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Today’s summary: I have met Andrew Scott and partly made my url true. So, what happened that after Birdland, he was talking away from where I was - I wanted the book signed. So I went towards him and drawled his name out, then asked if he would like to sign my book to which he chuckled and said yes, and signed the book. I also touched his fingers - don’t judge me guys.

Anyway, if you can buy tickets for Birdland fucking do it because Andrew Scott is breathtakingly good. It’s like if Moriarty decided instead of being a consulting criminal, he wanted to be a rockstar. It’s moving and it teaches good lessons and makes you question yourself as a person. It is brilliant and the actors are brilliant. Andrew Scott is just fucking breathtaking, I loved every second of it.

See it if you can and do wait by the stage door! Andrew Scott is very kind and patient and his voice is deeper and smoother in real life. It made me literally melt. Also, speak with the people around, you’ll find great people :D

Honestly why are some people getting hate for meeting their idols and for “boasting about it”. Let them boast as much as they want, damnit, because if you met your own favourite actor…you’d do the same. The people who went to Setlock travelled from outside London - someone even came from Germany - just to see Benedict, Martin or Mark, or Amanda. It doesn’t mean that they should get hate for their hard work. I mean, I only heard of one person to get hate but we’ve all seen what happened to that tumblr user who met Benedict and she got so much hate, she had to be quiet about the whole thing. Why silence someone from what they’re proud of? It’s not nice at all, and I really think people should be ashamed for doing something as selfish as that.

We all have a fair chance to meet our idols. They did, and they’re happy. So why wouldn’t you let them be happy about that, instead of giving hate? Because honestly, that’s very childish and stupid.

Keep your hate to yourself.

Tumblr awards because I should reach 100, 000 posts in 23 days!

I’m sure you all agree that it’s a big thing, 100k posts, that would be 33333 per year for my three years I’ve been on tumblr.

There will be banners! Awards! Love and kisses! And maybe prizes but I’m broke so more love and kisses! (I’ll honestly see if I can buy something) (I hope you guys play along omg make me happy).

The categories I came up last night, which I’ll choose three darlings, are:

  • Best Themes - I love themes and there are great theme makers around tumblr, so since the choice is diverse, I’m sure I’ll struggle to choose three.
  • Best Icons - you guys always crack me up whenever I see your icons around my dash so then again, I think I’ll find it very hard to choose.
  • Best Posts 
  • Best URLs - just like icons, you guys are very humorous, and I can’t wait to look through everyone’s urls.
  • Best Description
  • Best Fanfic-ers- whoever writes fanfics will have to write me a wee note and let me know their fanfic link so that I’ll read a few; I really need to read fanfics, I’m sure it’ll be enjoyable!
  • Best Multi-fandoms - rather than choosing one fandom, since I realise most of us are multi-fandoms, I’ll look around and see which three of you are the greatest multi-fandom-ers.
  • Best Oriented-s - this, guys don’t give me that look. It’s those blogs that have only one fandom specifically. It makes sense to me.
  • Best overall-s
  • Best Nicests - you are all lovely but who is the loveliest of them all? Well, we’ll see very soon!

The rules are simple. Follow me but I’ll probably not check. It’d be weird if someone who didn’t follow me won, so you know, try and be nice (or you might not win the nice reward *wink*). And erm, kinda leave a note if you write ‘fics and the difference between your blog being multi or single oriented. 

This will work, trust me.

Reblog this once, as much as you want, how do these things work? Reblog guys. Like. Do as you wish. Remind me that I’ve done this in 23 days and give me an ask if you need help or something.

The prize might be fanfics from me to you. If that’s a good idea. I think that’d be thirty fanfics. I can so do that.

Thank you guys, you know I love you!


I met great and lovely fans who I hope to stay in contact with - although I’m ill at the moment so I’m going to look for them tomorrow - and the actors were brilliant. I got an autograph from Martin Freeman (who was an absolute sweetheart, dear god. He was so cute and so kind to us, he’s just precious), Mark Gatiss (who was very playful and teasing as always and so polite) and an actor who looks like Andrew and he’s name is John and who I fell in love with and mainly embarrassed him but god he’s too handsome.

The scene(s) they were filming involved a black cab and John had his limp back - but it seemed that Harold is gone! I have a few pictures to upload tomorrow.

Plus, Benedict himself had a message for us but we were very confused about it, because we couldn’t see and even when we understood what he was on about - ie, someone took a picture of it - we were still very confused.

Unfortunately, Benedict refused to give autographs - I’m not too sure if it’s the same on the other side (there were too sides full of fans).

Anyway, Benedict was handsome and lean as ever while Martin was so huggable. Amanda was so kind to us and very fun to see and watch, although she wasn’t filmed. At least not with us. And I can’t wait to see my dearest John as an extra because fuck, he’s too handsome.

He asked for my name! Oh god you guys, John is my boyfriend, it’s decided.

why do people think i had my navel done for my “boyfriend” or a guy i like? or that’s why i plan to have my nipples pierced? every single piercing i have is for me. i pierced it for myself (although i didn’t pierce it myself). it’s really simple, my piercings are for me. if someone wants to admire them, they’re welcome to, but they’re not gifts for guys

Hello guys, I kind of need your help. You know how I made that post about seeing and supporting Sea Wall? Well I have another thing I would like you guys to support.

We all most likely know it’s Andrew Scott’s birthday on 21st October. I know because he’s very close to my 18th birthday. Anyway, what I was thinking is screening Sea Wall (with their permission, mind) at any cinema around here. Well, one cinema that has around 400 seats costs £500 for two hours and a half. We all know how it is to get a group of people to settle down, so we need those two hours and a half.

I am not too sure whether having each fan pay money to go inside is a good idea, but I personally think it is. I will also start a funding page as soon as I get the permission, if I get it, from Sea Wall to pay for the hire and some snacks.

I was wondering whether Sherlock/Andrew Scott fans would think this is a good idea and if you guys would kindly share this around (reblogging etc…)

And if anyone else has any sort of ideas for this.

Hey guys. One of my friends can’t make it to Sunday’s showing of His Last Vow with Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington in Hertford and it seems none of my friends are able to make it either in such short notice…

I have tickets for two more people. You’ll have to buy your own train tickets but if you live in London, I might be able to have my dad drive you guys back home…

So if you CAN make it please tell me, I wouldn’t want her money to go to waste because she was so kind enough to offer the tickets for someone else.


Then you get me to a much better sample - at least 100 people. I have around 39? Slowly getting there. I have till the end of October because I should probably have started writing by then.

The project is people and British tv dramas and all I need is answers to the survey here x and people interviewed!