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Voilà des choses que j'ai vues pendant mes vacances et qui m'ont fait penser à ce fandom x)

- Les pubs pour les nouvelles glaces m&m’s qu'il y avait un peu partout qui me faisaient penser à l'AU vacances m&m’s + CHB que je suis en train de dessiner :p
- Le tag “Vive la République”, dans un château que j'ai visité, qui a clairement été écrit soit par EM (même s'il manque le “Vive la France” après :p) soit par quelqu'un du french side de tumblr xD

It’s been raining nonstop for what feels like forever now, and with Gidney’s starting to flood, people are starting to panic. There isn’t enough room for everyone up in the studio apartment, but Brett offers to go up to gather some supplies, hoping that there might be something, anything to help them move some of the water out or to help keep people warm and/or dry. 

Wet shoes squeak as Brett makes his way down the stairs, a couple of blankets keeping his arms full as he makes his way down the steps. It only takes a split second, one misstep for the wet soles of his worn Converse to slip on the stairs, causing the brunette to fall, the back of his head hitting the steps as he goes down, landing at the bottom with a thud



マツコ徘徊~秋葉原のアイドルショップで爆買い~ - YouTube

[Preview] TV Asahi program “Yoru no chimata o haikai suru” O.A. on May 14th ~0:15 O'clock (JST) https://youtu.be/Q5qsPTguVUo - Japanese TV star “Matsuko Deluxe” wandering around Akihabara at night. Matsuko: “There’s a place I want to go.” so, she went to shopping at H!P shop Akiba and make a visit at “Hello☆Tribe” (ハロー☆トライブ is a H!P fan pub). Please looking forward to it!
FYI : She’s a H!P fan. xD

Daniel Sharman Coffee Lounge @ Wolfs Bane 2

Okay, a week has passed since Wolfs Bane 2 and I thought it would be nice to write down some things that Daniel said at his lounge for those people who weren’t there.

First of all - and I know I say this a lot but still - this man is out of this world. He’s not just beautiful (and believe me, he really is beyond perfect), but he’s also so sweet, genuine, down to earth and funny.


First, he said that he was really nervous to do the lounge: “ This is nerve-wrecking. Please, ask me questions or I’ll ask you some!”

He talked a lot about The Originals, how his character is going to cause trouble in New Orleans! When he first read the script he thought “Yeah I can do that, smash everything and all that, I can do that!”
On his first day on set, he wanted to surprise the cast, so he tried to sneak in without being seen but he bumped into something, made a lot of noise, hurt himself, and everyone was like “who the fuck is that?” and he replied quietly “it’s me…” “Oh, it’s Daniel. What the fuck are you doing there?”
But yeah, he can’t wait to work again with his friend Joseph Morgan and also with Daniel Gillies. He said that he starts filming again in August!
he doesn’t know yet for how long he is going to be on the show, because there is this secret project he’s really hoping to get and it might interfere with that.
About Teen Wolf. Well, when he decided to leave he went to talk to Jeff; so Jeff showed him what he was planning for Isaac in season 4… like the father-son relationship with Chris, and at that point Daniel was really conflicted and sad because he always wanted for Isaac to have that kind of family thing..
He also said that Teen Wolf was his first job in America, so it really is like a second family to him.

Random facts: The first time he  went to America, he was on his own.. he didn’t know anyone. He rented a car, but driving on the other side of the road wasn’t that easy and he thought he was going to kill someone! 
He thought Germany was going to win the World Cup, and he was right! During the match Germany-Brazil he was in London and he went to a pub full of Brazilian people with some friends.. but after the first half of the match they got out and went to a german pub :p
Then there’s the story of how he used to be so scared of flying. Once, the plane hit a hard turbulence and the oxygen masks came down and he was like “oh shit this isn’t happening, it can’t happen oh my god”.. but now he isn’t scared anymore!
He also spent time giving some advice to a guy who wants to become an actor. He was really sweet! You just can feel his passion about acting and being an actor.
He auditioned for a role (can’t remember which one) in GoT and he was so close to getting it! (damn) 

And that’s it. :) I really hope everyone will get to meet him someday.