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s/o to all the alt/goth/scene/emo black kids who think they’re too black for the white kids and too white for the black kids

s/o to all my sensitive and fragile dark skinned girls who think they’re too dark to be cute and soft and pretty

s/o to all my white passing black kids who have to deal with people trying to tell you how black your are(you’re as black as you wanna be)

s/o to all my sensitive black boys that feel like you can’t show any emotions

s/o to all my ghetto kids gettin made fun of on a daily for their dialect only to go online and see these non black people gettin praised for doing the exact same thing

s/o to all the black kids with 4c hair that think they can’t go natural because their hair is too kinky(your hair is not nappy; shrinkage is horrible ik)

s/o to all my mentally ill black people who get told they just need to pray it away

s/o to all the black girls who wear sew-ins and get their hair done every month, don’t let people tell you you don’t love yourself(ain’t nobody finna spend 2k on they hair and not love themselves)

s/o to all the black people that grew up in white neighborhoods and can’t speak aave and bump justin bieber

s/o to all the mixed black people who grew up with an antiblack/fetishist parent and relatives

s/o to all the black girls with no ass and dance off beat

s/o to all the black people still trying to overcome their internalized antiblackness

s/o to all the sexual black girls/black girls who do sex work out here getting condemned on a daily and having people laugh at jokes about literal assault(ex: zola)

s/o to all the black people dealing with drug additions that are seen as nothing but a cheap “crackhead” joke

s/o to all the darkskinned fat black girls who are treated as nothing but mammy and precious and “strong independent sassy black women” jokes

s/o to black trans boys and girls being hated on by not just the black community but the trans community as well

s/o to all my black nerds who play pokemon and animal crossing and watch anime

s/o to all my black kpop fans getting harassed for liking a genre that copies off of your own culture 99% of the time

s/o to all the darkskinned boys who think they have to be tough and strong

s/o to all my underrated and stepped on black people that get hated just bc you don’t fit some made up 2d stigma we gon live thru this

i honestly feel super bad for ppl who are k.i.n with d/d/a/d/d/s characters because they’re gonna get so much fuckin shit

mountainkinq’s follow spree !! 

    recently i went and unfollowed a toon of inactive blogs and now my dash is p dead so i’m looking for some blogs 2 follow! please reblog if u are into the following: 

  • tolkien 
  • vikings
  • game of thrones
  • tv shows/movies/marvel/harry potter
  • aesthetics/architecture/b&w
  • literature/mythology
  • music/photography/nature

you must have a tagging system, and i will check out every blog that reblogs this post (: you do not have to make ur own stuff but that is a added bonus!! like are counted as bookmarks and im not gonna look at those who do- i would appreciate if my mutuals could reblog and help me spread the word!! 

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p.s.a for mutuals

ok im gonna ask it upfront here. please never reblog p. a. i. g. u. d. o. o. d. l. e.’s art when i am online. i will have severe reaction that may or may not cause harm to myself and will be in a depression for days where i will not feel safe. if you follow her because you like her art i will unfollow you because i am not comfortable for you unfollowing her because i feel thats unfair to her. please tell me if you follow her if you do. this includes her main blog as well. (p. a. i. g. u. m. o. n. d. u. s.). this just because we have bad history and i would not like to relive it. thank you.