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so its christmas now

i still don’t understand how they both can be so kind after specifically saying for people not to wait at airports for them. How even after a long and tiring flight still manage to put a smile on their faces and say hello and take pictures. Because even though they were probably annoyed and just done, they would do anything for us, and some people just take advantage of that. 

Small Lilo comfort fic, because I felt like shit on Sunday and needed a pick-me-up. Tour era (whichever tour you like best).

Louis doesn’t open his eyes when the bed sheets he’s made himself a cocoon of are pulled away and someone awkwardly slips into his bunk, although he does uncurl his body, making more room for the intruder to squeeze themselves into. His head won’t stop pounding.

“Hey,” Liam whispers, gently stroking Louis’s temple and jaw - to think a couple years back he flinched anytime someone touched him; Louis would grin, if everything didn’t hurt. “Was wondering where you’d gone.”

“Headache,” is all Louis says. Liam’s clothes are crispy cold from his trek outside and Louis presses his face against Liam’s chest with a sigh; the coolness is wonderful against his forehead.

He grunts when Liam shifts away from him, wrapping an arm around his waist just in case Liam’s got delusions about leaving, but all Liam does is press his cold cold lips against Louis’s forehead, right in the middle of his eyebrows, and that feels even better than his sweater did.

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serious question here
so the electoral college doesn’t actually vote until december, right? so no one’s technically won anything. as of right now, obama is still the president, no one has technically won yet, and certainly no one has been sworn in yet.
so if trump gets convicted in his trial that’s coming up, and that disqualifies him, what happens then?
does it go to pence? does it go to hillary? do we have a do-over?
furthermore, even if none of that stuff happens, is there any hope that when the electoral college votes that they won’t pick trump at all?

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if you pause stuck in the middle (w/ you) right after Crowley gets thrown across the barn, you can see from the bottom of Dean's shirt from the back that's it's his same shirt from the things we left behind

You must be watching on a really bad stream, because it seems really clear to me in like, every shot of Dean :P

Been having a bit of a crummy week so far, and feeling a little grumpy because of it. So I decided to sketch some grumpy!Jack. I’m not feeling so grumpy anymore. xD


The Yakai 05/26/2016: That one time Sho gives a quiz and ends up revealing the answer right away.

“Where are we?” Emma asked. “Am I dreaming?”

“Nah. If this were a dream, there’d be, like, talking doughnuts or something weird like that,” said the talking bagel.