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Keep Going

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This is for my hoe @whywhydoyouwantmetosaymyname​​ Orion’s 1K Follower Writing Challenge. I got the quote ‘Life is suffering. It is hard. The world is cursed. But still, you find reasons to keep living’-Princess Mononoke. Not sure if I asked for a specific gender or even a specific pairing, but I went with Dean x Reader. Hope that’s ok!!

Characters: Y/n, Dean, OC Ellie

Pairing: Dean x Y/n (GENDER NEUTRAL)


Warnings: Angst, broken Dean, mentions of character death, neglectful John, sadness. Fluff and hope at the end!! Sorta depressed Dean I guess? Not specified, but you could take it that way.

Word Count: 1423

Summary: Y/n sees the changes in Dean and tries to understand what’s going through his mind.

A/N: Ok, so some angst cos…this quote kinda screamed it. But there’s fluff too, so yayyy!! Also, this is kinda AU I guess. No specific AU, just a non hunting world. Hope u like it!!

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You saw what was happening with him.

The way he’d barely speak anymore. His eyes always tired, bags growing as his hair became a mess.  

He barely shaved. He’d spend longer than usual in the shower. He wouldn’t look at you or Ellie.

You knew he was a mess.

Why? There was no reason.

Not really.

This was just Dean.

He’d always been this way.

Take away the bubbly, sweet, slightly cocky mask he wore, he was just a damaged and hurt little boy.

You knew he blamed himself.

He blamed himself for everything.

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Down For This

Someone come throw a bible at me

Prompt: There really wasn’t none oops–
Group: Shinee
Member: Lee Taemin/Taemin
Rating: NC-17 honestly
Word Count: 6,354

Warnings: NSFW and some very bad porn I’m so rry

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Being stressed was not in your vocab you thought to yourself, watching your students go home. You packed up, phone in hand to head home and relax. Tomorrow was your samba classes and you were going to need everything in your power to not be upset about teaching these dancers by yourself. You were soon in your car blasting the latest jam music while you drove back to your flat.

You hope to all the gods and back that you’ll be blessed with a helper soon.

Or you were going to go crazy.

Which would be bad because who has bail money for your crazy ass?

You made it home soon to do the normal. Feed yourself then watch a bit of tv. Make sure your friend didn’t visit and steal some outfits. Feed the occasional stray cat then take your slow bath with relaxing candles and the love of your life (a glass of wine). You felt that you relaxed more tonight. Some sudden unknown peace and calm filling you from the balls of your feet to the nerves in your scalp. Tomorrow is going to be a good day you think to yourself as you tuck yourself in. You just knew that it was for some reason and fell asleep. Constant blurs of colors moving in synchronization are your dreams of this night rather than the black nothing that consists of a stressful day.

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Passing Notes

Word Count : 2156

“So Y/N, what is it today?” Hermione took a seat next to you in the Great Hall, Ron and Harry a few steps behind her.

“I look pretty today.” You blushed and handed her the little note. You’ve been getting this little notes for a while now. Each one was different but all of them always put a smile on your face. It didn’t matter how bad or tiring your day was, these little notes always seemed to make you feel better and brighten your mood. Unfortunately none of them had a name written on them so you couldn’t find or thank whoever it was that always wrote them to you. It was eating away at you not knowing who they were from but at the same time you were scared to find out. As much as you didn’t wanted to, you couldn’t help but think about what if you didn’t like them back? It was really sweet that they took time out of their day everyday to write you a note and hide it somewhere you’d find it but you didn’t want to even think about having to turn down their feelings because you liked someone else. 

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@pastej Well.. here it is. My English is a mess, I mean, it’s fine to write some shitty stuff about characters and posts like that, but to actually write a story? Ugh, I’m a mess… BUT! I had to do something with this, because when we talked about that college au, I just felt like I had to! 

And here it is, a little something about a college au in which Yahaba and Kyoutani are taking Music major and they are neighbors. Kyoutani plays some very loud music in the middle of the night and Yahaba just had enough… but it might be something else there~

“For the last time, let it go. He is not stalking you”

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Betrayal- Part 5

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Genre: Angst, NC-17

Word Count:1420

Warning: Contains sexual content

“You should come with me.”

“No, I can’t. She doesn’t want to see me.”


“I’m not ready to see her right now, I…I just…I don’t deserve it.”


“Kyungsoo. Go back and take care of her for me. I can’t be there, and I’m sorry. Don’t worry about me. As long as she’s ok…”

“Dae, please…”

Jongdae sighed and pushed his half-eaten kimchi spaghetti away. “I can’t eat anymore.”

They sat in silence.

“Is she eating?”

“Yeah…I just got her to eat something this morning. She couldn’t eat for the past few days…”

“But our…our baby.” He hung his head. “I fucked up so bad, I don’t think I can ever-”


Jongdae sighed and retreated back into himself. Kyungsoo cautiously watched him.



“Thank you. For coming to find me. It really helped and I don’t,” he choked on his words, “I don’t think I would’ve been able to do anything if you didn’t. Eat, drink, sleep…live-”

Kyungsoo placed his hand over Jongdae’s knee, stopping him mid sentence. His silence protested against Jongdae’s thoughts.

And he heard the silence.

And listened.

Jongdae sniffed and rubbed his eyes. “I’ll be ok.”

Kyungsoo nodded encouragingly.

“Can you…can you come and check on me tomorrow?”

“Of course, Dae.”

“Sorry about the mess…you cleaned it all up.”

“Dae, it was nothing. I live with Chanyeol.”

And maybe, just maybe, Kyungsoo saw the corners of Jongdae’s lips curve upwards into a shadow of a grin. But as soon as he thought he saw it…

It was gone.

He refused to believe it was his imagination.

Kyungsoo stepped out of his shoes.

It was quiet.

Maybe Chanyeol was sleeping.

He sighed, not ready to confront anyone at the moment.

He ruffled his hair. “I really need to let off some steam…” he muttered to himself.

A soft knock.

Kyungsoo glanced behind him.

There was a figure at the door.

A tall, lean figure.

In a pressed, dark grey suit.

Kyungsoo yanked the door open, unable to believe his eyes.


“Y-you’re back!”

“I missed you.” Jongin slowly stepped inside, putting his suitcase off to the side.

“I-I missed you too.”

Once his bags were in place, Jongin spun around and grabbed Kyungsoo’s wrists, pushing him with his body and slammed the door shut with his foot. Kyungsoo stumbled backwards into the wall and Jongin pinned his arms above their heads, slipping a thigh between Kyungsoo’s legs. Kyungsoo let out a muffled moan as Jongin began attacking his lips with bruising kisses.

“I missed you so much,” Jongin breathed between greedy tugs and hungry tastes.

“Y-you shouldn’t leave your phone.”

“I…had my phone…what do you-”

“You left…m-mmm…your p-personal one,” Kyungsoo stuttered breathlessly.

Jongin pulled away, eyes filled with confusion and worry. His gaze melted Kyungsoo’s heart, making him feel like the most precious thing that has ever existed.

“Have you been ok? You’ve called my business one if you’ve ever needed anything before…why my personal-”

He read the sultry glint in Kyungsoo’s eyes, and his worry was overthrown by lust.


Jongin leaned in and pressed his mouth against the shell of Kyungsoo’s ear. Kyungsoo’s eyes fluttered shut and his mouth involuntarily parted ever so slightly. Jongin’s breath feathered along the side of his neck, sending wild shivers racing up and down his spine.

Kyungsoo squirmed.

Jongin held him still. One hand caged his wrists, and the other pressed against Kyungsoo’s chest. His heart was pounding against his hand.

Jongin loved that feeling.

“What were you going to do if I had my personal phone, hmm?” His voice was low and husky.

Kyungsoo’s back arched away from his tickling breath.

Jongin pushed him flat against the wall again.

“When would you call?” His finger traced a little circle above Kyungsoo’s restless pulse. “At midnight? While everyone’s asleep?”

Kyungsoo nodded frantically.

“How would you want me to listen?”

“S-Speak-speakerphone,” Kyungsoo breathed, barely able to form words.

Jongin grazed his lips over the vein running down Kyungsoo’s neck. “Naughty, naughty…you know…hotel walls aren’t that thick. The CEO was in the next room.”

“I…h-haah…I-I know.”

“Mmmm…my naughty baby…would you want me to talk you through it, or would you already be touching yourself with those pretty little hands of yours?” He swirled his tongue over a spot next to the vein, letting him know where his next target was.

“Nnng…t-t-touching, b-but talk me through i-it…please.” His eyes were squeezed shut as his imagination pulled him away from reality.

“Soo…baby, I’m right here…” Jongin began nipping at the area he had chosen.

“I-I’ll make sure the CEO knows that K-Kim Jongin…fuck…that Kim Jongin was next door.”

Jongin sucked on the spot hard.

A broken moan fled Kyungsoo’s lips.

“I-I…I’ll call you while you’re in a meeting a-and…and I’ll be right on the edge…a-ahh and-”

“Fuck, Soo, you’re making me so hard.” He rolled his hips to prove his point.



Again and again and again.

Kyungsoo was reduced to a shuddering mess.

Jongin then worked his way down Kyungsoo’s neck to his chest. He freed Kyungsoo’s hands and held onto his shoulders instead, still keeping him in place. Kyungsoo’s fingers threaded through Jongin’s hair and his head hit the wall when Jongin chose another spot to leave additional territorial marks.

The feeling of Jongin’s lips over his skin.

He missed this so much.

The taste of Kyungsoo on his tongue.

Jongin could hardly wait any longer.

“J-Jongin, I…I need to t-tell you something.”


“I kicked Chanyeol out for a while.” Kyungsoo could feel the smirk against his skin.

“Oh, is that so?”

Kyungsoo nodded, cheeks flushing as Jongin began to lightly nibble above his collarbone.

“And why was that?” Jongin mused and started sucking on the soft flesh.

“He-haah…h-he tried to make a move on me.”

Jongin stiffened. “He…what?” The deadly whisper sent a wave of fear coursing through Kyungsoo’s body.

“H-he-he tried to t-touch me-ahh!”

Jongin growled possessively and bit down a little harder.

“A-a-ahh…I-I told him to…f-fuck…to fuck off and slammed the door in his face.”

Jongin released him and lightly blew on the second purpling spot, causing Kyungsoo to shudder.


A loud crash resounded from the kitchen followed shortly by Chanyeol yelling curses at the frying pans. Jongin stared down at Kyungsoo with a hardened gaze. “He’s back?”

“He’s been behaving.”

Jongin kissed him hard.

“I need to punish him anyway,” he muttered as their lips disconnected.

“I’ve been keeping him preoccupied.”

“How so?” he asked, taking Kyungsoo’s hand and leading them into the kitchen where Chanyeol was still quietly cursing at the kitchenware.


Jongin raised an eyebrow.

“It’s a long story and I’ll explain it all to you later but-”

“JONGIN, YOU’RE HOME!!!” Chanyeol rushed to the pair, arms open for a hug, almost tripping over himself.

“Chanyeol, shut up! Y/N’s trying to-”

Jongin gripped the front of Chanyeol’s shirt and slammed him into the wall, eyes aflame with silent rage.

“Ow! Jongin, what the fuck are you-”

“You don’t ever touch Kyungsoo without my permission,” he snarled, words dripping with acid.

“Wooow,” Chanyeol said, rolling his eyes at Kyungsoo, “you snitched on me? C’mon, we both know you liked it.”

Jongin slammed him again and pressed his arm against Chanyeol’s neck, slowly closing his air pipe. Chanyeol’s breath hitched and his eyes rolled back at the sensation before snapping into focus again. “Fine, whatever,” he whispered hoarsely with a smirk.

Jongin pressed harder.

Chanyeol let out a strangled moan as he completely lost his ability to breathe. He closed his eyes, losing his concentration to the tingling numbness in his lips and the tips of his fingers and the throbbing heat that was beginning to engulf his body. But after a few moments, his calm demeanor cracked and he began struggling, His legs started shaking and his arms weakly pulled at Jongin’s shirt.

Jongin pressed harder against the attempt to fight back, and Kyungsoo gently placed a warning hand on his hip.

“Ok, ok…I’m sorry…” It was barely audible, and Chanyeol frantically tapped the wall behind him three times.

Jongin released him and he fell to his knees, hacking out coughs and gasping as oxygen flooded back into his lungs.

Jongin grabbed Kyungsoo’s hand, interweaving their fingers and started walking away, pulling Kyungsoo along behind him. “That’s only the start of your punishment.”

Chanyeol looked up with adrenalized, dilated eyes, panting hard. “I’ll be looking forward to it,” he rasped out, clearing his throat. His conceited smile pulling at the corners of his lips again.


I just dug myself a hole….do you hear that? It’s the sound of me drowning in smut requests ^^

Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Finale

A Sexy Teacher {Peter Pan x Reader}

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Request: yes,Hey could you do a Peter pan imagine where he teaches the reader to give a blow job? Love ur blog btw

Summary: Peter is horny and asks the reader to give him a blow job. The reader doesn’t know how so Peter teaches them. 

Warning: SMUT! {Dont like, dont read} Swearing, bit of fluff. 

Peter watched from a distance as his beloved girlfriend, Y/n danced around the burning fire laughing and smiling brightly. She certainly was a gem, a rare one at that. Y/n was brought by Shadow. Peter was quite shocked that a girl was even brought to Neverland. He still remembers it like it was yesterday. 

“What is in that bloody shadow’s head?! Why did he bring a girl!?” Peter snarled as he looked down on the unconscious girl laying upon the sand.

Bending his knees holding his weight, he studied the girl. His hand traveled across her body from her thighs to her brushing hair out of her sleeping eyes lids. Peter let out a huff of breath, not exactly knowing what to do. This girl was beautiful. 

“What do you want to do Pan?” Felix spoke up seeing his leader in deep thought.

Peter rubbed his chin with his thumb thinking it over. He let out a small grin before standing up straight and turning to Felix. 

“Lets make our guest welcome, of course!”

Ever since that day, Peter never regretted taking Y/n under his wing. He soon enough found out her story. She lost her family when she got lost in a store cause she wanted a certain toy. She was 5. When her parents never found her or tried to. She was put into foster care. Constantly going from home to home, by the time Y/n was 16. She had been through 20 homes. Not a single one kept her until Y/n ran away.

Shadow had found her and brought her to Neverland out of pity. Y/n seemed to fit in so well. She was tough and loved fighting with the lost boys. She enjoyed listening to Peter play his music and dance around the fire. She loved playing games and hunting for food. Y/n loved Neverland and she also liked Peter.

Y/n had a crush on Peter since she had first awoken on the island. She was shy around Peter and seem to blush and stutter. It was just she felt so giddy and excited. Peter noticed it and had a small crush on her. He won’t admit but as soon as Y/n told him. Peter swore his heart stopped then race a thousand miles a minute. 

After that, Peter and Y/n began dating. It was kept a secret for awhile until a lost boy named Devin had caught them and became blabbermouth telling all the lost boys. Y/n knew it wasn’t gonna last long with their relationship being secret, but it was fun while it lasted. It took the lost boys some time to get used to the fact that Peter was dating a girl. They all noticed that Y/n made him happy so they let it be except for a couple of lost boys who wanted to spend some “time” with her. Peter without Y/n knowing eliminated those boys. 

Peter sat on a log holding his pan flute. He smiled as Y/n danced and cheer around. He really cared for her but that thought disappeared. Peter saw as Y/n’s shirt rose up showing her bare skin. 

Peter’s eyes darkened with lust as he tried to control himself. He’s had lots of urges with Y/n and wild fantasies. He’s always dreamed of what Y/n’s mouth felt like and how she worked her tongue. Peter groaned softly trying to shake the fact that he was horny. He could feel himself get excited as his mind went more places. He wanted her so much, to touch her, make her feel so aroused. To make sure that Y/n knew that she was truly his. 

Peter crossed his legs to hide his boner from anyone. He kept as still as possible as to try and not show that he was having urges. It was almost impossible, he felt his pants tighten around his cock. Peter groaned again covering his mouth, he didn’t notice that Y/n had stopped dancing and looked at him in concern. 

She walked over and bend over to the trembling boy and softly placed the back of her hand on his forehead. Peter jumped in surprise gripping her wrist tightly but quickly let it go seeing it was just his girlfriend. Peter let out a sigh of relief that almost came out as a moan. 

“You feeling alright Peter? You look nervous and feel warm.” Y/n asked stroking her hand against Peter’s cheek. 

Peter closed his eyes leaning his head into her touch kissing the palm of her hand. He felt like he was unstable, like if she continued he would take her right there. 

“Love, let’s just say..” Peter mumbled loud enough for Y/n to hear. 

“I wanna play a game” Peter eyes snapped, opening showing that they were no longer a forest green but a dark emerald with signs of lust buried within them. 

Y/n blushed as Peter’s hands began to travel her sides and grip her shirt pulling her into his lap. She yelped in surprise feeling his boner pressed against her stomach.

“See what you do to me , Love?” He growled simply giving a nip on the crook of her neck. 

Y/n moaned as she ran her fingertips throughout Peter’s light brown hair. Peter’s hands gripped her waist holding her in place as he planted kisses all over her neck. Y/n bite her lip beginning to dig her nails into Peter’s shoulder. Her wandered as she saw some lost boys staring while other minded their own business. 

“P-Peter..we should go somewhere we can be alone.” Y/n stated panting to keep herself from moaning. 

With a snap of his fingers, Y/n saw that they were in his bedroom in his treehouse. Y/n felt Peter began to suck and lick on areas creating hickies and love bites galore. Y/n could see how big they were in the mirror that showed the full body of Peter and Y/n. 

“Peter these are huge!” Y/n panted feeling Peter smirk against her skin.

“That’s the point, Love. You are mine. I want everyone to know.”  

Y/n huffed as Peter directed their bodies onward to the bed until Y/n put her hands on Peter’s chest stopping him. Y/n’s face was flushed a deep red and looked down avoiding Peter’s eyes. 

Peter’s face went from cocky to concern. 

“Darling, is everything ok?”

“Peter…I’m not ready for….sex yet.. I’m sorry…” Y/n admitted looking ashamed. 

Peter let out a small smile and lifter her chin up to look at him.

“Y/n look at me.” Y/n looked at Peter staying quiet.

“I may be a selfish and cocky boy but i’m willing to do anything to make you happy.” 

Y/n smiled but frowned.

“What about you? You’re all excited and it must hurt?”

Peter tsked pushing off the pain that Y/n mentioned. She wasn’t kidding, it did begin to hurt since it was hard and throbbing against his tight pants. 

“I can fix myself later love, I care bout you more.”

Y/n pouted and cupped Peter’s face.

“I feel wanna, I wanna pleasure you.”

Peter sighed kissing the palm of her hands gently.

“You sure love?” Y/n nodded answering to his question. 

“Well, you could give me a blowjob..” Peter flushed a bit embarrassed himself, scratching the back of his neck. 

Y/n blushed and giggled nervously.

“Peter…I don’t know how..” 

Peter chuckled nuzzling his nose into her hair taking in her scent. Leaning down to whisper into her sensitive ears, he spoke.

“Don’t worry love. I’ll teach you.” 

Y/n blushes nodding wanting to pleasure her boyfriend the best she could. 

“Get on your knees first dear, then unbuckle my belt.” Peter ordered in a soft but eager voice. 

Y/n inhaled a deep breath and got on her knees rising her hands up to unbuckle the belt that held Peter’s pants up and his shirt taut together. Once the belt was unbuckled Peter’s pants dropped and his member sprung upwards standing tall and proud with some pre-cum leaking out. 

Y/n orb’s began to widened. She could barely find her voice as Peter chuckled at her reaction. He…was so big. Maybe a good 6 inches. Not too big but not too small. 

“Like what you see, darling?” Peter smirked as he began to rub her the top of her head enjoying how willingly she was to try and do this. 

Y/n nodded and blushed as her fingers began to shake as she was nervous. What if she didn’t do anything right? She had never done anything like this before. She didn’t want to mess up she wanted to make Peter good. 

“Ready, love? Take it slow and give a nice lick on my tip.” 

He watched with eyes full of lust as Y/n opened her mouth letting her tongue produce itself. She pushed her tongue to his tip and moves it up giving it a lick. Peter groaned softly. 

“That’s right Y/n nice and slow, give a couple more before taking me into your mouth.” 

Y/n huffed in reply as she began to licking his tip getting the flavor of his cum in her mouth. She listened as Peter groaned and tighten his grip on her head. Feeling bold she took a part of his cock in her mouth and began to swirl her tongue around himself and rubs his base.  

Peter took a sharp intake of breath not expecting Y/n so move on the next step so quickly. 

“C-Careful love, I don’t w-want you to rush y-yourself.” 

Y/n hummed in response and moved at a faster pace taking him in more and more each time. Her ears rang with Peter’s moans and groans, his hand tugged in her hair not wanting anymore teasing.

“T-Take me whole Y/n..I need it” Peter begged closing his eyes. 

Y/n smirked as she listened to Peter’s pleas. In one quick movement, she took him whole in her mouth, deep throating him. Peter moaned loudly pulling on her hair. Y/n started to bob her head getting faster and dragging her teeth on his cock not to bite but to leave a burning sensation. 

Whatever Y/n couldn’t fit in her mouth, she began to rub with her hands. Around, up and down. Any way she think of think, she rubbed. Peter tried to give instructions but couldn’t with moans and groans that blocked his words. 

Y/n felt his dick twitch in her mouth letting her know that he was close. Peter began to thrust himself tugging on her hair hard. 

“Oh fuck love! That feel nice, really good. Oh god~” 

Using her other hand she squeezed his balls as she felt his dick twitch frantically before climaxing her mouth and down her throat. Peter groaned loudly but panting softly. Y/n whimper softly before swallowing all of Peter’s load. She pulled off of his dick as a strand of saliva connected the two. 

She looked up at Peter with hooded eyes, as she was tired from giving her boyfriend pleasure. Peter smiled before snapping his fingers. Peter’s pants were pulled back up and his belt was re-buckled. Y/n’s face was cleaned up, as she panted. 

Peter picked up Y/n bridal style nuzzling her close and carefully as she was a porcelain doll. Y/n smiled and pecked Peter’s cheek snuggling into his chest feeling his warmth and listening to his heartbeat. 

Y/n closes her eyes as Peter placed her down on their bed and laid down himself down next to her, pulling her into his arms. Kissing the top of her forehead, Peter rubbed Y/n’s stomach soothing her tired mind.

“Get some rest Love, you were magnificent. You took me by surprise. You deserve a prize but later my queen.” 

Y/n yawned nodding as she laid her head on his chest. Closing her eyes, Y/n fell into darkness dreaming of her dark yet charming prince of Neverland. 

Peter held her close, enjoying her company. He still never regretted the day, Y/n first came to Neverland.

III. and in the shadows of their dreams

summary: they’re in japan and nothing seems to make sense, so they hide in hotel rooms and pretend they can’t see what’s right in front of them, and it works, for a while. (badlands au chapter 3- based off of ‘drive’)

word count: 5.8k (chapter 3)

warnings: lots of swearing, alcohol, mentions of sex, kind of smut but also not lmao

a/n: this chapter is longer than i expected it to be and i spent so long writing it that i thought my eyes were going to fall ouT but i hope you like it, messages and feedback is always appreciated <3 also, thank you for all the support for the series!!! it seriously makes me so happy that people are enjoying it and i really hope you enjoy this chapter as well <33 as always a massive thank yuo to @adorablehowell for betaing amy you are the BEST <333 read it on ao3 here!! // chapter 1


It still baffles me that caring too much about someone drives that person away. What, is it because you’re scared of being responsible? You can’t reciprocate? You’re afraid of not being able to do the same? Because if that’s the case then I don’t want this kind of modern idealization of love if it means I’d have to hide how I feel about someone all the time just to keep things interesting.

— Keen Malasarte, tired of this bullshit convention.

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Peel Away The Bark

I’ve spent the weekend feeling rather miserable all around, so here’s a really quick vent fic. A brief look at the Week of Sardonyx and some of its aftermath. Vaguely Pearl/Garnet, and some Pearl and Steven bonding time. No warnings, ~1400 words

Peel Away The Bark

Sardonyx has been in wars and won battles almost single-handedly. It feels so very easy to forget, sometimes, with her layers and layers of glittery performance and immeasurably skilled, cheerful artifice. But there are times when the sound of a warhammer coming down on Homeworld troops echoes from across the ages, eerily incongruous with the laughter and the magic tricks and the rest of the set dressing.

In reality, the shards and dust left in Sardonyx’s wake then are very much like what she’s now done to her relationship with Garnet, Pearl thinks, sardonically - and oh, Sardonyx would have loved that one. Such a pity she won’t be around to hear it anytime soon. If ever - honestly, she wouldn’t blame Garnet at all. She wouldn’t blame anyone.

Pearl, you needy, greedy wreck.

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