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Fuzzies? So sometimes when my doves both want in the nest but one won't move over, instead of just sharing, one will wedge their head under the other one's chest and slloooowlly lever them out of the nest. Subtly. As if the other one won't notice until they at a 45 degree angle and need to do something about it. Other times one will just sit on top of the other and absorb them with their feathers until there's just a face peeking out from fluff.

I don’t really have behavior commentary on this, except that birbs are such a gift. 

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#What is personal space? personal space what personal space, he lives in her head 24/7.

#the ultimate cat goal: no escape for the poor owner#(will I stop the cat jokes about Ocelot one day? the answer is no)

Ocelot’s idea of respecting personal space only applies to HIS personal space, which Sunny happily invades whenever she likes cos he’s a hypocrite ~w~

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I've always taken cow hocks in canines to be a bad thing in terms of putting stress on the joints, but is it more of 'what appeals to humans' thing, since it occurs naturally in wolves?

I’m not the right person to ask about this because I don’t know a lot about conformation in dogs. My guess, if I had to make a totally off-the-cuff one, would be that there’s enough different in structure between a lot of breeds of dogs and wolves that cow hocks are likely to be much more detrimental to those dogs’ joints or movement than it is to wolves. 

@crippledhockwalker, @desertwindhounds, you guys might know more?

That doesn’t mean they’re not herbivores, though? If a rabbit is eating meat they’re probably malnourished and pretty desperate, honestly. Also cats will eat plants and stuff, if given the opportunity, but they’re still obligate carnivores.

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