a bit. Although I’m hoping Josh is not all freaked out. His reply comes a few seconds later.

“Thanks for the pic, Blaine. Gonna use it as my screensaver haha gotta love this face”

How does he know it was Blaine? Wow, he’s good. But also, gross! I quickly turn to my brother who is still laughing at his own joke. “You two are never talking again.”

“You better delete that pic or you won’t be seeing that face in a long time, Mr. Hutcherson.”

He answers so fast I laugh. “Deleted. Will you check the score now and see who’s winning? Love ya!”

I lift up my head only to find my team is losing by just a few points. Fuck. I put my phone in my pocket and ignore it every time it vibrates. I’m not answering Josh, I need to focus on the game I have come to watch with my family. It gets really interesting and competitive, which makes time fly. 
When we get to the last break, I ask my dad to walk me to the restrooms. We make our way there after stopping to take a picture with a couple of fan girls. I’m honest, as always, and tell them to rush as I really need to pee.
After I use the bathroom and wash my hands, I take a moment to check my phone and read all the texts Josh has been sending me.

“I guess you saw the score and don’t wanna talk. I understand. But I warned you.”

“Still praying for your team to win? Not gonna happen Jenny.”

“Ok stop ignoring me now. I’ll stop teasing :P”

“Heyyy :( Remember I’m home alone, feeling lonely, I get to see your face on tv every few minutes but that’s not enough :(”

“I really do hope you’re enjoying the game with your family :) I love seeing you smile this much xx”

“I love you, beautiful.”

“I really do love you.”

“Can’t wait to see you in a couple days.”

“I miss you xx”

“and love you”

“Ok I’m gonna stop now cos you’re gonna be pissed when you read all these annoying texts. Call me after the game xxx”

I smile. I smile so widely I feel my eyes getting all watery so I stop. I lean against the door and type out what is probably the longest text I have ever written in my life.

“Never stop texting me. I love reading you. I love knowing that you miss me and that you love me. I love you calling me beautiful, and even though I’ll never admit it to your face, I love it when you tease me over silly things, like a basketball game. I love how you think you can annoy me with texts when deep down you know you could never annoy me, with anything. I love that you like seeing me smile. And I love that you love me. And I love you, too xxx”

I press send before I regret it. I’ve never written anything like this before but I think he’ll like it. Before I let the emotional moment go away, I send him one last text.

“Your team is gonna win, but whatever. When it comes to us, I won ;)”