p proud of these too tbh

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Hi Kaye! Can I request a reaction from suga and v if you were both idols and you win an award and when you go to accept it the camera zooms in on them! I think it would be so cute (I hope that made sense). Thank you so much!!

Suga was watching you intently, his heart swelling with pride at the recognition you received when he suddenly appears on the big screen. He’ll be surprised then find it funny by looking away. But in truth, he just wants to hide how embarrassed he was for being caught practically shooting heart eyes at you while delivering your speech; his smile threatening to split his face in half. <3

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You can bet, Taehyung would dare look at the camera and cheer for you cutely; throwing hearts or kisses into the lens. He’s proud of you and he wouldn’t be afraid to show it. 

In fact, he’d even give you a standing ovation, maybe even pulling Jimin or Jungkook with him (or whoever was sitting beside him) to stand and cheer for you too. 


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That was so cute. But the gif’s spoke for itself tbh. :P

- Kaye Allen

                                     Leanin’ out of an open window
                                            You laughed (my fingers clenched)

               Too perfect, far too careless
      I couldn't  H E L P  myself,

                                           I just took you.


i am very proud of this job where i must put my life on the line for the sake of other people. if i do not make it back, please do not be too sad.

                                 (I DON’T WANT TO DIE.)


Day 14 - True Love

“I really hate you so much I think it must be true love.”

THIS IS TOO LATE *quivers in a corner* college stuff just tumbled over my sorry body like a hurricane

Anyway, this is my contribution for the last day of khaleesimaka’s soulvalentine challenge, and even though it’s late, i hope you all still enjoy!

Based on the song “True Love” by P!nk

Bonus arts under the cut! (´ω`★)

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