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I'm intrigued by Wonwoo's relationship with the members, and where exactly he fits in. He doesn't have any other idol friends, and tbh that kind of worries me, the poor awkward bean.

Wonwoo is an interesting bean. In my experience writing with him, he’s always been a fun one to try and pin down. Since he’s more introverted, his role in the group is a much more subtle one. However, that ends up playing to his advantage more often than not. If I had to pin down a role musically for Wonwoo, it would be the impact hitter. When you want a bridge that sends chills down your spine, you get Wonwoo. When you want a rap verse that completely changes up the song, you get Wonwoo. His interesting, deep voice is a contrast to all the other members in the group, and I think his role in the group dynamic is similar. He’s a very good foil, he provides a very good contrast to members such as Hoshi and Mingyu. You can see this demonstrated in his individual relationships, how he interacts with each member and who he’s closest with. So I’ve decided to lay this post out like I did for the “Woozi’s relationships” post, going through each of his individual dynamics. So hopefully you enjoy this quick look through Wonwoo and his place in the group and his mindsets with his friendships!


For two people in the same unit, there’s not even that many interactions between the two members to analyze. I think the two of them have a pretty chill dynamic, where Coups pretty much gives Wonwoo the space to do his own thing without bothering him too much, and when Wonwoo is feeling playful he’ll open up to Coups because he doesn’t feel like Coups is too excitable or overbearing and easy to handle. It’s a very amicable, sweet dynamic, really. Coups respects Wonwoo’s boundaries and Wonwoo sometimes feels safe and happy enough to open up to playing around with Coups.


I discussed a few of Wonwoo’s relationships with members in this post about members who are awkward with one another, but the main one I want to bring up is Wonwoo and Jeonghan. In summary, if you’re not interested in reading that post, Wonwoo and Jeonghan very often point each other out as the member they’re most awkward with and this is likely because they both express affection through receiving and giving attention, however Wonwoo prefers the attention to be individual and to and from those who he really cares about and Jeonghan is very open about giving it and will sometimes try hard to get it from others, making Wonwoo seem too closed off to Jeonghan and Jeonghan too clingy and overbearing to Wonwoo. Despite this disconnect, when they make an effort to see things through one another’s eyes, they understand one another better than they think they do. It’s just a matter of being able to listen to what the other is saying, and it’s really a cute relationship that you can really cheer for them to become closer.


Similarly to Coups, there’s not a whole lot of content on Joshua and Wonwoo interactions, however it’s my belief that Joshua’s quiet but humorous nature causes Wonwoo to be a little more comfortable and drawn out of his shell. Generally, their interactions would be in the background whispering to each other, glancing at each other, making small jokes, or if Wonwoo’s feeling particularly comfortable, Wonwoo poking at Joshua’s arm or pretending to bite him. Again, it’s not a very strong dynamic, but it is a very friendly and relaxed dynamic that makes Wonwoo comfortable.


Wonhui is actually an established ship with a dynamic that is noticeable, so there’s quite a bit more content to elaborate on here. Wonwoo and Jun’s friendship stems from their similarities, but also their slight differences that balance each other out in their similarities. They’re both generally quiet people who become excitable when they’re around people they feel comfortable with, however Jun enjoys making his friends laugh and Wonwoo enjoys surrounding himself with people who can make him laugh. I’ve said this before, but a lot of Wonhui moments are very mundane, things like Jun asking Wonwoo’s opinion on ramen or Wonwoo attempting Chinese and Jun telling him that he’s working hard and getting better, but I think there’s a real charm and real feeling to those interactions. Their friendship becomes clearer when they’re not just close when entertainment value is high, they’re close in boring every day aspects as well. As well as this, there’s also a recurring theme in a lot of Wonwoo’s friendships that his friends are people who you generally think wouldn’t be his friends, people who seem hyper and excitable and too loud for him. Wonwoo’s friend circle is very balanced with people who play foil to him; who contrast him in a way that brings out the best parts of him, and I think Jun is no exception.


I think Soonwoo is a ship that not a whole lot of people saw coming. It flew under the radar pretty well up until about Boom Boom era, and it just grew and grew until culminating in the events of One Fine Day Japan when they had a cute playful rivalry running for almost the entirety of the show with the catchphrase “enemies who have good chemistry like friends”. And they do have good chemistry. Hoshi has a very iconic personality that Wonwoo enjoys being able to make fun of him for and Hoshi enjoys being able to make fun of Wonwoo too, usually to the swift punishment from him. In general, their relationship is like this. They’re very close, but they’re close on a level where they understand when they’re each only teasing and not trying to be mean, which opens up a whole new level of jokes and a fun dynamic of constantly poking fun at the other. Here’s some examples of Soonwoo chemistry.  Also, another subject I haven’t touched on yet is the fact that two prominent friendships of Wonwoo’s are in the same age line as him, born the same year. I tend to emphasize this sort of thing when I notice it, because Korean culture really puts a lot of emphasis on formality in age difference. It’s a very natural thing to be closer to those who are a similar age to you due to the cultural importance placed on proper speech and actions around older people, and while it’s not everything, it does factor into potential friendships, especially for someone like Wonwoo who might have a hard time approaching others to begin with.


This is another ship without a lot of content, and since it involves two members who both aren’t known for being the first to approach other members to break the ice. It’s not a bad thing, though, they don’t seem to dislike each other. Maybe in the future, there’ll be some more interactions with them! 


Right off the bat, this pair has my most favorite gif in the history of ever

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From what I can tell, they have a dynamic similar to Joshua’s. DK is sweet and outgoing enough to make Wonwoo come out of his shell a little, but most of their interactions are lowkey and in the background. Although the difference I would note is that they take more selfies together. Possibly, they hang out together much more on a casual basis, or possibly they just match each other well aesthetically. I think the takeaway is this: Wonwoo prefers not to draw too much attention to his relationships, and isn’t as outright about it as some others might be. This’ll be brought back up in talking about Meanie, but if it helps make you less worried about him, he seems to have a lot of members who he’s at least comfortable being around, he just prefers to be quiet and not as out front about it. So maybe he has some idol friends that he prefers to keep in touch with quietly, without drawing attention to them.


Oh. I guess this is the next one up… That last part feels a bit anticlimatic since we’re getting right into it. I don’t think there’s very many Seventeen fans who don’t know the Meanie ship, especially early era/debut era fans. It was a very popular ship, rivaled in size by Jihan and Soonseok, however recently from Mansae era forward it’s begun to fall out of the light a bit. Why? Well, as I mentioned before, it seems that Wonwoo likes to keep a lot of his relationships away from the spotlight, and I’m thinking Meanie got a little too much attention and it started to scare him away a little. I think friendships don’t come naturally to Wonwoo, as he’s a bit more introverted, and while he does try hard, he’s also a little scared of messing up, and the pressure of thousands of people constantly watching you hanging out with your best friend might sap the ease out of letting loose and having a good time. However, as he acclimates and adjusts to the environment, he seems to be getting a little more comfortable and he starts to be able to enjoy himself again. Wonwoo and Mingyu are like peanut butter and jelly, cliched as the comparison may be. They’re almost polar opposites, and they work so well together that their friendship comes off as very comfortable and natural. Mingyu makes him laugh and naturally accepts Wonwoo’s quiet attention without pushing him into bigger things. Wonwoo encourages Mingyu to slow down and Mingyu encourages Wonwoo to work hard and come out of his shell. All considered, Meanie is the most infamous of the Wonwoo friendships, and they work well together, and hopefully they continue moving past the awkwardness.


It’s seemed to me that Wonwoo and The8 are kindred spirits in the group. Their circle of friends are almost exactly the same, their personalities bear some resemblance at a base level as well. On a broad sense of their dynamic, I would say it’s a slight reverse dynamic because I think The8 would find Wonwoo a little cute and charming. Since he’s used to hanging out with loud people such as Jun and Mingyu, someone like Wonwoo who is quiet but also likes to laugh would be a nice change of pace for him, and the same would go for Wonwoo. While it would be a bit awkward at first, their paths do overlap due to their similar friend circles and I think they ended up naturally becoming pretty good, casual friends. 


I actually really love the dynamic of Wonwoo and Vernon. They start off a lot like S. Coups and Wonwoo, they’re in the same unit but there’s nothing to really compel them to hang out, but there’s one key difference: Vernon is younger than Wonwoo. S.coups and Vernon get most of the attention in Hip hop unit, and S.coups is older so he can’t really do much about it, but it would be really easy for Wonwoo for harbor animosity towards Vernon. Wonwoo has a really unique rapping tone and some really great lyrics, but he seems to be outshone by Vernon in a lot of cases and he could’ve been bitter over it. However, their dynamic ended up a lot more friendly like a big brother who cares for his younger brother. He hypes him up during his solo parts, he bounces around onstage and dances with him, and will even throw an arm around him. His attitude towards Vernon seems to be a lot more encouraging and lighthearted instead of bitter, and that’s really sweet and awesome and great to see. It’s one of the things that makes Hip hop unit such a pleasure to watch, the support they have for one another even when it could’ve been the opposite.


More than anything else, I think Wonwoo’s relationship to Seungkwan is one of admiration. While it seems he’s not always a fan of the spotlight, I think he can appreciate when he notices how Seungkwan keeps control of situations and is able to make everything sound so exciting and fun. Wonwoo isn’t the first person who comes to mind when I think of “overflowing love for his dongsaengs”, but when it comes to Seungkwan he really seems to just melt for him. Lots of laughing and smiling, lots of relaxing out of his shell, and even more skinship than usual for Wonwoo. It’s really sweet to see how much Wonwoo takes care of Seungkwan and watches out for him, and their dynamic is unlike any of Wonwoo’s other relationships.


Although, that being said, Wonwoo and Dino are also close in a similar fashion. However, as opposed to Wonwoo thinking Seungkwan is cool, I think Wonwoo wants Dino to look up to him. Dino looks up to a lot of members, like Hoshi and Vernon and even Woozi, and I think Wonwoo tries his hardest around Dino to be someone he can look up to as well. Dino has a lot of potential, and I think Wonwoo sees that and (here’s where there’s a bit of similarity between him and Jeonghan appears) he wants to be someone who helps Dino reach his potential in the future. They aren’t terribly awkward around each other, I think Dino realizes Wonwoo’s intent and pays attention to him, and this leads to a nice cute friendship between the two of them. I hope in the future Dino starts to take his lyrics to Wonwoo and Wonwoo’s able to help him and they get even closer <3

So, in conclusion, Wonwoo really is hard to pin down in his relationships and he’s very interesting to explore. A lot of his relationships, we just don’t know much about because he’s a more background kind of person, and some it seems it’s hard for him to become closer with because he’s not a proactive initiator type of person. However, as he gets more comfortable being in the spotlight, both in his personal relationships and in his relationships with the fans, we’ve seen him break out and grow and hopefully soon we can see him start to make friends with other idols and really find where he belongs in the industry, as well as pursuing some of his other passions such as OST singing and such~


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