p proud of these too tbh


My Camp Camp High school AU ((ft. Japanese settings because I’m trash for this)). I only did Comedy Trio and
Stage Trio as I didn’t have time, but I will probably update more if possible.

• Comedy Trio:

- Max: Second year. He was the type of student who usually skipped classes, got into fights and even stole things from people due to his parents’ neglect. However, after being caught pick-pocketing a woman, Max was forced to work with David to help other clubs in the school ‘till the end of his third year as a punishment. He did improve his relationship with other people tho ((and secretly felt not so bad about that)).

- Nikki: Member of Sports Club, same class with Max. They got along quite well, and she usually helped him play truant whenever possible, sometimes went along with him ((if she felt like it)). 24/7 hyped as fuck. Not only was she good at sports, Nikki was also a pro in fighting and stuff, and because hardly anyone could beat up a beast like her, bullies are terrified of her and scared to went near her. Her bffs and gf were proud.

- Neil: Also Max’s classmate, head of Science Club, which was the youngest president in the club’s history so far. He enjoyed doing experiments, firmly believed in physical laws and such things. Even though Neil knew that his friends skipped class a lot, he tried to cover up for them and helped them with distracting the teachers. Also having a love-hate relationship with Magic Club’s member, Harrison, but terrible at dealing with it.

• Stage Trio:

- Preston: Third year, Drama Club President. He was loud and acted dramatically to most things, also criticised people a lot ((but for their own ((and the play)) good)). Preston used to be bullied in his second year, which affected him severely, but Max - a first year at that time - saved him and they knew each other since ((I’m a Maxpres trash just kill me))

- Harrison: Second year. Member of Magic Club. An arrogant guy on the outside, but actually harmless and gentle inside. Got along with Nerris and Preston - who were his childhood friends. He often seen argued pretty much with Nerris ((and Neil, too, if they were on the same spot)), mostly about his magic being great and wonderful ((and real)), which Preston had to stand between them so many times that he eventually got sick of it.

- Nerris: Member of Board Games Club. She was a huge nerd in DnD, also video games with dating sims or action genre. She also loved cosplaying ((especially dressing as a “mahou shoujo” - magical girl)) and often asked her gf aka Nikki to be a model for her. Nikki didn’t like girly stuff that much but the idea of being a warrior seemed cool to her ((and also for her gf)), so she agreed anyway.

P/s: Yes I am a Comedy Trio x Stage Trio shipper and I don’t regret anything about that.


hey it be my angry skywing oc, Claw. he’s got abnormally long claws and a case of too much smoke (which i hadn’t added here) which just makes him look even more angry than he actually is :P he doesn’t actually really initiate fights despite all those scars he just pisses other dragons off real easy so THEY attack HIM first haha (and tbh it’s not really intentionally. he just doesn’t watch what he says c’:) 

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Hi Kaye! Can I request a reaction from suga and v if you were both idols and you win an award and when you go to accept it the camera zooms in on them! I think it would be so cute (I hope that made sense). Thank you so much!!

Suga was watching you intently, his heart swelling with pride at the recognition you received when he suddenly appears on the big screen. He’ll be surprised then find it funny by looking away. But in truth, he just wants to hide how embarrassed he was for being caught practically shooting heart eyes at you while delivering your speech; his smile threatening to split his face in half. <3

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You can bet, Taehyung would dare look at the camera and cheer for you cutely; throwing hearts or kisses into the lens. He’s proud of you and he wouldn’t be afraid to show it. 

In fact, he’d even give you a standing ovation, maybe even pulling Jimin or Jungkook with him (or whoever was sitting beside him) to stand and cheer for you too. 


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That was so cute. But the gif’s spoke for itself tbh. :P

- Kaye Allen

here’s your friendly reminder that i should be done with this animatic within the next couple days, and i’ll have it up as soon as i??? figure out youtube???

anyway, it might not be perfect, but i am so proud of this animatic and all the work that i’ve poured into it over the past four weeks, and i hope that other  people enjoy it too!!! 

(((and maybe i’m planning another one if people like this one ;) )))

Boop! Changed my icon after about 2 years of being Oikawa’s butt! You’ll be missed, Oikawa butt. Just letting you guys know since two years of using the same icon leaves an impression.

I just felt like the previous one was really outdated in terms of art skill and fandom since I’m not active in Haikyuu anymore. I wanted to draw a new BNHA butt to replace the previous one, but until I have an excuse to draw one I’m gonna be happy lovey dovey p!Katsuki!

Syrup brings people together :P


Word count: 1,077 wow i hate that number :/

Daveed came over for pancakes and you two had an argument.

Warning: Cussing, Little Angst, little fluff too tbh idk

A/n I really like this one, I’m very proud of it. And it is my first so be gentle with it, it’s got feelings too.💞


You laid in bed, it was a Saturday morning. The birds outside your window were not there like usual, instead the sound of rain and thunder filled the apartment. Your phone buzzed next to you, waking you from your half sleep daze. You reached to grab it.

‘From Diggs: hey.’ You read. ‘Sent 8:29’

‘hey’ you responded. You set down your phone and try to fall asleep again. It was 8:30 in the morning,and you didn’t want to be awake, but of course your phone buzzed again.

‘Pretty big storm, a?’You laugh, shaking your head.

'You Canadian now?’ This time you didn’t bother setting you phone down.

'Well I do like syrup.’He responds, you couldn’t help but smile.

'Well i make some pretty good pancakes.’ You text back.

'Perfect! I’m on my way! Be there in 5.’ Your eyes widen. Daveed Diggs, at my place! Shit. I haven’t even cleaned in weeks. You think to yourself.

You toss the covers off and change into some casual clothing. You race into the bathroom and brush you hair and teeth before running out again. When you walk out of your room you see your living room a mess. Books and mail all over the coffee table. You grab the books and stack them in your room. Then the mail you quickly throw in a bag, placing it in the closest.

Your kitchen was the only clean place at the moment. You race into your room and make to bed and clean up the bathroom. You settle down in the couch and turned on Netflix. Then you hear a knock on the door.

“Come in!” You call out.

“Hey,baby.” He teased walking over,he leans in to give you a kiss but you dodge it. He groans and pulls away.

“Hey, and im not your 'Baby’. Not until you ask me out.” You rant. This wasn’t the first time. He always calls you a girlfriend names , but won’t ask you out.

He sighs before talking, “Well….” he looks at you.

“Exactly.” You grumble standing up. You walking over to the kitchen, getting out the griddle. He pulls out syrup from a Walmart bag.

“If you like syrup so much, why don’t you own any?” You criticize. He laughs, setting down the syrup that read 'Canadian fresh syrup.’

“Honey, I have syrup. Don’t you worry your pretty little head on that. It’s you that doesn’t have a supply of syrup.” He answered. He kisses your forehead and you swat at him. “Hey. Okay, okay. I’m sorry. Didn’t mean to offended you.” He throws his hands up after finishing.

You laugh and point to the cabinet right behind him. He opens it and looks back at you for instructions. “The bowl with a green bottom.” You informed. He grabs it and turns to hand it to you.

“Here.” He Mumbles. You smile as you take it from him.

“Thanks.” You respond before turning around and dropping two eggs into the bowl. He stands right behind you. You begin to feel his warmth. You decide not to question him, and let him hold you from behind.

“I want to put them on the griddle!” Daveed insisted. Grabbing the bowl out of your hand. You laughed and sat up on the counter. He begins pouring the mix onto the griddle in circles. He flips them later on. After doing this for a while, the mix is all used up. He turns to you with a plate full of pancakes. You smile and take it from him, jumping down from the counter.

“Time for the best part.” You open the syrup lid and pour syrup all over the top. He smiles.

“I think being with you is the best part.” He whispers naturally into your ear. You feel your cheeks get red, and try to hind them by turning away from him. Then Daveed turns you around to face him. He notices the red figment. “Oh, did I really just make, (F/N) (L/N) blush?” He jokes looking at your lips now. You were biting your bottom one, as you begin think of kissing him.

Then in a flash he pulls you up to kiss him, and instead of swatting at him, you kiss back. After a while your lips break. Both of you trying to catch your breath.

“Um, I sorry. I just-.. look I’ll leave if you want me too.” He stuttered walking towards the door. You grab his hand quickly before he is out of reach. He turns and looks at you.

“Why?” You ask him, staring deeply in his eyes, as if for answers.

“I- I like you. I like you,(F/N). I really do.” He was shuddering again.

“Why, won’t you ask me out?” You ask. He looks down before continuing.

“Im scared.” He admits. You begin to get frustrated.

“Of what!? Me!? Damn'it Daveed!” You barked, your eyes burning to cry, but you held them back.

“OF LOSING YOU!? DID YOU EVER THINK THAT I CARE ABOUT YOU?! I FUCKING LOVE YOU, BUT YOU PUSH IT OFF LIKE I’M NOTHING!” He was practically screaming at the top of his lungs. You couldn’t hold it together anymore and you begin to cry. Daveed sighs before turning around in a circle, just to face you again. “Baby, I love you. I just… Don’t want you to not love me back. I dont want to continue being ignored by my favorite person.” He assures. You crash into his chest and begin crying into him. You wrap your arms around his waist, as he takes his hand and holds your head to him.

In your tears you begin to form a sentence. “ I… love you. More than anything.” You babble. When you pull away you see him crying too. He smiles down at you.

“I have been waiting to here that.” He confessed kissing your forehead. You smile, and begin to think things are going to be alright. He guides you to the table, still not letting go of your hand. You grab a pancake and set it on your plate. You grab the syrup and open it. “ More syurp?” He asks you, he was grinning at you as you pour more syrup onto the pancakes.


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that gif makes me smile so here smile too! :D


i am very proud of this job where i must put my life on the line for the sake of other people. if i do not make it back, please do not be too sad.

                                 (I DON’T WANT TO DIE.)

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hey I was tagged by @ironmanned​, thanks so much!

Name: Rose
Nicknames: none really?
Gender: female
Star sign: uhh Capricorn? I think? 
Height: like 5′11″ or 6′0″
Sexuality: pretty sure I’m bi? but definitely attracted to girls wayyyy more often
Hogwarts house: proud Hufflepuff
Favorite animal: dogs tbh, but also elephants and marine mammals and just mammals in general
Average hours of sleep: 7-8 because I need that much to function, I’m p much a zombie otherwise
Current time: 2:20pm
Dog or cat person: dogs hands down!! but cats are cute too
Blankets you sleep with: a heated blanket, a comforter, and a throw blanket bc I get cold v easily and I like being cozy
Dream trip: probably Disneyworld? I guess?
Dream job: p much anything involving editing or professional writing, but it would be so amazing if I could somehow find a way to use that to help shelter dogs
When I made my blog: this one? a month ago, I think, but I’ve been on Tumblr for ~2 years
Followers: idk it was around 70 the last time I checked
Why I made a tumblr: bc I’m a nerd and wanted to find other people to cry about fictional characters with
Reason for my URL: I love Pepper Potts

and I’ll tag @peonytony, @bidaisyjohnson, @chloe-baennet, @pepperr-pottss, @priscillajeanohare, @theironfam, @tnystark, @tonystork, @soberstark, @downeyes, @rinnclear, @pepperpottes, @mr-starkasm, @shestillhashersoul, @pepperpotts-tonystark, @smolpotts, @spidertransblog, @rebelside, @a-geek-girl, and @pepperonys (only if you want to, ofc!)

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I just realized how utterly Not Good the decision for pedophiles to self identify as MAPs is because like. You still have the letter P at the end so all someone has to do is say literally anything for the first two letters and then end with pedophile and we're right back where we started lmao. Some examples I probably spent too long creating: Majorly Abusive Pedophile. Nauseatingly Obvious Moronic Abhorrent Pedophile. Honestly its like they didn't even try to hide their toxic mental illness 😒🙄

tbh those are genius. Maps no longer get to hide under a cloak of cutesy acronyms anymore :)

and exactly. there are some people who are proud of it and it makes me really mad and disgusted.

Day 14 - True Love

“I really hate you so much I think it must be true love.”

THIS IS TOO LATE *quivers in a corner* college stuff just tumbled over my sorry body like a hurricane

Anyway, this is my contribution for the last day of khaleesimaka’s soulvalentine challenge, and even though it’s late, i hope you all still enjoy!

Based on the song “True Love” by P!nk

Bonus arts under the cut! (´ω`★)

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