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Can’t Go Back

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This is for ma hoe @wayward-mirage​​​​ Rat Pack Challenge. I got the song ‘You’ll Never Know’-Frank Sinatra.

Characters: Y/n, Dean, Sam


Warnings: Angst, argument, abandoned reader, regret, self hate. Just all angst.

Word Count: 1861

Summary: Dean finds himself back where he should be. But Y/n isn’t with him.

A/N: Ok, so some angst cos…this song just gave me a load of angst. I’m hoping it’s really angsty. I have no idea. Either way, hope u like it!!

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“No. No. NO!”

Dean frantically scratched at the floor, the doorway, anything he could get to, so he could get back to you.

He turned back to Sam, eyes pouring with tears, not caring who saw him.


Sam swallowed hard, his heart pounding as the rage poured out of Dean.

“I…I did what I had to”, he stuttered, knowing Dean wasn’t going to accept this. 

Not with you still there.


Dean choked on his words, his vision completely blurred as he felt his heart break.

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Down For This

Someone come throw a bible at me

Prompt: There really wasn’t none oops–
Group: Shinee
Member: Lee Taemin/Taemin
Rating: NC-17 honestly
Word Count: 6,354

Warnings: NSFW and some very bad porn I’m so rry

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Being stressed was not in your vocab you thought to yourself, watching your students go home. You packed up, phone in hand to head home and relax. Tomorrow was your samba classes and you were going to need everything in your power to not be upset about teaching these dancers by yourself. You were soon in your car blasting the latest jam music while you drove back to your flat.

You hope to all the gods and back that you’ll be blessed with a helper soon.

Or you were going to go crazy.

Which would be bad because who has bail money for your crazy ass?

You made it home soon to do the normal. Feed yourself then watch a bit of tv. Make sure your friend didn’t visit and steal some outfits. Feed the occasional stray cat then take your slow bath with relaxing candles and the love of your life (a glass of wine). You felt that you relaxed more tonight. Some sudden unknown peace and calm filling you from the balls of your feet to the nerves in your scalp. Tomorrow is going to be a good day you think to yourself as you tuck yourself in. You just knew that it was for some reason and fell asleep. Constant blurs of colors moving in synchronization are your dreams of this night rather than the black nothing that consists of a stressful day.

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Into the night - Chapter 100

“Are you sure you don’t want me to come with you, I could talk to her, make her see sense, you know? She’s my friend too and I flew all the way down here for her” Nahla let go of Noah’s hand for a second as she walked up to him so the child wouldn’t hear, “I know, Nahla, I know you care about her, but I really need to talk to her in private this time,  I promise we’ll all go see her once this is settled, ok? but right now I need you to stay with Noah, he’s had enough to deal with lately” they all had..why could this not be as simple as hitting some reset button to erase the memories of the past and start over?. “Yeah..ok..” Nahla sighed a little dissapointed but she stepped back and wanted to take Noah’s hand but the boy pulled it away from her, clutching both his arms around his doll instead and just stared at Jared without saying a word until he broke eyecontact and closed the frontdoor behind him. Tom waited for him at the end of his driveway “Rough night, huh? I’m sorry for dumping all this on you yesterday, I..” he apologized as he saw the dark rings under Jared’s eyes, but he just shrugged “let’s just go and convince her to come home where she belongs”. Jordan stopped in her tracks on her way to the kitchen, where was she going? She was on her way to do something, but what? The last couple of days it felt like there was a huge hole in her head, she had so much difficulty concentrating on anything, her thoughts were starting to become such a blur like now, she knew she had to do something in the kitchen but what was it? Ok, think Jordan, think..she closed her eyes and forced herself to trace back her steps, she had gotten up, she had come down the stairs..and then what?..she had put water in that thing and pushed a button..what was the water for again? Oh..coffee, of course, coffee. The ringing of the doorbell made her stop in her tracks, and stare at nothing at all for a few seconds before she plodded over to the door and opened it. “Hey Babe…” Jared’s heart jumped in his chest “can we talk?”, Jordan stared at the two men on her doorstep without saying a word while behind her Per came walking down the stairs as well, tying up the belt of his bathrobe “I really don’t think that’s a good idea, gentlemen”. The voice of that man always made her skin crawl so she stepped back and pulled the door open a little further to let them in “Per, it’s ok, they..want..to talk” she walked up to her nurse who shook his head and hissed at her “No, it’s not ok, you still need to take your meds”. Meds, meds, meds it was all this guy could talk about, every time she took them her brain got all fuzzy again, “excuse me, but I don’t appreciate your tone of voice with her” Jared walked up to them “I’m the one who’s paying you, remember? so I would appreciate it if you gave us some privacy while I talk to my girlfriend, alright?” the ice in his voice made Per take a step back and go back upstairs where he came from. “I could say something really sarcastic right now, like how glad I am that I’m not the only one on the receiving end of your wrath, but I’m not going to..I guess I’m just too much of a childish brat for that” Jordan huffed and walked to the kitchen.

”Coffee?” she asked all casual, trying to hide the fog in her head but when she stood there with the hot kettle in her hand looking ever so lost, Tom stepped in “it’s ok, why don’t you sit down? I’ll get the coffee” he took the kettle from her hands and guided her to a chair. “I missed you, so much..” Jared reached for her hand as she sat down and their eyes locked for the first time in a while, “Did you?” she batted her eyelashes and pulled her hand away. Tom put the cups in front of them and sat down himself “Jordan, come on, of course he misses you, we all do, I know for a fact that Noah misses you terribly”, her head shot up hearing his name “Noah, how is he? Is he ok?” the worry in her voice take everyone’s breath away. “He’s fine but we do need to talk about him, especially about his future” Tom sipped his coffee, “what? But Tom?” she stammered but it was Jared who grabbed her hand again and squeezed it this time “Babe, Tom told me all about the letter”. Jordan’s eyes shot daggers at Tom “Why Tom? I trusted you!”, Tom put his cup down and stared back at her “I know and I told you that I can’t take care of Noah, I wouldn’t know what to do or where to start, you know I have absolutely no experience raising kids and neither do I want to”. Jordan put her elbows on the table and held her head “Tom, please, you know I have no other choice”, Tom could feel his heart break but he needed to be honest “Yes you do and you know it, if there’s one person who’s always been there for that boy then it’s definitely Jared, I don’t know why you refuse to see that!”. Slowly she raised her head and shook it keeping her eyes closed “Great, this is just..great..whose side are you really on, Tom?” she hissed as she hung her head again, “what? This is not about taking sides, Jordan” Tom grabbed her wrist to make open her eyes and face him but she just yanked it out of his grip and pushed her chair back “No, of course it isn’t..d'you know what, forget it! It was stupid of me to think we could even be friends, let alone think that you would respect my last wish”. All of a sudden Per came walking into the room “Jordan, come on, I’ll take you to your room, you really need to take your pills” his tone of voice hardened as he approached the table, “No, I don’t!?” she pulled away from him as she got up, “you do, Jordan, don’t be ridiculous, your life depends on it” he grabbed her arm. “Fuck off” she pushed back against him and stomped out of the room, just when Per wanted to follow her, Jared stopped him and shook his head at him “I’ll go”. Upstairs Jordan let herself fall on her brother’s bed, and silently cried holding one hand over her mouth to muffle the sobs and one over her painful heart, her doctor kept saying she had to worry less, but how could she when everyone around her kept piling on top of the already endless list. Jared stopped at the door, seeing her lying there curled up into a miserable little ball broke his heart, suddenly the matress dipped and her eyes shot open to see Jared lying on his side, staring at her.

“Go away” she mumbled, agressively wiping her tears away, “nuh-uh” he shook his head without breaking eyecontact with her, “I’m sorry” he breathed, moving closer to her “I’m sorry for losing my temper, for saying all those godawful things”. Jordan blinked a few times, never had an apology sounded more sincere but she kept her forcefield firmly up, for now at least..”I don’t want to do this anymore..” her breath danced on his face as he moved closer to her. “What? What don’t you wanna do anymore, Jordan?” Jared swallowed hard and held his breath, unsure whether she was talking about their relationship or their epic fights, “this! This whole..you know, this whole..oh fuck this” Jordan just couldn’t get the words out. “Ok, you’re gonna have to be a little bit more specific here, this whole what? Jordan? This whole mess we’ve created, us fighting? Is that what you’re sick and tired of? Because hey, so am I, ok? But we can handle that, just don’t say you’re sick and tired of ‘us’ because I won’t survive, I swear I won't” he rambled in a voice that was suddenly hoarse with worry as he pushed himself up on his elbow. “I don’t know, Jared, you and I..” she tried to get her clouded mind to function “you and I came together under some pretty sinister circumstances and I don’t know..I don’t know if we..I just don’t think you would have even so much as noticed me if we had just met without all this darkness surrounding us..half of the time I feel like some kind of distraction or something, someone to keep you occupied to stop you from missing her too much, I know you still love her and I know how much it still hurts, the wound of her death is still so fresh..Are you really sure you’ll be able to go through all that grief again?”. Jared felt like his blood was freezing in his veins “No, I’ll not be able to go through it again, because I won’t have to, you’re not gonna die, ok? You’ll get that new heart and we’ll get our happily ever after! That’s all I’ve ever wanted and all I’ll ever want, to spend the rest of my days with you and Noah” his face hovered over hers while his hand rested on her stomach. She didn’t say anything, she just lay there looking up at him like she was studying every single detail in his face, her silence made his heart thump in his throat, there was no telling what she would do or say, but then her hand slowly reached for his face. Her hand caressed the heavy stubble on his cheek and he closed his eyes, leaning in to the warmth of her touch “What is all that ‘happily ever after’ anyway? Come on, I know we’re in Hollywood right now and I know they invented the phrase but they sure as hell aren’t practicing what they preach, are they? Nobody believes in all that bullshit anyway, I mean, the average relationship here only lasts as long as what? 6 months?” she breathed. “Oh, you really are a romantic, are you?” Jared sarcastically grinned, at least she hadn’t said that she was breaking up with him “well, thank god we’ve managed to survive the 6 months itch then!”. The first signs of a slow grin on her face were starting to show “No we didn’t, we were friends longer than we’ve been lovers, so we’re not out of dangerzone just yet”. Jared felt the tension between them slowly fall away so he brought his face closer to hers, his lips only inches removed from hers “Well..Some might say ‘danger’ is my middle name”, the grin curled into a cheeky smile beaming up at him. “Oh really? Well that’s odd, because I did have a few dangerous men in my life you know? I do love a bad boy as much as the next girl, but you..this..I guess I just don’t feel any danger, at all, wait…” she frowned and pretended to be checking “nope..definitely no danger”. Jared played along and pretended to be shocked too “Ok, how about this then?” he gathered his courage and kissed her warm lips, hungrily biting her bottom lip before he lifted his head to look at her, she didn’t really participate, but at least she hadn’t pulled away or protested. “Uhm, no..nope..still no danger” she slowly shook her head at him, “ok, well, how about now?” he murmured before his mouth came crashing down on hers, within seconds his tongue was demanding entrance to her mouth all dominantly. And just like that, with nothing more than a kiss, she could suddenly feel the fog in her head clear and remember the excitement of the first days of their relationship and it brought an unexpected fighting spirit back into her, something she had thought had gone for good, so she broke down the wall that she meticulously had built between them, there was no reason to keep it up any longer now that she realized there was nothing left to fight over.

Noah pushed past Tom who tried to stop him and quickly ran up the stairs  ignoring Tom who chased him, heading straight for his parents’ bedroom but stopped in his tracks at the door looking at the scene in front of him. “Leave my aunt Jordan alone” Noah spurted forward and jumped on the bed, breaking up their passionate kiss by throwing himself inbetween them as they hastily let go of each other, “whoaaaa, whoaaa, easy, easy, buddy” Jared folded his arm around the boy to stop him from crashing into Jordan. Smiling and relieved she pulled Noah against her chest and held him tight “hey, hey it’s alright” she breathed in his tousled blonde hair, a little smile forming around her lips as she glanced at Jared, “I missed you so much, aunt Jordan, you can’t leave me” her nephew murmured against her chest, his little fingers digging deep into her skin. “I missed you too, Noah, and I’m sorry, I’m never leaving you again, you hear?” she kept kissing the top of his head while Jared scooted closer to them as well, caressing the young boy’s back which finally made Noah turn his head “can my aunt Jordan come back to live with us?” he asked as he reluctantly let go of his aunt and rolled on his back between them. “What kind of question is that? Of course she’s coming back to live with us..that is if she still wants too of course” Jared cocked his head. Jordan pretended to still think about, but then put them both out of their misery “I would like that very much” she said with a warm smile, “yaaaayyyyy!!!” Noah sat up and pushed a clumsy, sloppy kiss on her lips and jumped off the bed “Tom, my aunt Jordan is coming back home” running up to Tom who stood there, all doe-eyed at the door. “So I heard, come on, we’ll go tell everyone the big news and give your aunt and Jared a little bit of time alone” he winked at Jared and Jordan as he put his hand on Noah’s head and started guiding him out of the room, “they’re not gonna make babies, are they?”. Noah’s words had been just loud enough for her to hear “What did he say?” she gave Jared a worried frown but Jared tried to suppress a giggle “it’s a long story, he asked about siblings, about not having a brother, and he didn’t know where they come from so I kinda told him”. Jordan closed her eyes and shook her head completely clueless “wait, what? You had ‘the talk’ with Noah? He’s 5! you didn’t make it too graphic, did you? Because I know what you’re like”, her prudish reaction made him lean into her again “what I’m like? Ok, so what am I like?” he teased her mouth with a butterfly kiss before he left a trail of them on her chin, making his way to her throat. “You know what I mean, you’re not exactly the type who talks about the flowers and the bees..” she swallowed hard as his lips had now reached her collarbone, his teeth grazing her skin there was driving her slowly insane “I just don’t want to put images in his head, you know, of us having sex”. He pushed her back down on the mattress, his tongue drawing circles on the side of her neck “well, lately we haven't” she could feel his mouth curl into a grin “and I’m not against it”, wait, what did he just say?. “You’re not against what?” her hand stilled on his back as he crawled on top of her, “against us having babies” he whispered against her lips and kissed the tip of her nose, “Jared..” this was the first time they had ever talked about something as lifechanging as this and she didn’t know how to feel, hell she didn’t know if she would live that long or if she even wanted any. “Don’t panic, it’s just a thought, I’m not saying we need to have them right now, but maybe one day? And until that time, I was thinking we could start practicing tonight, in our own bed, how does that sound?” he claimed her mouth again in a hungry kiss.

Passing Notes

Word Count : 2156

“So Y/N, what is it today?” Hermione took a seat next to you in the Great Hall, Ron and Harry a few steps behind her.

“I look pretty today.” You blushed and handed her the little note. You’ve been getting this little notes for a while now. Each one was different but all of them always put a smile on your face. It didn’t matter how bad or tiring your day was, these little notes always seemed to make you feel better and brighten your mood. Unfortunately none of them had a name written on them so you couldn’t find or thank whoever it was that always wrote them to you. It was eating away at you not knowing who they were from but at the same time you were scared to find out. As much as you didn’t wanted to, you couldn’t help but think about what if you didn’t like them back? It was really sweet that they took time out of their day everyday to write you a note and hide it somewhere you’d find it but you didn’t want to even think about having to turn down their feelings because you liked someone else. 

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Imagine...Sam Finally Deciding To Confess His Love For You

Characters: Y/n, Sam, Dean


Warnings: Fluff, Sam loving reader, angst, sadness for Samantha…

Word count: 824

Summary: Sam decides it’s finally time to tell you how he feels. But the world seems hellbent on making sure Sam’s alone.

A/N: Ok, so…requested fic by anon- I would like to make a request, and it’s totally fine to say no I’ll understand. Can I have a fic where the reader is friends with TFW and Sam has a crush on them. He tries really hard to get reader and kinda expects to get reader cause he’s a nice guy but it turns out reader likes Dean and has been low key seeing Dean for awhile but Sam never noticed cause he was chasing.. Ok, so I think I stuck to the request. Also, sorry this took sooo long!! Hope u like it!!

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Today was the day.

He’d finally tell you how he felt.

Sam had no idea he’d ever fall for someone again.

Not after Jess. Or the mess with Amelia.

He certainly didn’t expect to even meet anyone he had any real feelings for.

That was until you arrived.

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@pastej Well.. here it is. My English is a mess, I mean, it’s fine to write some shitty stuff about characters and posts like that, but to actually write a story? Ugh, I’m a mess… BUT! I had to do something with this, because when we talked about that college au, I just felt like I had to! 

And here it is, a little something about a college au in which Yahaba and Kyoutani are taking Music major and they are neighbors. Kyoutani plays some very loud music in the middle of the night and Yahaba just had enough… but it might be something else there~

“For the last time, let it go. He is not stalking you”

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Betrayal- Part 5

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Genre: Angst, NC-17

Word Count:1420

Warning: Contains sexual content

“You should come with me.”

“No, I can’t. She doesn’t want to see me.”


“I’m not ready to see her right now, I…I just…I don’t deserve it.”


“Kyungsoo. Go back and take care of her for me. I can’t be there, and I’m sorry. Don’t worry about me. As long as she’s ok…”

“Dae, please…”

Jongdae sighed and pushed his half-eaten kimchi spaghetti away. “I can’t eat anymore.”

They sat in silence.

“Is she eating?”

“Yeah…I just got her to eat something this morning. She couldn’t eat for the past few days…”

“But our…our baby.” He hung his head. “I fucked up so bad, I don’t think I can ever-”


Jongdae sighed and retreated back into himself. Kyungsoo cautiously watched him.



“Thank you. For coming to find me. It really helped and I don’t,” he choked on his words, “I don’t think I would’ve been able to do anything if you didn’t. Eat, drink, sleep…live-”

Kyungsoo placed his hand over Jongdae’s knee, stopping him mid sentence. His silence protested against Jongdae’s thoughts.

And he heard the silence.

And listened.

Jongdae sniffed and rubbed his eyes. “I’ll be ok.”

Kyungsoo nodded encouragingly.

“Can you…can you come and check on me tomorrow?”

“Of course, Dae.”

“Sorry about the mess…you cleaned it all up.”

“Dae, it was nothing. I live with Chanyeol.”

And maybe, just maybe, Kyungsoo saw the corners of Jongdae’s lips curve upwards into a shadow of a grin. But as soon as he thought he saw it…

It was gone.

He refused to believe it was his imagination.

Kyungsoo stepped out of his shoes.

It was quiet.

Maybe Chanyeol was sleeping.

He sighed, not ready to confront anyone at the moment.

He ruffled his hair. “I really need to let off some steam…” he muttered to himself.

A soft knock.

Kyungsoo glanced behind him.

There was a figure at the door.

A tall, lean figure.

In a pressed, dark grey suit.

Kyungsoo yanked the door open, unable to believe his eyes.


“Y-you’re back!”

“I missed you.” Jongin slowly stepped inside, putting his suitcase off to the side.

“I-I missed you too.”

Once his bags were in place, Jongin spun around and grabbed Kyungsoo’s wrists, pushing him with his body and slammed the door shut with his foot. Kyungsoo stumbled backwards into the wall and Jongin pinned his arms above their heads, slipping a thigh between Kyungsoo’s legs. Kyungsoo let out a muffled moan as Jongin began attacking his lips with bruising kisses.

“I missed you so much,” Jongin breathed between greedy tugs and hungry tastes.

“Y-you shouldn’t leave your phone.”

“I…had my phone…what do you-”

“You left…m-mmm…your p-personal one,” Kyungsoo stuttered breathlessly.

Jongin pulled away, eyes filled with confusion and worry. His gaze melted Kyungsoo’s heart, making him feel like the most precious thing that has ever existed.

“Have you been ok? You’ve called my business one if you’ve ever needed anything before…why my personal-”

He read the sultry glint in Kyungsoo’s eyes, and his worry was overthrown by lust.


Jongin leaned in and pressed his mouth against the shell of Kyungsoo’s ear. Kyungsoo’s eyes fluttered shut and his mouth involuntarily parted ever so slightly. Jongin’s breath feathered along the side of his neck, sending wild shivers racing up and down his spine.

Kyungsoo squirmed.

Jongin held him still. One hand caged his wrists, and the other pressed against Kyungsoo’s chest. His heart was pounding against his hand.

Jongin loved that feeling.

“What were you going to do if I had my personal phone, hmm?” His voice was low and husky.

Kyungsoo’s back arched away from his tickling breath.

Jongin pushed him flat against the wall again.

“When would you call?” His finger traced a little circle above Kyungsoo’s restless pulse. “At midnight? While everyone’s asleep?”

Kyungsoo nodded frantically.

“How would you want me to listen?”

“S-Speak-speakerphone,” Kyungsoo breathed, barely able to form words.

Jongin grazed his lips over the vein running down Kyungsoo’s neck. “Naughty, naughty…you know…hotel walls aren’t that thick. The CEO was in the next room.”

“I…h-haah…I-I know.”

“Mmmm…my naughty baby…would you want me to talk you through it, or would you already be touching yourself with those pretty little hands of yours?” He swirled his tongue over a spot next to the vein, letting him know where his next target was.

“Nnng…t-t-touching, b-but talk me through i-it…please.” His eyes were squeezed shut as his imagination pulled him away from reality.

“Soo…baby, I’m right here…” Jongin began nipping at the area he had chosen.

“I-I’ll make sure the CEO knows that K-Kim Jongin…fuck…that Kim Jongin was next door.”

Jongin sucked on the spot hard.

A broken moan fled Kyungsoo’s lips.

“I-I…I’ll call you while you’re in a meeting a-and…and I’ll be right on the edge…a-ahh and-”

“Fuck, Soo, you’re making me so hard.” He rolled his hips to prove his point.



Again and again and again.

Kyungsoo was reduced to a shuddering mess.

Jongin then worked his way down Kyungsoo’s neck to his chest. He freed Kyungsoo’s hands and held onto his shoulders instead, still keeping him in place. Kyungsoo’s fingers threaded through Jongin’s hair and his head hit the wall when Jongin chose another spot to leave additional territorial marks.

The feeling of Jongin’s lips over his skin.

He missed this so much.

The taste of Kyungsoo on his tongue.

Jongin could hardly wait any longer.

“J-Jongin, I…I need to t-tell you something.”


“I kicked Chanyeol out for a while.” Kyungsoo could feel the smirk against his skin.

“Oh, is that so?”

Kyungsoo nodded, cheeks flushing as Jongin began to lightly nibble above his collarbone.

“And why was that?” Jongin mused and started sucking on the soft flesh.

“He-haah…h-he tried to make a move on me.”

Jongin stiffened. “He…what?” The deadly whisper sent a wave of fear coursing through Kyungsoo’s body.

“H-he-he tried to t-touch me-ahh!”

Jongin growled possessively and bit down a little harder.

“A-a-ahh…I-I told him to…f-fuck…to fuck off and slammed the door in his face.”

Jongin released him and lightly blew on the second purpling spot, causing Kyungsoo to shudder.


A loud crash resounded from the kitchen followed shortly by Chanyeol yelling curses at the frying pans. Jongin stared down at Kyungsoo with a hardened gaze. “He’s back?”

“He’s been behaving.”

Jongin kissed him hard.

“I need to punish him anyway,” he muttered as their lips disconnected.

“I’ve been keeping him preoccupied.”

“How so?” he asked, taking Kyungsoo’s hand and leading them into the kitchen where Chanyeol was still quietly cursing at the kitchenware.


Jongin raised an eyebrow.

“It’s a long story and I’ll explain it all to you later but-”

“JONGIN, YOU’RE HOME!!!” Chanyeol rushed to the pair, arms open for a hug, almost tripping over himself.

“Chanyeol, shut up! Y/N’s trying to-”

Jongin gripped the front of Chanyeol’s shirt and slammed him into the wall, eyes aflame with silent rage.

“Ow! Jongin, what the fuck are you-”

“You don’t ever touch Kyungsoo without my permission,” he snarled, words dripping with acid.

“Wooow,” Chanyeol said, rolling his eyes at Kyungsoo, “you snitched on me? C’mon, we both know you liked it.”

Jongin slammed him again and pressed his arm against Chanyeol’s neck, slowly closing his air pipe. Chanyeol’s breath hitched and his eyes rolled back at the sensation before snapping into focus again. “Fine, whatever,” he whispered hoarsely with a smirk.

Jongin pressed harder.

Chanyeol let out a strangled moan as he completely lost his ability to breathe. He closed his eyes, losing his concentration to the tingling numbness in his lips and the tips of his fingers and the throbbing heat that was beginning to engulf his body. But after a few moments, his calm demeanor cracked and he began struggling, His legs started shaking and his arms weakly pulled at Jongin’s shirt.

Jongin pressed harder against the attempt to fight back, and Kyungsoo gently placed a warning hand on his hip.

“Ok, ok…I’m sorry…” It was barely audible, and Chanyeol frantically tapped the wall behind him three times.

Jongin released him and he fell to his knees, hacking out coughs and gasping as oxygen flooded back into his lungs.

Jongin grabbed Kyungsoo’s hand, interweaving their fingers and started walking away, pulling Kyungsoo along behind him. “That’s only the start of your punishment.”

Chanyeol looked up with adrenalized, dilated eyes, panting hard. “I’ll be looking forward to it,” he rasped out, clearing his throat. His conceited smile pulling at the corners of his lips again.


I just dug myself a hole….do you hear that? It’s the sound of me drowning in smut requests ^^

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Imagine...Being The One To Comfort Your Roommates

This is for @impalaimagining F•R•I•E•N•D•S QUOTES CHALLENGE! I got the prompt-“And then my boss walked in and fired me for being a whore”.

Characters: Y/n, Cas, Dean

Pairing: No Pairing

Warnings: Not really anything…being fired, sad Dean, comforting reader, fluffiness and friendship basically…

Word count: 995

Summary: Having Dean Winchester and Castiel Novak as roommates means there’s always something going on in your life. 

A/N: Ok, so…just some sorta angst and fluff in AU regular world with friendship. Nothing else really. Hope u like it!!

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“And then the bitch has the audacity to say that I’m the one who messed it up. When she’s the one who was basically propositioning the happily married client!”

Cas chuckled, taking another drag from his blunt as you both stood on the balcony, staring out into the city.

“Did she get fired?”

You shook your head, taking the beer from his hand and sipping at it.

“She’s lucky the boss is desperate for her. I swear, that Lisa girl is useless. She stoops to the lowest of lows. I don’t know how that bitch hasn’t been thrown in prison. She’s fucking gross”.

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III. and in the shadows of their dreams

summary: they’re in japan and nothing seems to make sense, so they hide in hotel rooms and pretend they can’t see what’s right in front of them, and it works, for a while. (badlands au chapter 3- based off of ‘drive’)

word count: 5.8k (chapter 3)

warnings: lots of swearing, alcohol, mentions of sex, kind of smut but also not lmao

a/n: this chapter is longer than i expected it to be and i spent so long writing it that i thought my eyes were going to fall ouT but i hope you like it, messages and feedback is always appreciated <3 also, thank you for all the support for the series!!! it seriously makes me so happy that people are enjoying it and i really hope you enjoy this chapter as well <33 as always a massive thank yuo to @adorablehowell for betaing amy you are the BEST <333 read it on ao3 here!! // chapter 1


It still baffles me that caring too much about someone drives that person away. What, is it because you’re scared of being responsible? You can’t reciprocate? You’re afraid of not being able to do the same? Because if that’s the case then I don’t want this kind of modern idealization of love if it means I’d have to hide how I feel about someone all the time just to keep things interesting.

— Keen Malasarte, tired of this bullshit convention.

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Peel Away The Bark

I’ve spent the weekend feeling rather miserable all around, so here’s a really quick vent fic. A brief look at the Week of Sardonyx and some of its aftermath. Vaguely Pearl/Garnet, and some Pearl and Steven bonding time. No warnings, ~1400 words

Peel Away The Bark

Sardonyx has been in wars and won battles almost single-handedly. It feels so very easy to forget, sometimes, with her layers and layers of glittery performance and immeasurably skilled, cheerful artifice. But there are times when the sound of a warhammer coming down on Homeworld troops echoes from across the ages, eerily incongruous with the laughter and the magic tricks and the rest of the set dressing.

In reality, the shards and dust left in Sardonyx’s wake then are very much like what she’s now done to her relationship with Garnet, Pearl thinks, sardonically - and oh, Sardonyx would have loved that one. Such a pity she won’t be around to hear it anytime soon. If ever - honestly, she wouldn’t blame Garnet at all. She wouldn’t blame anyone.

Pearl, you needy, greedy wreck.

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