p proud of these too tbh

So I decided to tweak Mandarin’s Carnelian design in my SGemMTHFG! AU, since we got to see a Carnelian in canon recently on SU. :3 Though tbh, I’ve been itching to redesign him a little for a while now. Now I have an excuse! :P

To clear it up, here’s a comparison of the two previous designs. Nothing too major, aside from coloring & slight outfit tweaking. Also I’m proud of how my SU style’s improved since my first drawing for this AU~

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so i know you're not all that proud of some of your work as ghostie-p but one thing i truly admire about some of them is your use of complex time meters. like project distortion? that's in 7/8 time with 6/8 in there too. those are really hard time meters to pull off (especially when they're combined) and I think you did it well! and serial contraption of malice is in 5/4 time which is also pretty hard to get behind. basically, i think that's cool and really wanted to tell you about it aaaa

TBH i’ve been wanting to get back into that again! my next song has some 7/8 and 5/4 in it but not as much as in project distortion, it’s primarily in 4/4

but yea yea i do wanna do something where there’s a shit ton of different time signatures in one song

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agreed, it's very frustating, especially bc they only use it when it's convenient for them

YES!!!! Compared to other ships, they have a lot of material to work with. Sherlock and John’s friendship, being flatmates, all those things – it just disappoints me why they have to jump into other ships’ territories too? Like we Adlockers have waaaaaaaaaaay less material (though very powerful scenes, no matter how brief they are) but we make it work. 

P.S. Also another reason why I’m proud of my fellow Adlockers tbh haha

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I'm in too deep when the only motivation to pass my Physics class is fanfiction centripetal force ;) (;-; I love it so much, I could gush about it all day, you're fic is my daily motivation to not fail, honestly. Yuri on ice in general, and I'm so proud to be apart of a fandom and read something that can prove my friends wrong about anime not being important in life. I had a D in that class, OMG, BUT AFTER CATCHING UP I HAVE A C (IT MAY NOT SOUND GOOD, BUT IT'S GETTING THERE) I LOVE YOU)

EYYYYY I now feel like I’ve had an impact on the world somehow <3<3 I’m so glad you’re enjoying it!!! ^.^

I had a D in physics for like most of the year when I took that class so I feel your pain friend :( :( Plz imagine Yuuri tutoring you with every difficult physics topic! And Victor being very confused!


GOD I’m proud of this. I Finally Managed to make a half decent Yugioh character of myself, I drew her and Dennis in Turbo Duel outfits AND I used Photoshop to make it look SPECTACULAR!!!

I’m so proud of myself right now UGH I’m gonna make a character sheet for my NEW OC now!!! BTW the card I’m holding is Red- Eyes Fusion, I use a Red-Eyes IRL and I’m really proud of my fusion monster. I really love my XYZ too TBH. >P<

Hype in the best of ways!!! <3

i tried to write movav

Mogar’s life consisted of only one thing. Rage. Now the intensity of that rage varied depending on what happened that day, but it was always there. An undercurrent that followed him around no matter where he went. And right now the intensity was almost too much to bare.


Because there they were. The object of the hunt, the person that Mogar had been searching for. They were right in front of him, grinning like they thought they would live to tell this tale. Idiot. The scream of anger that followed could be heard by anyone in the city, and the volume didn’t even begin to show just how much Mogar’s blood was boiling.

That was when the chase began.

They were running away, escaping, and there was no way that Mogar was going to let that happen. But, when all you can see is red you tend to miss the danger signs. Like the gun they were holding. And aiming. And firing. Mogar tried to keep charging, but the sudden blast of pain in his side made him falter.

Still, it wouldn’t hold him back. He had to catch them. He had to.


He ignored the voice behind him. It was that idiot who thought himself a hero. Pathetic. No one did good deeds for anything other than themselves, even Mogar could understand that. He just kept running, he couldn’t give up now. Not after all this time.

“MOGAR STOP!” Vav grabbed his arm and whipped him round. What did he think he was doing? “You can’t keep going.”

Mogar growled.

“You can’t!” Vav gestured to his bleeding side, that was quickly staining his hood. “You’re hurt.” Why did this guy even care? “You can’t catch them.”

Suddenly, Vav pressed his lips to Mogar’s forehead. It was tender, it was soft and it was so completely foreign that the red that had previously filled Mogar’s vision started to fade. He didn’t realise he’d dropped his sword until he heard it clatter on the ground.

All of the rage that filled Mogar to the brim was slowly filtering out, Vav’s kiss being the only thing he could focus on. Mogar slowly closed his eyes and allowed it to happen, allowed something else to flow through his mind.

Something unidentifiable.

And suddenly, for the first time in his life, Mogar was feeling something other than rage.