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“If we can make it to the ground, we’ll take the next chance. And the next. On and on until we win… or the chances are spent.“

I haven’t shared the first edited pictures from my Jyn Erso photoshoot last month on here, so let’s fix that. I’m incredibly proud of how this whole cosplay turned out, since there were so many things that didn’t work out and I really struggled with for a long time. But it was a great learning experience and taught me a lot about how to keep motivating myself, even when I was almost ready to give up.

Jyn Erso cosplay made and worn by me, edit by me as well.

Me Watching Yuri on Ice: The Journey

Episode 1-2: Ahah, yet another fanservice sports anime 

Episode 3: ……this warms my heart for some reason also high budget lips 


Episode 5: ( ( ( P T E RO DA C TY L N O I S E ) ) ) 

Episode 6: SON YOU NEED TO STO— 

Episode 7: ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?????!!!! 


Episode 9:  *brain.exe has stopped functioning*

okay, but jokes aside round and golden must be— 


Episode 11: i didn’t sign up for this shit how dare you 

Episode 12: when i die, please put this on my grave, throw flowers at it everyday, make blood offerings and worship this fine piece of art for 12 generations, heck this will be written in my will and none of you gonna convince me otherwise

didn’t dream it

To both Jyn and Cassian’s utter relief, dinner is going well. 

Conversation is smooth, the food is good and it turns out that they have quite a lot in common. They both have the same deadpan kind of humour, the same disdain for people who jam the photocopiers at the library, not to mention that they both apparently have dating horror stories that could make even the strongest person cringe. 

“I once had a bloke ask me if he could lick my boobs,” Jyn mentions around a forkful of steak. “We hadn’t even ordered yet.” 

Cassian groans sympathetically. “How long did you stick it out?” 

“Until after dinner. I would have bailed sooner, but I was kind of hungry, to be honest.” 

“Well, I apologise on the behalf of the boob-licker, he didn’t deserve you,” Cassian says, earnestly. “buuuut I can still top you with ‘worst date ever’.” 

“Fine,” she smirks at him. “Try me.” 

“Oh, prepare yourself, Jyn,” This is the story that Cassian tends to only break out at parties as an icebreaker. It’s kind of bizarre in that sense. “about two years ago, this girl from my class would always sit next to me. I thought she was cute, we would always flirt, so I eventually ask her out. She says yes, we go out for drinks and it’s going well until some guy shows up out of nowhere and suddenly starts yelling at the girl. Turns out that the guy was the girl’s husband.” 

Jyn snorts out half her drink over her plate. “Oh, no.” 

Cassian nods. “I’m freaking out, this guy looks like he could knock me unconscious, the girl is crying, it’s a complete mess!” 

“Ok, ok, you win,” Jyn wipes at her face, hastily. 

“Oh, that wasn’t even the worst part.” 

“Do I dare ask?” 

“After that,” Cassian pauses the right amount of time before the punchline. “is when the girl’s boyfriend also showed up.” 

“No fucking way.” Her mouth hangs open. 

“I shit you not.” 

“Damn,” Jyn snorts. “I don’t know whether to laugh or cry in sympathy.” 

“You can laugh, that’s what I do now.” 

She does, and Cassian realises in that moment that he isn’t quite prepared for it. When she laughs, her entire face lights up and holy shit, it damn near kills him. He still barely knows this woman, he tries to reason with himself. They’re still learning, they’re still just getting to know each other, but already she drives him insane. He is apparently crushing hard, something he hasn’t done in a long time, and for some reason he’s more than ok with it. 

After dinner they decide to split a dessert only for Jyn to eat most of it herself. Thankfully, no jealous husbands (or boyfriends) turn up and they leave the restaurant with their sides brushing into each other, animatedly complaining about the shoddy university library Wi-Fi. It’s only when they linger outside on the footpath that Cassian realises that he doesn’t want this night to end yet… and from their stalling, it seems that she doesn’t either. 

There’s a chill breeze. He shivers and she steps in slightly closer. 

“Hey, um,” she says to his chest. “I know this really great bar about a ten minute walk from here. We could, uh, go get a drink or something… I don’t know, if you wanted…” 

He can’t even bring himself to be embarrassed at how quickly he says yes. 

This time when they walk down the street, they hold hands. 


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