p sure this is fish

Fish walking in on Eddie and Ozzie pointing guns at each other

and she has shit to do and doesn’t have time to settle petty disputes

so she puts a hand to both of their cheeks and, using her powers, tells them to ‘kiss and make up, already’ so they can get on with important business like taking control of the city away from the Court

needless to say, the result is a little more than she bargained for


asteroid-dan  asked:

I would love to hear your thoughts on the new Dan and Phil games video! As I thought it was just so funny and cute :)

& I’ll combine this with another question I received: “Omg did they come off as insanely in love and coupley to you too as well in that video or is it just me??”

To start off with….I loved the video. So many great moments.

Did I think they seemed couple-y in this video? Well, I always think that lol. But I definitely agree that they gave off that vibe even more than usual. I of course can’t know for sure if they’re a couple but I’m 100% certain that they operate as a unit. As always, everything is “we” and “our” when it comes to them. I’m not saying that is completely unheard of for two best friends but it is certainly less common. This is something I am constantly bringing up but I do find it to be extremely telling. If you watched them while removing the pretense of “we’re just friends,” it would be nearly impossible to not not make assumptions. If you back up for a moment and look at their life, everything screams “couple.” Their house is not just a house, it’s a home. A home that they have built together, all of their belongings intertwined until there’s so little distinction between “mine” and “yours.” They’re not the typical roommates with post-it notes on their milk and separate shopping lists, that’s for sure. Those boundaries don’t seem to exist for them. They live as a couple. I can’t say that they are a couple but they do live as one. Sometimes I forget what is usually deemed as “typical” for two young males rooming together and then the realization hits and it’s just so blaringly obvious how different Dan and Phil are. They are clearly not conforming to that mold. 

Nearly 4 years of living together with no sign of wanting or preparing to move on? Instead we get domestic arguments about house plants and talk of future pets, joint gifts, meals and tv shows always together, coupley vacations and plans for a koi pond/garden oasis. It’s just so….apparent to me. I’m sorry, this isn’t intended to be some sort of “phan is real” post but wow but this video just struck a chord in me. There’s just something so special and different about what they have and at the end of the day it makes no difference what label is placed on it. They’re more of a unit than most couples I know. It’s really incredible.

Notable moments in the video under the cut…

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What I know about Undertale. (From someone who's never played it)
  • Sans: big boned skeleton boi. Likes puns. Smooth talker I think? Everyone wants the blue ghost dong.
  • Papyrus: tall skeleton boi. Robust and likes spaghetti. His eyes do a thing sometimes.
  • Frisk: smol pure child
  • Mettaton: brick robot. Game show host.
  • Mettaton EX: bitchy PTA mom. Gay robot. I guess he fights u??? Owns a restaurant and runs a talk show.
  • Alphys: is this the goat king or the goat scientist
  • Muffet: probably another enemy but I love her design. My girlfriend.
  • Flowey: asshole fuckin flower I'm p sure on this one
  • Undyne: buff fish lady. Probably lost her eye fighting her shark father. Apparently a huge dork
  • Temmie: dog? I think? Idek if this is a character tbh
  • Others I don't know the names of:
  • Goat scientist: mettaton's mom. Dating a skeleton brother?
  • Large knight dog: probably v nice but looks v scary
  • Anti-Frisk: I think this is like a ghost child? Or frisk from another dimension??
  • All of the rest: not on tumblr, probably not important. Can become your friends.
  • Fry cook cat: everyone draws him gettin fucked by mettaton? He is slimy.
  • Conclusion: is this like Homestuck
  • EDIT: I forgot one
  • Napstablook: sad ghost w/ headphones