p sure he was drunk

idk if i ever told you guys the story of how todrick dragged me on twitter and like fully explained it.

so i took a bus from NYC to DC to see his straight outta oz show for the second time, and i was v excited i was seeing it with my best friend.

well i had one too many gin and tonics at the show, and afterwards i was hanging out with todrick and i was just word vomiting about taylor. i was like “YOU DID THAT 4 TAYLOR VIDEO AND SHE FOLLOWS ME ON TUMBLR AND SO I POSTED ABOUT IT AND SHE LIKED IT AND THEN YOU GUYS HUNG OUT” and i’m p sure he was like okay drunk kelsea loves taylor swift wow

and so the day after the show i was like wow i  think i was kinda drunk i really hope todrick didn’t notice….

WELL- i tweeted him to tell him i was going to portland and seattle for his tour (yes its that good) and he replied “DON’T DRINK 🍹👀” and i literally became this token drunk boo boo the fool of the todrick fandom and its been months and HE STILL REMEMBERS AND TWEETS ME THE EMOJIS