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That Makes Six...Again

Note: I suggest you read the other youngest Shelby’s to better understand whats going on

Nothing’s been the same for a while. After the incident with the cocaine, you haven’t touched drugs since. But the whole teenage rebellion phase hasn’t stopped. You and Michael were close now too, Polly splitting her time between you and him. Which was nice considering Grace had sneaked her way back into your brothers life.

Saying you hated Grace was an understatement. You couldn’t remember a time where Tommy was as sad as the day she left him in Birmingham and he came to find out she was married. It left him dead inside, much like he was when he came back from the war, and you hated Grace for causing it all. He’d busy himself with work to clear his mind of her, which meant you rarely got to see him. There was a long expanse of time where you and your brother didn’t talk, you and him always leaving the house at opposite times. You hung around with Finn a lot, and Michael and Isaiah. You had the time to drink more, which you felt like you needed since your relationship with your brother was straining, resulting in a couple drunken nights home with, who else, but Henry. You’d told Ada about it but no one else, and while she was helpful it wasn’t the same as telling Tommy.

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Delicious (Evan Hansen x Reader)

Warnings: smut

Requested: This was kind of based off of #183 from the prompt list I reblogged awhile ago

A/N: I’m sorry this is T R A S H, but I still loved doing it. I was thinking of doing a part 2 to this story? Only if you guys want me to, so send me a message if you want a sequel and if I get enough votes, I’ll write another part! Plus, you guys can add ideas to it if you’d like and I’ll gladly accept it.

Word Count: 1,066

“Hey, I’m making a trip to the grocery store. Do you need anything, babe?” You asked your boyfriend as you made a shopping list. Leaning against the kitchen counter in your yoga pants and one of Evan’s t-shirts, you were growing impatient as he failed to answer. You walked into the living room to only find him sprawled out across the couch asleep. You sat on the edge of it and rubbed his back until his eyes fluttered open.

“W-What? I’m sorry, I fell asleep,” He said groggily, “I swear I just closed my eyes for a second.”

“Ev, it’s okay,” you giggled, “Do you want me to pick up some of those apples that you like at the store?” He suddenly sat up and raised a question.

“It’s nine o’clock, what are you doing grocery shopping? You could get kidnapped! Or worse, killed! I better go with you.” With that, he stood up, grabbed his coat, and proceeded to put on his shoes.

“I’ll be in the car waiting for you, make it quick princess.” This was kind of a strange behavior that Evan was displaying, other than the worrying. He was always protective, but never this demanding. You wouldn’t admit it, but his sudden spark of dominance turned you on.

You slipped on your comfiest shoes and made your way across the kitchen to head out the door. Getting into the car, you could feel the tension in the air. Evan finally broke the silence as he gripped your thigh harder than usual.

“Now I wouldn’t want anything to happen to you out there, babygirl.” You didn’t realize that you squeezed your thighs together as the words escaped his lips, but he sure did.

“Hm, something turning you on princess?” Evan then put the vehicle in park as you arrived at the designated grocery store.

“I-I just have to head in real quick, I-I promise.”

“No. Get in the back seat. Now.” Evan demanded and you followed his orders. Once you climbed in, he locked the doors.

“You’re not going anywhere.”

“Why not?” You could barely even sputter out any words as his lips attached to your neck. You were a moaning mess underneath him, but you retained enough strength to pop a question.

“E-Evan, we’re in front of a grocery store, can’t you wait until we get home?” His eyes darkened.

“Because you can’t go out looking sexy like that in my clothes without people knowing that you’re mine.”

No matter how much it annoyed you that you couldn’t get your errands done, you couldn’t resist him. Evan had no idea what he did to you when he was this dominant. Although you didn’t want to disobey him, a little part of you wanted to see how far you could push your boyfriend.

You lay in the backseat, in an awkward position as Evan’s now bare body hovers over you.

“Mmm, just like I like you. Writhing underneath me.” He growled as he slipped two fingers inside of you. Indeed, you did squirm to his touch as he continued to pump in and out of you. As a result, you were practically begging him to let you cum.

“Not yet, angel. I call the shots.”

“E-Ev, please!” After yet again another denial, you decided to test him. You slipped your hand into your panties to try and finish the job in hopes that he wouldn’t notice, you were terribly wrong. When he did in fact notice what you were trying to do, he grabbed that wrist that was in your underwear and pinned you down against the car seat.

“Were you trying to finish MY job?” All you could make out was a moan as he teased your entrance with his tip.

“Use your words, baby.”

“I-I just wanted to c-cum.” You stuttered out.

“Only good girls get to cum when they want to. You’re being a bad girl.”

“No-no, I’m not.” You let out a gasp as he rammed his length into you when you weren’t expecting it.

“Well, you’re going to have to be punished for what you tried to pull.”

“P-please, I-I promise I’ll be good.” You pleaded.

“That’s what I like to hear.” Evan continued to thrust into you at a rapid pace. Doing this, you came, hard.

“You’re doing so good for me, angel.” As he praised you, he peppered your face with kisses. No matter how dominant Evan could be, he was still a sweetheart down to the core. He pulled out and sat upright against the seat of the car. You started to pull on your clothes when Evan’s voice broke the silence.

“What do you think you’re doing putting your clothes back on?” You gave him a confused look.

“I still have to get groceries.” You stated, almost too confident of your answer.

“You’re not off the hook yet, come.” He patted his lap, a signal to tell you to sit. You obeyed his command.

“We’re going to try this again, you better not disobey this time.” Now, Evan slipped three fingers inside your already dripping core. Your back arched in response.

“Don’t arch your back, only bad girls do that.” All the while, Evan started to give you hickies only on the sweetest parts of your neck.

“Ev-Ev, I can’t do it.”

“Yes you can. You will.” It only took him a total of four pumps for you to cum again, this time you screamed his name.

“That’s right, doll. I want everyone to know that you belong to be.” As your breathing evened out, you began to get dressed, this time he allowed it.

“You did so well, y/n, I love you.”

“I love you too, Evan. Now can I go get those apples that you wanted so badly?” You asked with a slight hint of sarcasm in your voice.

“Of course, princess. But you’re going to have to fix this when you get back.” He pointed down to his rather prominent hard-on.

“Mhmmm.” You rolled your eyes as you got out of the car. Grabbing a shopping basket, you felt your phone buzz from the inside of your pocket. Taking It out, you read a text from Evan.

“You better hurry up with those apples.” You let out a giggle as you walked down the aisles knowing for sure that you were going to take your time, just to test him.   

maroondrew  asked:

I am in desperate need of part 3 of your 707 and MC drama fanfic

Author’s note: WARNING: minor spoilers for 707′s route I PROMISE I’LL RESOLVE THIS WITH FLUFF IN PART FOUR aka the last part!! also I’m super tired so sorry for any grammar/ spelling mistakes ♥ Confused? here’s part 1 and part 2

Part 3

Damn, my head hurts like crazy.

Seven sat up in his bed and pinched the bridge of his nose. When he pulled the covers off, he felt an unfamiliar breeze.

What the hell? Where my pants? I must have-

“Good morning sleepy head!”

He looked up and rubbed his eyes, grabbing his glasses.


She scoffed, placing a hand on her hip. “With all you had to drink last night, I’m surprised you remember me, Saeyoung.”

“Yeah, I-wait. How the hell do you know my real name?”

She bent down and picked up his pants, tossing them in his direction. “Last night was fun. Let’s do it again sometime.”

“Last night? Shit, did we-”

“You’ll have to figure that out for yourself. See you around, Sae-I mean, Seven.”

She winked, and walked out of his bedroom, closing the door behind her.


Seven scrambled to put his pants on, attempting to walk and pull them up at the same time. When he finally buttoned his jeans and opened his bedroom door, she was already gone.

“DAMN IT!” Seven kicked an empty Dr. Pepper can across the room. He stuffed his hands in his pockets and turned to go back to his room, when something caught his eye.

Is that… her bra?

He approached the undergarment, carefully picking it up. His hand clenched in a fist around it as he repeatedly he hit his forehead.



He stopped and looked at his door. Maybe she came back?


Seven jogged over to the door and cracked it wide enough to see who it was.

You saw the edge of his glasses peak out from behind the door. “Seven?”

“M-MC, what are you doing here?”

“…I just came to see how you were.”

You gave him your best ‘I’m trying not to yell at you’ smile.

Seven glanced back at his messy living room. “I wasn’t expecting any… visitors.”

You bit your lip. “So I’m a visitor at my own house now?”

He swung open the door. “You’re right… sorry.”

“That’s okay,” you sighed, “it was-”

You stopped mid-sentence when you saw what he was holding. Seven furrowed his brows. What is she staring at?

He followed your line of sight until he was staring at his own hand. No, not his hand.

The bra.

Seven’s eyes widened, and he dropped the the article of clothing. “MC, It’s not-”



Seven put a hand against his burning cheek. “No-”


He felt his eyes start to water. “I’m sor-”


 “P-please, just-”

“Calm down? Is that what you were going to say? Or were you just going to tell me that you never loved me again?”

Seven took in a big breath. “That’s not true, MC.”

Rolling your eyes, you gestured to the bra by his feet. “Well, actions speak louder than words.”

The two of you stared at each other in silence. When you finally had enough, you sighed.

“Goodbye, Seven.”

With that, you turned on your heel and left your ex-boyfriend standing alone in his door way. He watched as you walked away before slamming the door shut. He slid down it and buried his head in his knees. I have to find Mimi. I need her to tell me what the hell happened that night.

“Did you get it?”

Mimi chuckled. “Of course I got it. It was wayyy too easy!!!”

“Good. Now all that’s left is to go to the house.”

Seven was working like a mad man. 

On one monitor, he was running a search for anyone within 50 miles named “Mina” or “Mimi,” on another, he was analyzing the security tapes from the bar they were at last night, and on his last one, he was scanning to see if any files had been tampered with while he was sleeping.

However, he wasn’t paying attention to any of the screens; his focus was on his phone.

“Hey, MC, I know this is my 12th voicemail, but I really need you to call me back. Please. I love you.”

Seven sighed, running his hands through his hair. Why do I hurt the people I love? What the hell is wrong with me?

He shook his head and dialed your number again.

“Are you serious?”

You nodded, unable to get a word in between your sobs.

Jaehee wrapped her arm around you, giving you a tight squeeze.

“He’s gonna pay for this,” Zen growled.

Jaehee sighed before standing up.

“W-Where are you g-going?”

She grabbed her car keys off the table. “I’m just gonna head over to Seven’s and give him a little… talk.”

“Count me in,” Zen spat.

He walked out the front door, leaving you and Jaehee alone. “Stay safe, okay MC?”


“We’ll be back soon.”

She turned around and followed Zen, locking the door behind her.

Oh great, alone with my thoughts. This should be fun.

“Total file(s) that have been exported in the last 24 hours: 1”

The noise of his computer made Seven jump. He set down his phone and turned around to look at the screen. I haven’t exported anything in the past three days…

Quickly, Seven searched up the tampered file.

RFA ► Personal Address ► Jaehee Kang

What the hell? Why would Mimi look up where Jaehee lives? It’s not like-

His eyes widened.


“Jaehee, could you drive any slower?”

“I’m driving the speed limit!!”

Zen crossed his arms. “At this rate, we aren’t-”

He was cut off when he saw Seven’s car zooming past them.

“What the hell? Was that Seven?”

Jaehee rolled her eyes. “I wouldn’t know, I was too busy keeping an eye on the road.”

“You’re such a boring driver!!”

“At least I’m better than Jumin.”

Eww, don’t even mention that stupid trust fund kid.”

“Whatever… I’m just going to keep driving to Seven’s. It probably wasn’t him anyways.”

But it was.


Seven sped through traffic, passing cars left and right. When he pulled into Jaehee’s driveway, he realized her car wasn’t there. Where the hell did she go?

Quickly, he turned his car off and got out, jogging toward the front door. He turned the knob. It’s unlocked?

“MC, it’s Seven, I’m coming in!”

Slowly, he walked through the door and into Jaehee’s house.


“Well, would you look at that?”

Seven whipped his head around. “Mimi? Where’s MC? I swear-”

“Don’t worry, lover boy, she’s with a friend of mine.”

He heard someone behind him clear their throat.

“Hello, Saeyoung.”

The hacker froze. I know that voice…


Day 6: Bad Days and Snuggles

Hey guys…this is gonna take a while to get caught up, so please bare with me. Work has been making me tired, and I just don’t have the time for much of anything anymore. But anyways, enough of that! I decided to write for the Solangelo ship this time. These two make my heart warm, and I love them so much. So, without further rambling from me, please enjoy the fanfic! <3

Nico Di-Angelo was having the most annoying and stressful day ever. Sure, every day for a demigod was different, but this day just happened to him accidentally being late to the first camp activity, and being late of course got him with the most annoying scratches and gashes from the other camper’s spears, and swords. Not to mention sword practice was probably his least favorite thing about the camp activities…next to canoeing of course. Luckily, Chiron seemed to give him the benefit of the doubt, and let him leave early since he was already practically dead on his feet. After being let out, and having to listen to others laughing at him and teasing him, Nico just happened to not watch where he was going and ended up almost halfway down a sandy hill and soaked to the bone since he couldn’t stop himself in time for the shallow river below. However, when he stood up, shivering, the Gods just had to punish him more when a stray arrow from the training grounds went haywire and ended up almost taking out Nico’s eye. If the son of Hades hadn’t moved in time, he could’ve lost in eye instead of the tiny cut he got on his cheek. So, needless to say? Nico was exhausted and more then wanting this day to be over with already. Letting out a sigh as his legs protested almost every movement he made, Nico brushed his bangs away from his face, and glanced towards the infirmary where he knew his boyfriend, Will Solace, would be waiting for him. Not wanting to burden him with his many injuries, Nico wanted to skip meeting him, and just going back to his cabin, but the guilt of leaving Will there after promising he would meet him made the demigod sullen, so while biting his lip, Nico limped towards the white tents, hoping Will wouldn’t be too stern about his injuries and wet clothing.

                       “Maybe he’s not here…” Nico thought, pushing the tent opening aside, as he stepped into the infirmary. However, the moment he walked in, the deep ache that settled in his body took its toll, before he noticed his boyfriend resting on the chair with his head in his arms, eyes closed. Staring at the strip of skin that revealed itself below Will’s tan cargo shorts, Nico couldn’t help the small smile rise on his face as he noticed the other’s back rising and falling with each soft breath he took. Will was the most-brightest person, inside and out, that Nico has ever met. He was just outgoing, and so sunshine-like, but Nico liked to call it Will just being himself. Swallowing, Nico thought about how he just wanted to curl up against Will’s chest, and to allow the son of Apollo to just heal his wounds and chase away the crappiness of the day he was having. Blushing, Nico shook the thought away, before slowly turning around, deciding to let Will get some rest, but like earlier, the Gods apparently had other plans, because as he turned, his sword around his belt just happened to fall to the ground with a huge metal sounding clink, making Nico jump, and Will to open his eyes in shock. Having black eyes meeting blue, Nico cursed silently, and lowered his eyes to the sandy ground beneath them as he buried his hands in his wet jeans. “I can’t do anything right…can I?”

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Jumpy Puppy (puppy!V)

You dragged your feet as you entered your apartment, tired from the long workday. You leaned against the door and huffed out a long breath, closing your eyes as you slumped against the wood. You needed a nice bubblebath after dealing with those people at the café. A good foot rub for your aching feet and some wine to put you to sleep.

But you wouldn’t be getting any of that as you sighed, opening your eyes and staring into deep brown ones that squinted in excitement.


You groaned and butted your head back on the door. “Please Tae give me a-”


His deep voice could be considered charming if he wasn’t spewing words of a four year old child.

Scratch that. Of a puppy.

His dog ears flipped back in excitement as he trapped you between him and the door, his tail wagging as he wore that stupid square smile on his face. You rolled your eyes in annoyance, really not wanting to do this right now.

“P-please,” You heard him whine, before feeling his nose buried between your neck, tickling you and earning a giggling protest.

“Fine, go cover up.”

He yipped in excitement, running into your bedroom to put some clothes on to go outside. You pushed yourself off the wall and slung your bag over to the corner of the kitchen chair. You checked yourself in the mirror on the wall, redoing your ponytail that had a loose few strands of hair out. Your make-up was still intact and you tried putting a smile on your face since you’ve been wearing a frown all day.

You heard Taehyung bound back behind you, his hands resting on your waist as he bobbed up and down on the soles of his socked feet. His snapback nestled firmly on his head hiding away his ears as he stuffed his tail in his pants though uncomfortable. He had to do this when he went out if he didn’t want to scare people away. And not be hunted down by animal control.

Just like any excited puppy on a walk, Taehyung dragged you along holding your hand tightly with a happy grin. You were still in your work clothes, still was sweaty and gross with tired feet but you wore your own smile since you got to see him happy.

Some would mistake you as a couple and sometimes you would go along with it since you couldn’t tell anyone the truth. Taehyung was an actual dog, who happened to turn into a human.

Your first meeting was a strange one. The night of your birthday was a lonely one as you spent all day by yourself. A few calls came in from family and friends to wish you all the best, but it didn’t ease your lonely heart as you spent your birthday on the couch watching movies and store bought cake.

It was only a knock on your door that let the fun begin when you answered it to find no one but only a box at your door. It was wrapped in sliver with a gold bow and a small note under the string. You blinked down at it before kicking it lightly and yelping when you heard the soft whimper and scratching along the cardboard. You immediately crouched down, cautiously ripping away the wrapping and unveiling to top of the box. You lifted it up, your eyes widening as you let out a noise of surprise and dropped the top. A small nose sniffed up into the air until tiny eyes landed on you. It struggled a bit in getting out of the box but it managed to crawl into your lap and paw at your chest so its tongue could reach your face.

You were in complete shock but you couldn’t make a sound. You were afraid to wake up your neighbors but then again who the hell left a puppy at your doorstep? Was it someone you knew who knew it was your birthday? If it was it was about time now they came out and screamed ‘surprise’ or ‘happy birthday’.

You stroked the puppy’s fur as you looked down your hallway, not a soul in sight. You gathered the wrapping and puppy in your arms and moved back into the warmth of your home and locked the door behind you. This was too much of a surprise. In the middle of the night you receive a puppy on your birthday. Who and why would do this? Puppies were always an ideal present but you never thought of having one since you were kid. You didn’t really want a man’s best friend at the moment, you were barely getting by in taking care of yourself.

You couldn’t be bothered with finding out tonight, you were too tired now and you were groaning about having to put the puppy to sleep. It was licking your face frantically, its tail wagging excitedly as it focused only on you.

You managed to get to bed, trying to pet the pup down and hush it to sleep as it snuggled under the covers, nibbling on your fingers as you closed your eyes and fell asleep. When you woke up in the morning, a heavy weight on your stomach made you turn the covers over and reveal a tall, naked man hugging your body and sound asleep.

Not much needed to be explained further than that, freaking out as any normal person would and beating him down with a pillow. To cut the story short Taehyung ended up living with you as your best friend and pet. He wasn’t so bad to have around unless he got like this.

“Tae can we please sit down for a minute-”

“Later~, I want to go through the park first.” He answered, his hand still holding onto yours as he took lead. You scowled at him before rolling your eyes, taking notice of the stares of others who walked by you. They gave you a knowing smile, which you bowed your head with a shy one.

“Afterwards we should go get ice cream at the place you like. I got a little money from Namjoon so it’ll be my treat.”

You gawked at him, a nice surprise replacing your frown upside down. Taehyung looked back at you, with a knowing smirk before stopping momentarily to pop a kiss on your cheek. You slapped it and groaned, always getting embarrassed when he did stuff like that.  

“Stop before I put a leash on you.”

“I bet you’d like that.” He replied back, eyebrows wiggling before he hissed in pain by the hard smack on his arm.  

Where will you be waking up tomorrow morning?

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piercethealyssa:  Can you do a brendon urie smut where you flirt with dallon and brendon gets mad and he takes you to a room backstage and fucks you rough.

A/N: my hips hurt for some reason? also this one is short but it might be my fave

as always gif credit to the owner

“So yeah, that’s the story behind my head getting stuck in a toilet full of alcohol and my feet in a cake..” Dallon finished his story with a slight chuckle, and a tinge of red gracing his cheeks. By the end of the story you had tears rolling down your cheeks and snorts echoing out. You placed your hand on his hip to steady yourself as you doubled over to clench your aching stomach. 

Before you could launch into the questions you had forming into your mind, you felt your arm being violently pulled, your laughter instantly silenced as you jerk your head in the direction of your arm. “Ow, fuck, Brendon, you’re hurting me!” You state and you feel his grip lessen, nevertheless, he still has a grip on you. 

Before you can protest, he drags you into his dressing room, him following suit, “Dude, what the fuck!?” You screamed, holding your arm. “I can ask you the same!” Confusion crossed you, “What?” Anger only fills his deep brown eyes, “You fucking flirting with Dallon!” You scoffed, “You think that was flirting? I’ll fucking show you flirting!” You spat back, just before you tried to leave his room, he grabbed you and pushed you up against the wall, “No. You. Wont. You’re mine.

Before any word could slip out of your mouth he attacked your neck with harsh open mouthed kisses. An involuntary moan slipped out when he moved to your ear and started sucking, a shiver was propelled down your spine when he whispered “And I’ll fucking show you.” He unbuttoned your jeans and jerked them down, leaving a trail of hickies down your neck, to your stomach and eventually he reached the spot you wanted him most. 

You felt his hands against your butt and a forceful push slid you farther up against the wall. “Put your legs on my shoulders.” Brendon dictated, and you happily compelled, “You’re already so fucking wet, and all for who?” He rasped out, “You, baby, all for you.”  He started sucking at your thighs, the scratch of his unshaven face only making you wetter, “That’s right, baby, all for me. Not for Dallon.” And with that you felt a finger protrude into you, surprising you and making you gasp out. His warm tongue slid up to your clit, flicking your clit gratification slipping through you in the form of a satisfied groan. Brendon continued his pleasurable assault until your chest was heaving and gasping for air. 

Your hands roamed Brendon’s head once he finally found your g-spot, your moans were getting louder and louder the faster and longer you went. The tension rising in your stomach kept rising, the thread you were holding onto was thinning, and then it broke when you felt Brendon moan into you. Your body clenched around Brendon’s fingers as your vision went black. 

Brendon took your shaking legs in his arms and threw you on the couch, he quickly removed his clothes along with yours. Your patience was withering  by the time he climbed on top of you, “Brendon, please, fuck me.” Your voice thick with anticipation, before he could say anything he was already pushing into you. Brendon was the biggest you ever had, and you never got used to it. Slowly he began to thrust, trying to build the moment. Finally he quickened his pace, both of your hips colliding forcefully as he found your g-spot, “Fucking hell, Brendon.” You screamed out, he smirked and enthralled his fingers in your hair, tugging at it lightly. 

“You’re so fucking tight, and wet, fuck.” He breathed out, your orgasm growing by the second. With your eyes screwed shut, and your boyfriend pounding you into his couch, he dragged his hand down to your clit, only drawing you closer to your pique, he slammed into your g-spot one finally time that threw you over your edge. The moans that filled the room were more like screams as Brendon finally met his pique. Raspy moans releasing from him, louder than before as he filled you with his cum. 

You and Brendon both smiled at each other as you put your clothes back on. “Maybe I should flirt with Dallon.” He chuckled, “Try me.” When y'all exited his dressing room Dallon and Kenny were laughing, “Damn, B, I didn’t know you were that jealous.” “‘Brendon, please…’” Kenny mocked and you grew embarrassed, “Shove it." 

The Sirens Part 2- (Jared Leto)Joker x Reader

Summary; You are part of the Gotham City Sirens, you partake in a job where you encounter the Clown Prince of Crime himself where he takes a strong liking to the reader.

Disclaimer; Mature themes.

Part 1

I’m sorry this took so long, but I am working on Part 3, so hopefully you enjoy :)

That day went by in a flurry, we were busy preparing for the job. Selena was mapping the route that the van would take and any advantage spots we could use. Harley was gathering all of our weapons we would use whilst me and Pam concocted a few smoke bombs that could incapacitate the guards. ”Yes! We have finally found the right mixture, I’ll go and write this down for future use. As if it was- “Ivy’s joyful voice trailed off as she made her way back into her greenhouse. I made my way back down to see how Harley and Selena were getting on. Entering our now messy apartment I went and joined Harley in the kitchen to help prepare dinner, Selena was furiously scribbling notes onto the map. Once Pam had re-joined us we pushed the stuff off a small table and sat down to eat. Selena walked us through the plan through mouthfuls of food as we all listened trying to remember everything. When we were all satisfied with how we were going to go about it we decided that it was a wise idea to go to be early and get a full night’s rest for tomorrow. I was drifting off to sleep was as easy as Selena made it look, but visions of the past haunted me keeping me awake. After tossing and turning I huffed and decided it was no use trying, I slipped out of the apartment and went for a walk around the block. Luckily at this time and in this area there wasn’t many people around, meaning you could be left alone with your thoughts. As I walked I studied the area, it was close to the docks so you could hear the sea sloshing up the walls. Alleyways don’t scare me as much as they used to when I was a kid, I knew of the monsters that lurked in the shadows- considering I was now one of them. I was walking through one as I got halfway I heard the bins rustle. I looked around from where the noise had come through, it was a little loud to be an animal, I couldn’t see any sign of life I crept over and had a look just to make sure. I was being ridiculous, I rolled my eyes and sighed, carrying on I went back into my own world. Suddenly two hands reached round my body pinning my arms down to my side, his grip as crushing and I felt my lungs fighting against it to breath. A male stepped in front of me holding a knife. “Money, jewellery and anything else you’ve got on you.” He said, after not getting a reaction from me he roared, “Now!” In my face. “Cute.” I spat. The man paused for a few seconds clearly not knowing how to respond to my reaction. “You deaf or dumb?”, “Walk away now and ill forget this happen and let you live.” I stated. He chuckled and then lunged his knife forward in order to stab me but it abruptly stopped as though it had hit a wall. He looked down at his hand puzzled, he slowly looked up at me and watched me move my eyes to the side, his knife flew out of his hands and clattered against the wall. He stood back from me, “what the- “before he had a chance to finish his sentence I sent him flying backwards, the male holding me released his grip enough for me to pry my arm away and use my elbow to hit him in the nose, he stumbled back as he did I grabbed him arm and twisted it until I heard his bones cracking. The sound it made was music to my ears and he fell to the floor cradling his now broken arm. I walked over to the knife and picked it up, I then skipped over to the man who was holding me and ran the knife round his throating severing his main artery. I watched the blood trickle over my hands it wasn’t until I heard the other male attempt to get up and run, spinning my head around I pulled him down by his legs watching him trip over nothing onto the floor. I slowly walked over to him fiddling with the knife, “P…p…please don’t kill me, I’m sorry.” He pleaded. I snickered, “You made your choice.” I said coldly as I plunged the knife into his throat. Satisfied with my work I walked back to the apartment thinking that was enough excitement for one night. I snuck back in and to my delight no one was awake, I quickly put my clothes in the wash bin and washed the blood off my hands. I slipped back into bed and gave into my body’s needs of sleep.

The next thing I knew I was being rudely awoken by Harley clambering on top of me pulling my convers from me, “Come of sleepyhead!” I glanced at the clock- 6am. “Harl, it is 6 in the morning, the job isn’t even until the evening why am I awake?” I mumbled trying to pull the blankets back from her. “We still have a lot to do, even Selena is awake.” I groaned and told her I’d be there in a minute, she bounced off the bed and went off into the living room. There was no use trying to drift back in as I knew she would come back in and drag me up so I pulled on some jeans, a t-shirt and a hoodie and went through. After eating some cereal, we delegate roles between us and headed our separate ways. It was my job to place some extra smoke bombs, the bags for the money and some extra ammo just in case. Id hidden them between a few bins, when I was happy that no one would stumble across the I pulled out my phone and rang Selena. When she answered she seemed out of breath but asked me if I was finished, I told her where everything was, “good, make your way back to the apartment and I should be back after I’ve finished.” And with that she hung up. As I made my way back I noticed a newspaper that detailed what happened last night in the alleyway, it described the attack as ‘heartless’ and ‘gruesome’. Charming! I didn’t think it was that bad. as I huffed I noticed a few people stare at me so I quickly but the paper back and headed off.

Selena was already there by the time I got back, then Pam and Harley arrived not long after I did. They were scoping out the area for cameras and anything that might cause us an issue. Pam and Harley went to cook up something small before the job. Once we had all eaten we began to gear up, I changed into some black jeans and a black t-shirt, I wore a small jacket and a scarf in order to cover some of my face- from the guards and the cold. I strapped a knife to my thigh and one just above my ankle. I grabbed my backpack and filled it with smoke bombs and ammo. I tied my hair into a slick ponytail and looked into my mirror. I started into my own eyes and prepared myself for the night ahead. Once I knew I had everything I went in to join everyone. As the sun set over the city we went over the plan once more. “Everyone know what they are doing and where they are going?” I asked. They all nodded back and after sharing excited glances with each other we set off.  

I was huddling with Selena and Harley in an alleyway as the cool night set in. “Your source had better be right!” Harley said through her chattering teeth. “You and me both” she remarked as she hugged herself in order to regain some body heat. After half an hour, Pam shuffled around in her position and gave a signal to let us know the van was coming down the street. We poked our heads around the corner watching two headlights grow as it approached us. Pam threw some seeds down into the road and waited for the van to get a little closer. As soon as it did she flicked her hand and the seeds sprang into action unleashing vines that coiled out on the road and wormed their way up the walls of the surrounding buildings like hundreds of menacing snakes. The van came to a screeching halt as it collided with the vines- it was time.

Their doors swung open and the driver stepped out, he was a short muscular man with a short crop of hair on his head, he began reaching for his gun out of his holster. Selena used her whip to disarm the driver, she then pounced on him digging her claws into his face trying to gauge his eyes out. Harley raced around the other side of the van to see if Pam needed any help, I ran round to the back of the van and pulled the doors open to reveal what we were after. Huge crates that were full with money- you’d think the bank would have put more security on this van- that’s when the van suddenly became illuminated. I spun round to see numerous cars- at least four or five- pull up just behind the van. Any normal civilian would have seen the situation and made a sharp U-turn but these cards didn’t, they pulled up so I was assuming that they were not just civilians. “We’ve got company” I shouted. Pam, Harley and Selena came running round to where I was stood, “Somehow they don’t seem like bank security.” Selena said as she eyed the cards that was now surrounding us. She was right, if this was indeed the banks van full of money there would have been cop cars everywhere by now, but these vehicles were just black SUV’s. All of the car doors swung open in sync with each other, multiple men got out of the car and began walking towards us as if under a trance- I must admit it was rather eerie to watch. As they were all making their way up to where the van was I began to slowly unzip my backpack using my power, I grabbed a smoke bomb and made it travel down my arm out of sight from the guards, once it was in my hand I gripped it tightly and waited. The men had positioned themselves in a line, Selena’s grip tightened on her whip and Harley pulled her gun from her waist. A rather large man with short mousy brown hair stepped forward, compared to the rest of the henchmen he was a giant, he stood with his shoulders back and not a single hair was out of place- was this the boss? He cleared his throat and in a very deep voice said, “Look we can either do this the easy way where you give yourselves up to my boss and just accept whatever happens or we will have to do this the hard way and trust me girlies you don’t want that.” I glanced over at Selena who was practically growling at this point with a hateful look in her eyes. I then looked over at Pam and Harley, Pam had a bored kind of look on her face but it was Harleys reaction that puzzled me most. She was wide-eyed like she had just seen a ghost, “What’s the matter?” I whispered. “The man, he…he works for- “she couldn’t continue her sentence as her face contorted into a mixture of fear and sadness. I looked back at the man who shook his head and walked back towards the cars. The men then begun to hold their weapons up directly at us, “Get behind me” I shouted, I then threw the smoke bombs onto the floor between the men, but before they had a chance to work the men let off a couple of shots.

Without thinking I threw my hands up into the air and focused on using my power as some sort of shield. I felt the power radiate from me, once the noise of their guns had stopped, I opened my eyes to see that the guards were now sprawled on top of each other, the bullets that they had fired was now hanging in mid-air as though on strings. I closed my hands into a fist and watched as the bullets crumple like paper. I put my hands back down and the bullets cascaded onto the floor. I let out a sigh of relief and lent on the back of the van so I didn’t topple over. “Did you know you could do that?” Pam chuckled nervously, I simply shook my head still in shock. Selena, Harley and Pam turned their attention to the van and decided we’d better get the cash fast and get out of there before the guards woke up. I volunteered myself to get the bags as I had hidden them earlier. I sprinted back to the alleyway and grabbed all of the stuff. “(Y/N)!” A bloodcurdling scream, it had to have come from the van, from one of the girls. I ran as fast as I could back to the van to find the guards had already woken up and Selena, Pam and Harley was now trying to fight them off. I grabbed the knife that was strapped to my thigh and ran straight for the guard who was fighting Selena, I jumped on his back and jammed my knife into his shoulder, he collapsed in pain on the floor almost squishing me to the floor but I luckily rolled off him before he could do so. Another guard had seen this and ran straight for me, I avoided his punches and kicked him to the knee I then punched him several times until he was on the floor. I looked around and couldn’t see anyone else- Selena must have gone to help Pam and Harley. I couldn’t hear anything but brushed this off as I raced around the side of the van, I saw a few guards lying around but apart from that there was no one else here. They wouldn’t have left me would they? Of course they would, they’ve probably took the money and left you, a sudden voice said in my head. The voices got louder and began arguing with each other, I shook my head trying to silence them. A sudden movement around me made me stop, I could sense there was someone behind me, “You guys almost had me then I thought you’d left me!” I chuckled as I turned around but instead of the faces of my friends I was met with just one, he was close to me- too close- his eyes was the first thing I noticed. Multiple shades of blue ranging from the light blue sky on a hot summers day to the dark mysterious blue of an ocean. “Hmm… guess again doll” he purred, I was glued to the spot unsure on what to do next, do I run and get shot or punch him. “Now, I want you to just breathe” He added. What? I was breathing, it wasn’t until a guard from the side of me spun me round and held a cloth up to my mouth and nose that I understood what he meant. I tried to fight him off but he was too strong, there was nothing I could do so I gave in and sunk into the darkness…

Part 3

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kagami's goal for his 2nd year is too ambitious and he doesn't achieve it (smthing like winning inter-high since i think it said somewhere in extra game that seirin lost) and so riko makes him confess naked to his crush who is kaijo's basketball team manager (and kise's friend) and the team is in the middle of practice when he has to do it?


Kagami has never known embarrassment until Riko-senpai actually made him do the challenge. Maybe he had been overconfident and overambitious but dammit, he had big dreams and he was ready for them.

But apparently, he wasn’t ready enough for the next Winter Cup. Yep, Seirin lost and what the hell was he supposed to do now?

Riko came to the gym, snipping scissors excitedly and grinning that seemingly innocent, but ready to kill smile. “Ka-ga-mi-kun.” She singsonged. “Since you didn’t meet your standards this year. Better get ready.”

His heart nearly stopped. “You don’t mean.”

“Oh yes,” her eyes blazed with excitement.

You had just finished classes and entered the gym to find a ruckus. Kise bounded over to you with sparkling eyes and that sinister smile you rarely ever saw painted on his face. “___-chi! ___-chi! Do you want to see something interesting?”

Raising an eyebrow, your eyes flew to where the boys had parted like the Red Sea. That was when you saw the familiar red mop of hair. Shirtless. No, wait. Your eyes widened when you saw that nothing else was covering him aside from a textbook someone had thrown at him. Kise burst out laughing again while the others seemed too scared to laugh at the already fuming, huge-ass guy.

“Uh, Kagami. What are you doing here?” You wanted to ask why he was naked but you figured you’d rather not know.

His face flushed even redder if that was possible. He cleared his throat, shifting around on his bare feet. The breeze was hitting his ass and every inch of his exposed skin. He had goosebumps all over his body. Dammit, senpai. Riko was outside the whole time, snickering with Hyuuga and Kuroko. “I uh—have something to tell you.”

“I think you better tell me fast before you get sick in that… getup.”

Kise laughed again, throwing his arm around your shoulders, grinning up at Kagami. “Yes, Kagamichi, do tell us what you’re here for.”

“Shut up, Kise.” He growled. Kagami didn’t even want to approach you out of embarrassment and instead ducked his head, praying to God that he would still have his pride and dignity — oh what the hell. He lost it the moment he entered Kaijou grounds. “I lost the challenge Riko-senpai gave us in the beginning of the year so I have to confess to my crush.” He started. “Naked.”

Kise launched into another round of laughter. You didn’t know how he still had the capacity to laugh. “Alright, and why are you here?”

Kagami took a deep breath and looked up to the ceilings as if hoping that something, anything, would come to help him. Oh, who was he kidding? Nobody was going to help. So might as well get it over with. “Because I like you,” he blurted out.

Everyone went silent.

One second.


“What?” You blinked in confusion.

Kagami took a deep breath, “You’re my crush. I like you. That’s why I’m here. Naked. Right now.”

Your mouth formed an ‘o’ in understanding, followed by Kise’s cheering and then the others too. You turned completely beet red. You’d been crushing on Kagami for months now, ever since you first met up with him with Kise at Maji Burger. He was cute and shy despite his tough exterior. Since then, the Kaijou team has been teasing you nonstop about this. You groaned and stepped up to him, biting your bottom lip, “I like you too.”

His red eyes lit up a brilliant ruby. “Really?”

“Yeah,” you nodded.

“Oh thank God.” He breathed a sigh of relief.

Then you stepped up to him and leaned in close. Kagami’s heart thudded loudly in his chest, wondering what you were going to do. You leaned close to his ear and whispered, “Could you please get dressed now because—“

That was when he heard it. “KYAAAA, IS THAT KAGAMI-KUN FROM SEIRIN?! He’s got such a cute butt!” Whispers and excited squeals flooded the gym. “Oh my God, he’s so hot!”

Kagami blushed even harder.

“Yeah, I don’t want anyone else looking at your cute butt.” You teased.

“R-Right. I’ll go p-put some clothes on.”

“Great. And then we can meet up at Maji Burger later. Is that okay?”

He couldn’t hold back his excited grin, “More than okay.”